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Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Remarkable Metamorphosis of the Porsche 911 into the electric Porsche 935 K3V

Electric BEAST - The trend of electric vehicle modifications is rapidly growing, and one of the key players in this field is the tuner Bisimoto Engineering, which has transformed the Porsche 911 into a high-performance Porsche 935 K3V Custom electric-powered car.  
Recently, Bisimoto Engineering has transformed the classic Porsche 911 into a high-performance Porsche 935 K3V Custom electric sports car. (Picture from: GridOto)
Bisimoto has established itself as a renowned specialist in modifying powerful electric vehicles, and now they are entering a new phase with one of their coolest projects, the modified Porsche 935, crafted at the Bisimoto workshop.
Because it already uses an electric motor, Bisimoto named it the Porsche 935 K3V. (Picture from: CintaMobil)
However, this time Bisi sought a more challenging endeavor, which led him to choose a classic Porsche 911 as the base for his modification. He then outfitted it with the same body panels as the victorious Le Mans race car, the 935 K3. So, although it may resemble a Porsche 935, it is not an authentic one.
Several adjustments were also made by Bisimoto so that the Porsche 935 K3V is safe for use on the road. (Picture from: CintaMobil)
Moreover, the Porsche 935 is exclusively powered by an electric motor. The electric motor utilized is a three-phase electric motor that draws energy from small front and rear batteries with a combined capacity of 32 kWh. The electric motor employed is a specially engineered three-phase electric motor produced by EV West, one of the preferred electric motor and aftermarket battery manufacturers among tuners in America.
The interior tends to be minimalist, typical of a race car. to monitor the electrical work of the motor and its battery, Bisimoto uses an instrument screen made by AEM. (Picture from: CintaMobil)
This bespoke electric motor is designed for high-performance, capable of delivering an equivalent power output of 636 hp. In addition to the electric motor, EV West has also designed custom batteries placed in the front trunk and rear engine bay. Both batteries provide a total output of 32 kWh. To control and monitor the electric motor's operation, Bisi utilizes a custom-made instrument screen by AEM, specifically designed for high-performance electric vehicles.
In this electric sports car, Bisimoto still maintains the race car style appearance of the Porsche 935 K3. (Picture from: CintaMobil)
Another aspect that sets this Porsche 935 apart is its distinct exterior appearance. Bisimoto has made several adjustments to ensure the classic electric Porsche meets street legal requirements and can be safely driven on public roads. Various modifications, such as suspension modifications, interior enhancements, and exterior refinements, have been made to make it suitable for daily use.

As we can see, the design of this car comes from the creative minds at Andy Blackmore Designs, with some modifications including the installation of aerodynamic and forged wheels at the rear, manufactured by Brixton Forged.
The carbon fiber body kit receives a unique finishing touch with bright pink accents and a distinctive gray paint scheme, complementing the overall design of the car. Unfortunately, there is no information available yet regarding whether Bisimoto plans to make this latest creation available to the public.😢 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BISIMOTO ]
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