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Thursday, July 30, 2015

This car can display the driver's heart rate

Have you thought about how are the feeling of professional drivers when in the car at high speed? Is their heart beats faster than usual?

To answer this curiosity, Lexus released a video that shows how the driver's heartbeat visualized on the car body.
The electrified paint on this Lexus literally throbs with your heartbeat. (Picture from:
Thus, the driver's chest is connected through a tool that works similar to an ECG (Electro Cardio Tomographic) to Lexus RC F. The heartbeat is then visible through the movement of biometric paint along the side of the vehicle body.

According to Digital Trends, to work on this project was not easy. The whole process takes about six months. First of all, the car body dismantled into several parts. Then, each panel is set with a special circuit board.
The RC F was chosen not only because of its looks, but also high performance. To note, Lexus RC F uses a 5.0-liter V8 engine that can be sprayed power up to 467 hp. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | DIGITAL TRENDS]
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Hankook test their new no-AIr Tires

Hankook Tire successfully tested the new non-pneumatic tire (NPT) or known as a tire without the air pressure, which is named 'Hankook iFlex' on the vehicle driving and controlling.

Hankook Tire test the iFlex to maximize its performance in five categories namely durability, hardness, stability, slalom ability (zigzag) and the ability to be driven at high speed. In tests of speed, an electric-powered vehicles that use iFlex tire capable of reaching speeds of up to 130 km/h (around 80 mph).
Hankook iFlex tire concept. (Picture from:
"Hankook iFlex ability to provide excellent performance driving at high speed is the result of a long-term commitment of Hankook Tire in tire technology development initiatives progressive and innovative," said Vice Chairman and CEO of Hankook Tire, Seung-Hwa Suh, as qouted of Hybridcars, on Tuesday, July 28, 2015.

As we knew, since 2011 Hankook Tire do further research about the latest tire technology, especially for the NPT. The iFlex was a fifth NPT tire concept released by Hankook Tire.
"Attempts to strengthen our technological leadership in the global tire market, we will continue to develop tires with the latest technology, environmentally friendly and oriented to the future," he said further. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HYBRIDCARS]
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An eccentric electric motorcycle with wooden seat

Various innovations of motor vehicle created by the automotive companies. It was taken to spoiling the consumer as well as part of the companiy's marketing strategy.

One of the latest innovations contained in the electric motorcycle prototype named E-Raw, made by Expemotion. Interestingly, there are wood accents mounted on the motorcycle. This bike is also considered to have a simple design but also elegant.
E-Raw is an electric cafe-racer prototype with a truly raw wooden seat. (Picture from:
As reported by Autoevolution on Tuesday, July 28, 2015, this custom creation signed by the mysterious French-speaking Expemotion tells the story of how simplicity can yield amazing results. A steel tube frame like an exoskeleton incorporates the battery pack and partially, the motor. The simple, matching tube swingarm introduces a dab of drag-racing architecture, making the whole bike look way longer that it is, in fact.
By using such a bicycle handlebars and headlights are mounted very simply. (Picture from:
Not much data is available about the bike (power, range etc), but this is a rolling prototype, not a static one. (Picture from:
By using such a bicycle handlebars and headlights are mounted very simply, a motorcycle that carries retro café racer style is considered as an appropriate vehicle to use because it has a simple design.
Left side view of E-Raw by Expermotion. (Picture from:
The most attention is the rider seat is made of 80 layers of woods. However, a seat for the rider is considered the most uncomfortable and painful when driving. But when viewed from the standpoint of design, once again 'very beautiful and unsightly'.
Unfortunately, Expemotion still reluctant to disclose the exact price, and machines that used on the motorcycle. They revealed they will do research on the bike, so it is still reluctant to disclose the bike in detail .. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | EXPEMOTION | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Ferrari F12 Speciale, more lighter and faster!

This is the standard version of the Ferrari F12 Berlinetta. The car equipped with a V12, 12-cylinder, direct injection, 6,3liter engine is going to have a mild version named 'F12 Speciale'.

As reported by the Paultan on July 27, 2015, the Ferrari F12 Speciale called will be lighter than its predecessor and will be produced in full scale, meaning not limited models such as the 599 GTO.
This Autocar image shows how the Ferrari F12 Speciale could look. (Picture from:
Interior view of the Ferrari F12 Speciale. (Picture from:
Not only that, other sources such as the Autocar also mentioned that the F12 Speciale had weight shrinkage up to 200 kg from the standard car which means to be around 1,430 kg. That is why it is called a lighter car. There's even the addition of 30 hp to the explosive power of the 6.2-liter V12 engine become 760 hp.
The Ferrari F12 Speciale will actually enter the hypercar market and really impressive! With these machines, the car reached a top speed of 340 km/h. This proved to be faster because the car's weighs has trimmed of 200 kg and proven very effective. Ferrari called to be succeed with F12 Speciale. Fantastic isn't it? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | PAULTAN | AUTOCAR]
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The successor of Supra has fierce looks!

The latest rumor about the most brand-new Toyota'S sports car which is predicted as the successor of Supra have started circulating again.

As reported by the Auto Guide, on July 23, 2015, the Toyota Supra successor is that it will be the result of a sports car collaboration between Toyota and BMW, with the German automaker opting to use the partnership to create a next-generation Z4. Recently, it was reported that the two vehicles won’t complete with one another, but would feature a hybrid powertrain that takes advantage of BMW’s gasoline and electric motors.
Toyota FT-1 Concept. (Picture from:
There is a rumor that says that the platform being used for the new sports car collaboration will be based on the BMW i8 rather than the Z4, making it easier to incorporate a hybrid powertrain.
2016 BMW Z4. (Picture from:
Both vehicles will likely share the same aluminum spaceframe chassis and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body, but would have different styling and possibly dimensions. One source says that the vehicles will be less than 14.7 feet in length, under six feet in width and no more than 4.4 feet high. Those figures means that the sports cars will be quite smaller than the Toyota FT-1 concept and more in line with a Porsche 911.

For powertrains, BMW will launch the Z4 successor with a standalone 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder and a 3.0-liter turbo-six, combined with a Toyota-built plug-in hybrid unit. Toyota on the other hand will opt for a 3.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine and another model with a plug-in hybrid powertrain. Are you curious to what the car figure? We'll wait next info about it! *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTO GUIDE]
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Unique double-engined Norton custom bike

Some motorcycles seem to be sacrosanct when it comes to customizing, while others are fair game. So you see quite a few Triumph Trophy customs, and not many Nortons.

But Jason Kidd, owner of Flyrite Choppers, has no qualms: his extraordinary 'Double Trouble' custom has not one, but two 1960s Norton Atlas 750 twins nestling in the frame.
Flyrite Double Trouble Norton. (Picture from:
It could have been a monstrosity, but the result is clean, classy and attention grabbing. And given that it’s hard enough to get a single-engined bike looking good, this is quite an achievement. The bike has an output of 110 bhp at least or maybe more.
Left side view of Flyrite Double Trouble Norton. (Picture from:
Flyrite’s down-to-earth philosophy no doubt plays a part—as befits an NHSTA-licensed manufacturer, their bikes are soundly engineered: on Double Trouble, there’s a place for everything, and everything is in its place.
Two 1960s Norton Atlas 750 twins nestling in the frame. (Picture from:
"At Flyrite Choppers we build bikes the way they used to be: basic, bare bones, wrench-on-it-yourself for the real motorcycle rider. We have basic principles that we adhere to when building a bike."
Despite taking top honors at last year’s Harvest Classic European and Vintage Motorcycle Rally in Luckenbach, there are surprisingly few images of Double Trouble around—so we have Texas-based photographer Bill Fraser to thank for sending these in. More shots after the tech sheet below. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FLYRITE CHOPPERS | BIKEEXIF]
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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Chinese cheap Supercar

As we are know, many imitation supercars that built and circulating in China. But in fact the country that has biggest population in the world can produce supercar of their own creations.

As quoted from Autoevolution, a Chinese man named Chen Yanxi who had an interest to the supercar since a long time ago was managed to built an electric supercar with only $5,000.
Chen Yanxi builds electric supercar for $5,000. (Picture from:
With his ability and creativity, a 27-year old man who worked in a glass factory in Haikou, located in southern China’s Hainan Province was managed to built his dream car. After putting pen to paper and sketching out his dream, he started building it. The frame of the car is made from galvanized piping and the exterior from fiberglass.
Chen Yanxi pose with his electric supercar creation. (Picture from:
If you see at a glance the supercar of Chen Yanxi creations look like a Ferrari in their typical red color. While its doors adopting the gullwing style such as Lamborghini. The interior feels very sporty with racing seats and cabin were covered with black color.
At first glance the Chinese electric vehicle look like a red Ferrari with Lamborghini's gullwing doors. (Picture from:
Although it is a stylish supercar, in fact this car is only able to run 40 kilometers per hour because its power comes from a small electric motor. Like we said, it's not that 'super'. To built this car, Chen Yanxi spent a cost of US. $5,000 or about Rp.66 million.

But unfortunately this fancy looks electric car can not be used on the highway because it does not conform to the safety standards in China. But I think this is a form of automotive creations that should be appreciated. What do you think? *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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