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Sunday, July 5, 2015's unique one-off custom car

One of Black Eyed Peas crews, made a custom car worth $900,000 from total modified of a VW Beetle. Like what are the results? In 2013 the outstanding amount of pictures as's unique custom car.

Which makes the car becomes much discussed is reputedly modifications which cost up to US $ 900 thousand. As reported by Jalopnik, after a search, and it was found that the custom car is made from a 1958 VW Beetle modified all-out until it could not recognized its original form.'s unique $900,000 custom car. (Picture from:
The car was originally delivered to a small modifications home called The Garage, in Florida, which is owned by Austin Weiss.

"He originally wanted a Porsche flat six twin-turbo engine mounted behind it," said Weiss. But six weeks later, he changed his desire.
Left side view of's unique $900,000 custom car. (Picture from:
"Then wants something crazy and futuristic with doors and the front engine. I say would be easier if it is made a new chassis,but he still impose on the VW Beetle," said Weiss.

The musician who has a real name William James Adams was then keep adding stacks of modifications to his car. According to Weiss, wants fender of his car like a Morgan classic car, he also wants a custom front grille and suicide door type so that none of the remaining original shape of the VW Beetle.
Rear side view of's unique $900,000 custom car. (Picture from:
Cars were initially estimated was completed within one and a half years was in fact delayed because kept changing his mind.

"He was the nicest man in the world, but he did not know anything about cars," said Weiss.

Weiss was finally surrendered and handed over this car to the famous modifications home, West Coast Customs. In the hands of the new modifier, the VW Beetle was finally completed as desired.
But after seeing the results, we assume that this car does not look like a car worth US $900 thousand. Even an entertaiment media, TMZ dubbed the car as 'Ugly Car of the Future' (look here). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | JALOPNIK]
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Here she is Vega, an electric car of Sri Lanka

If we're talking about electric cars, Tesla is the most often discussed. In fact, in general the majority of brand name was originating from the Western world. And Sri Lanka also wants to prove that the countries in South Asia was able to innovate in the automotive world by giving birth to a luxury sports car named the 'Vega,' such as reported by Slashgear sometime ago.

Vega is included in the supercar category, where to gush speed from 0-60 mph takes 3.5 seconds. And as its drivetrain, the car relies on two electric motors that capable of generating a power of 900 hp and 530 lb-ft of torque to drive the rear wheels. The car has a light weight ie only 1,600 kg, thanks to the use of carbon fiber material and can cover a distance of 150 miles and a top speed of 150 mph.
Meet Vega, Sri Lanka's all-electric supercar. (Picture from:
This sophisticated car birth can not be separated from the support of the government in providing broadband Internet network infrastructure. Sri Lanka was the first country to adopt mobile broadband and mobile user population has grown five times as much from 2005 to 2010. This is enabling Sri Lanka to create a high-tech electric supercar.
Rear side view of Vega all-electric supercar. (Picture from:
Vega was born thanks to a concept made by Dhashantha Gunaratne and put forth by Harsha Subasinghe, CEO of a travel software company CodeGen which has poured funds amounting to US. $500,000, or approximately Rp.6.4 billion to finance the Vega project. And Beshan Kulapala, an electrical engineer who has worked at Intel for 13 years been appointed as project manager who was responsible for the birth of Vega.
While the producing and selling were different story altogether. In this area, Sri Lanka has not had a factory and experience. But, Kulapala sure with the help of the Internet, they can quickly get to learn the knowledge that needed to create sophisticated innovation. And if Sri Lanka stay on track, it is not possible in the next few years they will make a surprise. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BBC | SLASHGEAR]
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Scientists have found a way to predict the time of death

Scientists have found a way to estimate the time of death more accurately. The new way of allowing scientists to set the time of death until 10 days after the death of a person.

The findings were presented at the annual meeting of the Society of Experimental Biology in Prague on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 was a significant breakthrough. During this time, the time of death determined by measuring the temperature, which can only be accurate up to 36 hours after the death of a person.
The new method could establish an accurate time of death after as much as 10 days. (Picture from:
The team of scientists studied the muscle protein in pigs. Based on the characteristics, pig muscle has similarities with human muscle. Muscles are made of protein molecules will undergo decomposition when someone dies.

"It happened on a particular protein and at a certain time," said Peter Steinbacher who do research. "Even the products of decay that can only be found at certain times."

"So, if you know what products are contained in a sample, then you will know when the individual is deceased," said researchers from the University of Salzburg was quoted as saying by the BBC on Wednesday.

Steincbacher and team analyzed more than 60 samples of muscle tissue from the forensic department at the University of Salzburg. The results showed, prediction time of death by analysis of proteins contained in the sample is quite accurate.

"We now need more samples to determine whether gender, body mass index, temperature, humidity, and other influences muscle protein reshuffle time," said Steinbacher. He hopes within three years of the new method can be applied in forensics. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BBC]
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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Aston Martin's Historical Racing Car will be auctioned

This car became one of the legendary racing vehicles that had been made by Aston Martin in 1935. In fact, the car has become an important part in the development of racing cars.

Described by designer A.C. Bertelli as “The best cars I ever built”, the Aston Martin Ulster ‘LM19′ has been part of some of world’s greatest, most gruelling and most charismatic endurance races, including the French Le Mans 24-Hours, the Italian Mille Miglia, and the RAC Tourist Trophy on the fabulous Ards public road circuit in Northern Ireland
1935 Aston Martin Ulster LM19. (Picture from:
Now, this rare car will be auctioned in the Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​2015 at a price of US. $4.5 million, equivalent to Rp.59 billion. As reported by the Boldride on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, a long journey has been passed by this car. Aston Martin Ulster LM19 had debuted at the Circuit de la Sartre and had an accident. The car's prominence raised after its action in the RAC Tourist Trophy event.
Interior view of 1935 Aston Martin Ulster LM19. (Picture from:
Now, after a long retirement, the car is going back into the limelight. The car that was owned by an automotive collector to 1969 is going to be auctioned. In general, not much changed from this racing car.
This car had slight change in the exhaust, and 18-inch wheels. This car is claimed to be capable of reaching a maximum speed up to 110 mph. Because of the historical records and its uniqueness, then this car worth valued at up to $4.5 million. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | BOLDRIDE]
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McLaren P1 comes with the Ayrton Senna livery

McLaren has recently introduced the P1 special edition as the tribute to the legend World's Champion Ayrton Senna at the event of Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015, England.

The appearance of P1 was unchanged and remain in its original design, but the car's body part gets a touch color of livery helmet that belonged to the legend F1 champion. The Volcano Yellow as primary colors with Green accents that stand out on the headlights and taillights, as quoted from Inautonews on Tuesday, June 30, 2015.
McLaren P1 Ayrton Senna Edition shown at Goodwood Festival of Speed 2015. (Picture from:
Besides livery use the same color as Ayrton Senna helmet, at the rear of the wing also affixed with signatures of the Brazilian F1 driver.
Right side view of McLaren P1 Ayrton Senna Edition. (Picture from:
Although carrying a limited version, the engine did not change at all, still using the V8 twin turbo engine that has a capacity of 3.8 liter plus electric motor that capable of producing the power up to 903 hp and 978 Nm of torque.
Rear side view of McLaren P1 Ayrton Senna Edition. (Picture from:
The whole power is channeled through a dual-clutch seven-speed transmission system. Acceleration 0-100 kph achieved in 2.8 seconds, while the maximum speed reached 350 kilometers per hour. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | INAUTONEWS]
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Is Honda develops the CB900R Concept?

In the last decade, one of Japanese motorcycle manufacturers, Honda looks very serious to released of a variety of the old motorcycle concept that comes with a new breath. The most recent news, the Japanese manufacturer was seriously developing a retro CB900R motorcycles.

As reported by Autoevolution on Wednesday, July 1, 2015, the news were widely heard after the famous Japanese automotive magazine, Young Machine, releasing the news. In fact, the magazine put the CB900R news on the front page.
Honda CB1100R Concept. (Picture from:
Although there is no confirmation from Honda, many people believe those news. Especially with the recent facts of many Honda's motorcycle concepts which always culminate in the production process, such as CB1100F and CB100EX.

Those information also mentions, that the engine maybe not come up with a new platform, but by tweaking an old engine of a retro CB1100 which has a fairly low development costs. Means that Honda will offer the CB900R in sensation zones by its power bursts.

Interestingly, this bike comes without a radiator, but with the addition of half fairing like the classic sport bike. The motorcycle is claimed will have a great response, because after Honda released a CB1100 classical motorcycle in 2013, many people who are waiting for "R" version of the commuter bike.

So later came the idea that new products are based of Honda CB prototype motorcycle named CB1100R that once had exhibited at the Tokyo Motor Show 2007. This motorcycle is equipped with a half naked body that thick with 70s styled, and the upside-down shock. The chassis is also rumored to be adopting the same platform. Although it has an old looks, this motorcycle will reportedly come with adopting many modern approach.

Are you curious? Wait for further information. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AUTOEVOLUTION]
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Friday, July 3, 2015

Lotus crossover will release in 2019

One of the famous British sportscar manufacturer, Lotus Cars has just released some preliminary details of his crossover car at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, England. Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus plc, Jean Marc Gales, as quoted from Worldcarfans on Monday, June 29, 2015, criticizes the product to competitors who tend to have large dimensions and heavy weight.
Lotus APX Concept. (Picture from:
"Lotus will build a car that is light and fast. Its closest competitor is the Porsche Macan, but we will be better. The plan of the crossover type car out in 2019," said Gales.
Dashboard view of Lotus APX Concept. (Picture from:
There are no exact figures on the weight of the vehicle, but previously reported that the car of the British manufacturer has a weight of 200-220 kilograms lighter than its main competitor, Macan S, which has a weight reached 1,865 kg.
Rear side view of Lotus APX Concept. (Picture from:
Lotus crossover will be manufactured and sold in China, but did not rule out the cars will also be sold in other countries. "The first market is China, but we have not yet decided whether it will be sold in other countries. But clearly if the car is successful there and I strongly believe that we will market outside of China," added Gales. Well, we'll wait for further news. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WORLDCARFANS]
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