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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Guest Post: The Best High-Tech Cars of 2017

2017 has been a year of various tech improvements across several industries, including car manufacturing. Vehicles unveiled this year have been competing with one another via navigation features, cruise control settings, parking assistance and audio systems. 

Cars are not only getting safer and easier to drive but also more comfortable and user-friendly. We have handpicked the best high-tech cars of 2017 that got the best reviews and were in the news for months.

1. Tesla Model 3
The much anticipated and awaited Model 3 from Tesla does not seem to have disappointed customers. The car has a more affordable price point than the previous models and boasts a range of approximately 215 miles. This is a roomy midsize sedan that did not sacrifice comfort for the aesthetics. The standard battery starts at $35,000 and has a top speed of 130 mph. It can go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds. The long range battery starts at $44,000 and will offer a range of approximately 310 miles. The top speed for this option is 140 mph, with the car being able to go from 0 to 60 mph in 5.1 seconds.
Tesla S electric car. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2k9xkbA)
The Model 3 has onboard maps and navigation and comes fully equipped with Wi-fi internet connectivity. It incorporates Bluetooth streaming and calling. It also comprises power adjustable side mirrors, a 12-volt power outlet and voice activated controls. Drivers can use remote climate control and keyless entry via the Tesla app. The vehicle is equipped with 12 ultrasonic sensors responsible for safety such as automatic braking and collision avoidance. 

2. BMW 5 Series
The newest BMW is a midsize sedan thatwill sport a brand new cruise control system which boasts highly accurate precision. In addition, it will also comprise blind spot detection, autopilot mode, assist control for lane centering an integral active steering and side sonar function that allows for long distance driving with the driver keeping their hands on the wheels lightly. The new generation of BMW vehicles will have carbon fiber reinforcements.

3. Chevrolet Equinox
The 2017 Chevrolet Equinox sports a 1.5 liter turbocharged 4 cylinder engine and a 6 speed automatic transmission. A stylish crossover SUV, the Equinox is fuel efficient and super roomy. The new model is lighter than any of its predecessors by approximately 400 pounds (or roughly 10%). The vehicle has the ability to tow 3,500 pounds as opposed to the 2,000 that others in its class can handle.

Optional safety features for the new Chevvy include lane assist and departure warning, blind spot alert, vibrating seat for the driver, forward collision warning and rear cross traffic alert. The Equinox surprises customers with high tech features such as 80inch LCDs, Android Auto and Wi-fi hotspot available for multi-users.

4.Toyota Prius
Widely known for its impressive fuel economy, Toyota Prius 2017 comprises more safety technologies and the safety suite for driver assistance. The vehicle offers impressive cargo room and is super comfortable to drive and ride. The Safety Sense that cost almost $2,000 in 2016 is now standard with the Toyota Prius 2017. The suite incorporates forward collision warning that includes auto emergency braking, pedestrian detection, lane departure alert that helps you stay in your lane and an adaptive cruise control system that automatically keeps the distance between your car and the vehicle driving in front of you.

The Toyota Prius 2017 boasts 50 MPG on the highway and 54 MPG in the city. The hybrid is available for $25,000 and guarantees dependability, fuel economy and high tech features. The rearview camera and the top tier crash test scores make the vehicle a safe choice if you are interested in buying a hybrid. The vehicle might not have high end aesthetics that other 2017 cars can boast, but it can be improved with customized lights or bulbs

5. Audi A4
The performance and features galore of the 2017 Audi A4 don’t come cheap. The tech features boasted by the A4 situate the vehicle far above other competitors. The car comprises the MMI infotainment system (Audi Multimedia Interface) that has a 7 inch screen and incorporates support for both Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The price for the Audi A4 2017 starts at $35,000. The high price point can be explained by the multitude of tech features, the perfect balance between comfort and performance, the luxurious interior and the roomy rear seat space.

Both the aesthetics and the feel of the A4 are luxurious. The car has a seven speed auto transmission and a four-cylinder engine. It boasts 24-27 MPG in the city and 31-37 MPG on the highway.

In Conclusion
When buying a car, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is technology. Whether it’s an electric or a hybrid car, each vehicle has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to infotainment interfaces, connectivity and apps, audio, navigation and safety features. It’s up to you to decide which car model best suits your needs both from a practical and aesthetical perspective. *** [By: JOHN STUART | EDITOR : EKA]
Note: This blog  can be accessed via your smart phone

About the Author
John Stuart works on behalf of stanley-r-harris.co.uk in outreach and content creation. He creates engaging content that help businesses connect with their audience and stand out from the crowd. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Guest Post: Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5 was one of the first cars, that become famous movie stars. You’ve heard right, that is the deal here – Aston Martin’s appearance in Goldfinger, one of the most well known James Bond flicks, wouldn’t be the same without this beautiful car.

Aston Martin DB5
In this movie, DB5 is agent’s 007 car. Goldfinger by many is seen as a ground-breaking movie for a whole franchise, it had much more style, and details such as DB5 certainly helped to show the right direction of these movies.

This classic car had a lot of gadgets, such as tyre-slices, that few times helped 007 to win over through street races and shake off a chase of his shoulder. It had revolving number plates, which helped to be more anonymous during the mission, as your plates couldn’t be identified cause Bond could change them any time he wanted with just a button click – still though, it is highly possible, that Aston Martin DB5 stand out so much, that even changing number couldn’t help that much, but it’s movie logic, don’t have to be all that perfect. It even shoot oil and smoke, to make road slippery and blur the vision of any drivers behind it, had radar navigation screen – sort of 60’s GPS, passenger ejection button, and even machine guns on sides. Interestingly, this car was lately auctioned and sold for $3.000.000.
Aston Martin DB5 was one of the first cars, that become famous movie stars. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2z6pQZy)
Surely, all these gadgets don’t really work all that great, machine guns obviously are fake, but tire slicer could to a lot of damage just like in the movie, that is no joke. That is an astonishing sum, for such amount of money, you could buy yourself few Buggati Veyron’s or brand new Maybach limousines, but certainly – collectors value for most famous James Bond car ever, is just priceless. There is no other car like that, it’s absolutely unique and one in a kind. Of course, it cannot rivalry with DeLorean from “Back to the Future” trilogy for an award for most famous car in history of cinema, but certainly it has a case for a second place. Worth to notice, that in latest James Bond movie, “Skyfall” starring Daniel Craig, we get to see a comeback of Aston Martin DB5, and it wasn’t the second time we get to see it on screen.

Beside two already mentioned flicks, “Goldfiinger and Skyfall”, it can be also seen in other Bond movies like “Casino Royale”, “Tomorrow Never Dies”, “GoldenEye”, “The World Is Not Enough”. It is for sure most recognised cinematic James Bond car.

That of course is from where whole world know Aston Martin DB5, but certainly the car itself is extraordinary as well. It would very hard to find a list of most beautiful cars in the world, no matter in what magazine or website, without Aston Martin DB5 there, or even: without it in one of the top places. It is design is timeless, and we can safely say that it would be as impressive today, as It was fifty years ago – that is how you recognize a car, that is perfectly designed. How many modern cars, that rock the market today, will accomplish such feat?

Could you point one car, that we can predict will be as well regarded as DB5 in fifty years? Hard to tell, even some supercars like Aventador can be easily eclipsed by more modern supercars, yet DB5 always will be remembered and well respected. It is also worth to say, that this was highly innovative and luxurious car for its time. It had electric windows, reclining seats, wool pile carpets, oil cooler, magnesium-alley body, full leather trim – how many modern cars have such amazing offer to their clients? Not man that’s for sure, and imagine it had to impress people back then, that thee is a car that has all those gimmicks and options build in standard version. Classy, luxurious interior, also very comfortable (at least for two people, cause if you would like to travel with more company, that would be highly uncomfortable), was one of the main reasons people went crazy for this car, but lets not forget about performance. So, how this legend of automotive industry actually performed on the road?

Aston Martin DB5 and James Bond’s – Skyfall
With top speed up to 143 mph, 315 hp you could expect great things. In the other hand though, it accelerated to 60mph in 8 seconds, which is for sure not all that impressive, you could expect more from that car judging by the fact how powerful engine it had. Still though, it is fast enough to call it sports car, and driving it can be a lot of fun, also to those who associate fun behind the wheel mostly with speed and acceleration. Those who rather seek for easy and comfortable driving also can count on DB5, though surely it will take some time for you to accustom to this car, especially if never drove classic old-school vehicles from 60’s.

Aston Martin DB5 is more than an automotive legend – it is also a popculture icon. One of the most famous, and also most stylish, cars ever produced. *** [By: DAVID LIEBERMAN | EDITOR : EKA]
Note: This blog  can be accessed via your smart phone

About the author:
My name is David Lieberman. I work as the president of Bestforacar.com. As one of the founding members of Bestforacar.com, I have helped the company from its initial concept into the leading digital automotive marketplace. Also, I am a technology investor and advisor, helping companies and entrepreneurs with their projects and sites. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Guest Post: 5 Reasons Why Businesses need Security Camera Systems

Don’t have any security cameras installed at your office or places related to business? If yes, think again! From strengthening safety, cross checking the stock, deterring criminals to increasing productivity –a complete surveillance system is good for real! And moreover, a business owner needs to have eyes at each and every corner of his place.

To further convince you with the benefits of an HD security system, we have listed down 5 reasons as to why businesses need to install them.
Don’t have any security cameras installed at your office or places related to business? (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cXejs)

1) Discourage Internal & External Theft
Every business whether big or small, is always under a risk of burglary and crime. And, this threat is augmented when you have employees that could add up to the list.

It would first appear shocking to hear that approximately 50 billion dollars are lost each year just because of employee theft. Such crime incapacitates small businesses. In fact, employee theft becomes the sole reason for almost 33% of the businesses to go bankrupt. 

This is where you can make a huge difference to your bottom line. Install an HD security camera to curb employee theft today. A professional product like an Ultra HD system will eliminate all the blind spots, deter criminals and burglars and stamp out employee theft. 

2)  Boost Productivity and Profits
When you hadn’t established your business (and probably was working for someone else) you must have come across the phrase “It’s time to play, when the boss is away”. And if you try to remember more vividly, no one ever dared to take unnecessary breaks from their work when the boss was watching over. Today, your employees might be doing the same to you!!!

If you require a set of extra eyes, an HD IP security camera can really prove its worth. You can remotely view all the nooks and corners of your office with the help of free mobile apps and software provided with such systems. All you need to have is a smart phone, tablet, or computer with working internet connection. 

3)  Protect Private and Sensitive Areas
Every business has some “restricted-access areas”. To prevent illegal entry to these off –limit areas, getting help from sleepless eyes of a night vision security camera is a wise decision. The discrete look of an IP security camera is good to trick would-be burglars and force them to think twice before committing any crime.

There are many unscrupulous individuals who leak out trade secrets or even worse, sale them for their own benefits. Every business owner should take a proactive action to protect his/her business against this trade secret theft. For that, they might get help from a professional surveillance firm to evaluate their premises and take necessary actions to protect it. 

4)  Increase Customer Satisfaction
If your customers are satisfied with your services and products, they’ll come back over and over again. Thus, they should be catered exclusively. But, you can’t be there all the times to welcome them. What you can do is, keep an eye on your employees to know how they are behaving with your customers. 

This will obviously help in increasing the customer retention. Video surveillance can also help you find out the products that you sell the most and then, accordingly you can develop your marketing strategies.

5)  Protect Yourself from False Liability Law Suits
Best systems, such as Ultra HD surveillance systems, can even help solve legal/official issues to an extent. Property management firms could be the ones that can be benefited because they have to handle piles and piles of claims. Now, to curb false claims out of the pile, firm may install a cctv camera and be ready with a video proof for any and every ambiguous event.

Storage space is the next thing to be kept in mind. A crafty lawyer is well aware of the fact that after a certain period of time, data gets overwritten thereby eliminating proofs, if any. But, a system with unlimited data storage allows you to revisit the frames of any time in the past. This will surely give you the much required mental peace. 

Clearly, there are many benefits of installing a complete system for your business. You can sleep easy when you know there are prying eyes to take care of your hard earned assets and establishments.
You can sleep easy when you know there are prying eyes to take care of your hard earned assets and establishments. (Picture from: http://adf.ly/1cXejs)

So, what are you waiting for? Go and get your system today! *** [By: ROHAN SHARMA | EDITOR: EKA]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.

About the author:
Rohan Sharma is a gadget wizard, an active blogger, and an eminent speaker. With more than 10 years of experience to his credit, Rohan has always been a pertinent contributor to the security industry. He is closely associated with Revo America, a well renowned security products manufacturer and retailer. Needless to say, Rohan boasts for paramount and credible products only, with Revo’s being his favorite. 
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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Guest Post: Beating the Fast Food Epidemic

Nowadays, all people seem to care about is getting things done as quickly as possible. There’s fast food, speedy check out lanes, drive thru, delivery, and fast cash; just about everything that can be simplified has been. What’s the big rush, and what is it doing to people’s lifestyles?

Since the dawn of the dollar cheeseburger and extra long chilly cheese dog, fast foods have become a way of life for some individuals. Whether is it because they prefer the taste, are too busy to make real food, or are too lazy to cook for themselves, these people have become almost addicted to something that could very well be killing them.

Stop the Madness
This epidemic can be seen nationwide. People are scarfing down burgers that have hundreds, sometimes even thousands of calories, with a side of fries soaked in grease and salt. Talk about a heart attack. Lucky, there is a way to stop all this madness. Simply make better food choices. Though it may be tempting to eat that huge triple whopper with a large Coke, think about all of the arteries being clogged and the fat being deposited throughout the body. That image alone is enough to make anyone run for a salad.

Living a healthy lifestyle does not mean that one cannot ever have sweets or fast food. In fact, it is encouraged that people still take part in indulging themselves every once in a while. The problem comes when every once in a while turns into every day. Monitoring the amounts of sugar and fat that enter the body is a great way to make sure everything continues to run smoothly and to keep things like diabetes and other weight or health problems at bay.

Better Choices
In all, it does not take much to beat the fast food craze. If everyone were to focus harder on making the healthier choices, it would make for an overall happier and better feeling nation. This takes a lot of willpower, though. So, make sure to give it one hundred percent or else the chances are it will be much harder to succeed. Nobody wants to die. Nobody wants to suffer. So why keep on living in a way that leads inevitably to both of those ends? Choose to live a healthier lifestyle. Not only will the body soon begin to feel much better, but so will the mind. *** [By: VICTORY LEAN | EDITOR : EKA]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.

About the author:
Victory Lean is a writer at Dicigs.com - an Electronic Cigarette showcase. She likes to share lifestyle tips and advices for healthy living.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Guest Post: How can We Reduce the Motorcycle Accidents?

Many motor vehicle accidents involve motorcycles, and motorbike accidents are considerably more likely to result in tragedy than those involving other vehicles. While motorbikes only represent around 1% of all traffic, motorcyclists account for approximately 19% of all serious injuries and deaths on the UK's roads, with the average day seeing 30 separate cases. Furthermore, motorcyclists involved in motor vehicle accidents are as much as 40 times more likely to die as a result of the collision than car drivers.

In a mile-for-mile comparison, comparing the relative risks of different vehicle classes, motorcyclists have around a 75 times greater risk of being involved in a serious or fatal accident.

Although motorcyclists have a reputation for riding erratically and dangerously, statistics indicate that this prejudice is unfair. It is usually other road users who are responsible for accidents involving motorcyclists, with around 38% of all cases involving right of way breaches and 15% occurring due to filtering or overtaking accidents, indicating that many people who have been in such incidents could succeed in a motorbike accident compensation claim. A further 11% see motorcyclists losing control while turning corners at speed. A total of 74% of all motorcycle accidents involve other vehicles and 69% take place at junctions.

Many specialists say this reveals that road safety campaigns aimed at reducing the frequency of motorcycle accident claims should focus on other road users as well as bikers. As a result, two new campaigns by the Department for Transport aims to encourage motorbike riders to drive defensively in order to minimise their likelihood of being killed or seriously injured on the UK's roadways.

Could two new initiatives lead to fewer motorcycle accident claims?
The 'Stay in Control' scheme will see leaflets, posters and promotional information distributed to motorbike retailers and dealerships all over the country. This will predominantly occur during Spring and Summer, as these seasons generally see a spike in the number of motorcyclists involved in serious motor vehicle accidents.

It will encourage motorcyclists to look around before making any manoeuvres and will ask them to leave themselves plenty of time to react to any dangers on the road.

The campaign could also reduce the number of motorbike accident compensation claims by encouraging riders to wear appropriate clothing whenever they travel on the roads. Not only should motorcyclists wear protective boots, gloves, jackets and trousers, but they should also wear reflective clothing during the hours of darkness and bright clothes during the daylight to improve their visibility.

'Stay in Control' also calls for bikers to anticipate the potential actions of other road users and to position themselves in the best possible position in order to increase visibility of dangers and hazards on the road.

In conjunction with this initiative will be the THINK BIKER scheme, which aims to encourage car drivers to spend more time looking out for motorbikes in order to reduce the risk of collisions. This will ask drivers to remember that motorcyclists can pass them on both the left and right sides, so they should look for them before turning in either direction or when changing lanes.

Furthermore, THINK BIKER tells drivers to keep their distance from motorcyclists, noting that inexperienced bikers can be intimidated when cars drive to close and that this can lead to disaster.

Even parking can pose a hazard for motorcyclists and could lead to car accident compensation cases, so THINK BIKER asks drivers to look out for motorbike riders when they open their car doors and to ask all passengers to do the same.

Stephen Hammond, Road Safety Minister, has given his backing to the two schemes. He argued that any campaign that could potentially curtail the number of deaths or serious injuries on the UK's roads is "worth hammering home".

Other organisations that have given their backing to the initiatives include Devitt Insurance, Motor Cycle Monthly Magazine, the Motorcycle Industry Association, the Motorcycle Industry Training Association, the Motorcycle Retailers Association, Kawasaki and Yamaha, with the THINK! Campaigns team eager to hear from other bodies that are willing to back the scheme.

Reductions in motor vehicle accidents involving motorcycles
Nonetheless, as is seen with other forms of motor vehicle accidents, the number of serious collisions involving motorbikes has fallen in recent years. In 2008, there were a total of 5,556 motorcyclists who were seriously injured on the UK's roads, with 493 riders dying as a result of their accidents. However in 2011, with 5,247 serious injuries were seen, and 362 fatal accidents occurring.

Anyone who has had to make a motorcycle accident claim following a death or serious injury will be sure to agree that if this campaign prevents one single death, it will be worth it. *** [By: CARLA STEVE | EDITOR: EKA]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.

About the author:
Carla Steve researches for personal injury claims and other road safety issues. In her downtime, she likes repairing her old Harley Davidson.

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Post: Tips on Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

For motorcyclists it’s very important to take care of their safety and make sure that any clothing that they wear is weather proof and prevents them from injuries. For example it is a law in most countries that all motorcyclists have to wear helmets to prevent any fatal head injuries. Just like that one of the most important but often ignored motorcycle gears are the gloves.

It is necessary for all motorcycle drivers to wear them because it can save your hands from cold weather by keeping them warm instead of the cold wind numbing them. It also protects the hands from scratches and bruises during a fall. However, there is so much more to a pair of motorcycle gloves than meets the eye and one should know how to choose them. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting motorcycle gloves.

The choice of the material you want to buy in gloves depends a lot on your budget, as most motorcycle gloves are usually made from leather -both fake and real. Obviously, real leather is more expensive but it is also more durable. You can choose from deerskin, cowhide, buffalo, elk and many more leather materials. They vary on the softness of the material and also the durability. Pure, genuine leather has less chances of wear and tear but the faux pas leather is not a bad idea as many companies have started to make really good quality ones too. 

Yes, the style of the motorcycle gloves varies a lot as well and there are a few you can choose from. From being heavily padded to lightly padded, gloves come in all varieties. The three main motorcycle glove styles are the classic, gauntlet and the finger-less. The classic is obviously the most popular because it is being used for years and has a classic motorcyclist appeal to it. The fingerless gloves are more popular in warmer weather because it lets your fingers breathe while at the same time protecting your hands and fingers. It is also beneficial for those who find it hard to grip the motorcycle handles with normal gloves. 

Motorcycle gloves are available in all colors that come in the leather form. From the classic black to rusty red, you have several options. It is a good idea to choose leather gloves with neon or bright patches and linings that are reflective in the dark to prevent from accidents. You can match it with the motorcycle jacket you are wearing or you can wear it in contrast with motorcycle clothing. Most motorcycle gloves are in the natural color of the leather skin that you have chosen and that looks good too because it is often textured with waves of different hues of the leather color tone. *** [By: CARLA STEVE | EDITOR: EKA]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.

About the author:
Carla Steve, as a motorcycle accessories analyst, loves to write feature articles on variety of topics related to motorcycle, specifically focusing on motorcycle accessories like best open face helmets for motorcycles.
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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Guest Post: Quitting Smoking Is Well Worth the Fight

A lot of people blame their lack of motivation to quit smoking on the fact that “it’s hard.” People use this excuse all the time for all kinds of different things. “I don’t want to find a job, it’s too hard.” “I can’t play that sport because it is way too hard.” There are endless things in life that just always seem to be difficult, sometimes even too difficult, but should that stop you from trying? Some of the things most worth fighting for are often the hardest to obtain. A diamond, one of the most precious things in the world, does not just suddenly appear. Rather, it formed over years of constant pressure for hours on end until the raw material solidifies into one of the most beautiful gems on earth. This may be the kind of excruciating fight you have to face when trying to quit smoking, but it can be done. Here are a few helpful hints to get you on your way.

Know What You Want
A lot of individuals try to quit smoking cold turkey. They just decide to stop right then and there, and usually to little avail. The decision to quit needs to come from a deep desire inside to make a serious life change, and you have to take that decision as if your life depended on it (and it kind of does). If you really want to stop smoking, you have to convince every single part of your being that that is what you truly desire to do. If even one ounce of you doubts it, you will have an extremely hard time accomplishing your goals.

They say one bad apple spoils the bunch. This is so true, especially when trying to quit smoking. If you have one friend, one family member, one thought in your mind trying to convince you to keep smoking, all of the rest of you is likely to follow suit and you will probably fail. What that means for you is that you need to surround yourself with encouraging people, ones who do not smoke and will help you achieve your goal. You need to be totally convinced that you can do it and you need to believe in yourself more than anything. If you have this kind of resolve and determination, you can rest assured that anything is possible.

Ease Your Way Down
Once you have made up your mind to quit, you need to have a solid plan for how you are going to do so. You will probably have a much easier time of it if you slowly ease yourself down one day at a time. Instead of trying to totally cut out all cigarette use on the very first day, do it in little baby steps. Say you might take out three cigarettes per day, until you make it down to only one a day, and then ease your way off of that very last one until you don’t need them anymore.

Entirely losing your dependence on cigarettes is very hard. Once you have stopped smoking, your body will feel the need to replace that bad habit with something else. A lot of ex-smokers actually decide to chew gum, suck on a mint, or have a toothpick in their mouths in order to keep their minds busy and away from wanting a cig. These methods are very helpful in keeping the addiction at bay and allowing you to move forward slowly but surely. Soon enough, you won’t even need any kind of distraction at all and your smoking days will be behind you. *** [By: VALERIE JOHNSTON | TRACY ROSE |  EDITOR: EKA]
Note: This blog can be accessed via your smart phone.

About the author:
Valerie Johnston, a health and fitness writer located in East Texas. With ambitions of one day running a marathon, writing for Healthline ensures she keeps up-to-date on all of the latest health and fitness news.
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