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Calling All Bloggers and Writers! Contribute to Our Blog and Get Recognition

We've noticed the eagerness of our fellow blogger friends to share their thoughts and ideas, and thus, we are thrilled to open the doors to bloggers, readers, and users who wish to contribute their articles to our blog.

When you write an article for us, we promise to give you full credit. Your name (and photo, if provided) along with your website URL will be mentioned below the post.

Here the benefits for You: 
  • Bloggers: You'll get backlinks to your blog, which will significantly boost your traffic and attract more visitors.
  • Product Owners: If you have a product, like an e-book, you'll receive backlinks and free promotion.

To ensure the best experience for everyone, please follow these guidelines diligently:
  • The content you provide should be UNIQUE and not published on any other website.
  • We strictly prohibit articles or links related to Pornography, Gambling, Racism, or Other Negative and Sensitive Matters that aren't appropriate for our blog (based on Admin's discretion).
  • As a Guest Writer, you are responsible for the content of your article.
  • Make sure your content is fresh, original, keyword-rich, and SEO-friendly.
  • Do not include any link, URL, or statement that may harm any website or individual.
  • Check our categories and send your article accordingly.
  • We give preference to articles on the latest technology news.
  • For guest posts, you're allowed one external link in your author bio, but links in the body of the article are not allowed unless you receive prior written approval from the Blog-Admin.
  • The copyright of all Guest Articles remains with the Guest Writer. In case of any copyright complaints, it's solely the Guest Writer's responsibility.
  • All Guest Articles are subject to the approval of the Blog Administrator and must comply with the conditions specified on the blog page.
  • As a Guest Writer, please actively respond to the comments on your article. Failure to do so may result in losing the backlinks from the article.
  • Due to the need for site maintenance funds, there will be a nominal charge for publishing Guest Articles on our site. The fee will be agreed upon by both parties and processed via our PayPal account. The payment should be made after the article is approved for publication, and don't forget to send us your proof of payment or receipt.

If you are interested in contributing to our blog or becoming a guest writer, please let us know by clicking the button below.

For advertising inquiries, contact to Blog-Admin. We are more than willing to negotiate the rates, and in some cases, we might even offer minimal charges or free advertising. 🤭

We've also come up with a new feature - a writer's introduction page, where the writers' introductions will be published to give them extra exposure for their work. Please refer to the "Guest-Writers Point" page.

Feel free to share your valuable suggestions with Blog-Admin.