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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Toyota Alessandro Volta ahead 20 years before its time

Special ONES As we have known that the hybrid drive system has become one of the approaches in designing future environmentally friendly cars had carried out by many automotive manufacturers in the world. No exception, one of the automotive giants from Japan, Toyota had ever conducted a vehicle design study powered by a hybrid drive system in the past.
Toyota Alessandro Volta, taking its name from the Italian physicist who is credited for inventing the battery (he's also where we got the term "volts" from). (Picture from: DrivingLIne)
Possibly because of the large number of concept vehicles that have been built by the Japanese automotive manufacturer, it is not surprising if one of them is almost forgotten. The concept car in question is a hybrid-powered vehicle which is the result of one of the Toyota projects in 2004 named Toyota Alessandro Volta. As seen from its name, the concept car is dedicated to Alessandro Volta, a talented Italian physicist who finds a battery (from his name we have the term 'Volts' now).
Toyota Alessandro Volta's styling, which was done by the famed Italdesign Giugiaro studio. (Picture from: DrivingLIne)
Toyota Alessandro Volta displays the Mid-Engined past feature that is also pinned on BMW Nazca, Alfa Romeo Scighera, and Volkswagen W12 to show the fact that if the racing form is able to accommodate an innovative and 'clean' propulsion system, with the scope of the design to compile and design The future sedan and compact cars that have a low impact on the environment are very large.
Toyota Alessandro Volta provided innovative interior geared towards the 3-seat offering and a flexible steering wheel and pedal board clamping. (Picture from: DrivingLIne)
When heading to the real world, Toyota is not alone in the process of making Volta Concept. It turned out that the Japanese manufacturer collaborated with the famous Italdesign Giugiaro studio for car styling. They both experimented thoroughly, so it produced a beautiful and slim body placed on a full carbon fiber chassis.
Toyota Alessandro Volta was powered by a hybrid system derivative that originated from the Lexus RX 400 mated to a 3.3-liter v6 engine positioned behind the rear axle. (Picture from: DrivingLIne)
As mentioned earlier, that Toyota Alessandro Volta was powered by a hybrid system derivative that originated from the Lexus RX 400 mated to a 3.3-liter v6 engine positioned behind the rear axle which was able to send power around 400 horsepower to move the four wheels. The Toyota AlessanTro Volta Concept made its debut at the 2004 Geneva Motor Show.
Toyota Alessandro Volta is a styling exercise aimed at exploring new applications of the Hybrid synergy Drive technology. (Picture from: Supercars.net)
As you might know, the Toyota collaboration project with Italdesign Giugiaro has never exceeded the concept stages. It was also stated that during the development period, this concept car project had spent large costs and it was also used as one of the main reasons why the Volta had never entered the Toyota production line.

Given the number of hybrid supercars today, including the Acura NSX mentioned above, this concept does not seem too brave according to the current standards, but it is a big problem in 2004 when the Toyota Prius that spends fuel is a standard hybrid that people think.
And as one proof that this car is the preview of what will come, this can be led when Toyota has succeeded in working on a new hybrid-powered hypercar project which then transforms into a version of the highway from the Le Mans racing car knwon as the Toyota GR SuperSports Concept. It turned out that Toyota Alessandro Volta only overtooked about 20 years. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ITALDESIGN GIUGIARO | DRIVINGLINE | SUPERCARS ]
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