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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Guest Post: Tips on Choosing Motorcycle Gloves

For motorcyclists it’s very important to take care of their safety and make sure that any clothing that they wear is weather proof and prevents them from injuries. For example it is a law in most countries that all motorcyclists have to wear helmets to prevent any fatal head injuries. Just like that one of the most important but often ignored motorcycle gears are the gloves.

It is necessary for all motorcycle drivers to wear them because it can save your hands from cold weather by keeping them warm instead of the cold wind numbing them. It also protects the hands from scratches and bruises during a fall. However, there is so much more to a pair of motorcycle gloves than meets the eye and one should know how to choose them. Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when selecting motorcycle gloves.

The choice of the material you want to buy in gloves depends a lot on your budget, as most motorcycle gloves are usually made from leather -both fake and real. Obviously, real leather is more expensive but it is also more durable. You can choose from deerskin, cowhide, buffalo, elk and many more leather materials. They vary on the softness of the material and also the durability. Pure, genuine leather has less chances of wear and tear but the faux pas leather is not a bad idea as many companies have started to make really good quality ones too. 

Yes, the style of the motorcycle gloves varies a lot as well and there are a few you can choose from. From being heavily padded to lightly padded, gloves come in all varieties. The three main motorcycle glove styles are the classic, gauntlet and the finger-less. The classic is obviously the most popular because it is being used for years and has a classic motorcyclist appeal to it. The fingerless gloves are more popular in warmer weather because it lets your fingers breathe while at the same time protecting your hands and fingers. It is also beneficial for those who find it hard to grip the motorcycle handles with normal gloves. 

Motorcycle gloves are available in all colors that come in the leather form. From the classic black to rusty red, you have several options. It is a good idea to choose leather gloves with neon or bright patches and linings that are reflective in the dark to prevent from accidents. You can match it with the motorcycle jacket you are wearing or you can wear it in contrast with motorcycle clothing. Most motorcycle gloves are in the natural color of the leather skin that you have chosen and that looks good too because it is often textured with waves of different hues of the leather color tone. *** [By: CARLA STEVE | EDITOR: EKA]
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About the author:
Carla Steve, as a motorcycle accessories analyst, loves to write feature articles on variety of topics related to motorcycle, specifically focusing on motorcycle accessories like best open face helmets for motorcycles.
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