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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

French Startup Quarkus Takes on Pikes Peak Challenge

BEAST Candidate - In the realm of sports car development, innovation often stems from established giants in the automotive industry. However, there are instances where the underdogs make a splash, and one such contender is the French startup, Quarkus Automobiles. This car company is defying expectations by venturing into the competitive world of mid-engined sports cars.
The French startup, Quarkus Automobiles is defying expectations by venturing into the competitive world of mid-engined sports cars called the Quarkus P3. (Picture from: Carscoops)
Quarkus set its sights high, announcing its participation in the renowned Pikes Peak Hill Climb. The company plans to utilize this challenging race as a testing ground for its latest creation – the Quarkus P3 sports car, boasting an impressive 296 horsepower. Adding to the intrigue is the involvement of Pikes Peak record holder, Romain Dumas, offering his expertise to enhance the car's performance.
The Quarkus P3 sports car boasting an impressive 296 horsepower takes on Pikes Peak Hill Climb Challenge. (Picture from: Carthrottle)
The Quarkus P3 has remained somewhat enigmatic since the automaker debut in 2020. Unlike many render-based car companies that often promise much but deliver little, Quarkus has set reasonable goals. The car is equipped with a mild hybrid 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine generating 296 horsepower. What may seem modest is offset by the P3's featherweight construction, with a chassis composed of carbon, kevlar, titanium touches, and a 100% carbon fiber body, limiting its weight to just 600 kg (1,323 lbs). The result is a remarkable power-to-weight ratio, standing at 4.5 pounds per horsepower or 493 horsepower per ton.
At the Pikes Peak Hill Climb event in June 2024, the Quarkus P3 sports car will be driven by Bruce Jouanny, an experienced racer with nearly two decades of competitive experience. (Picture from: Carthrottle)
Taking the wheel at Pikes Peak in June 2024 is Bruce Jouanny, a seasoned racer with nearly two decades of competitive experience. Jouanny expresses his enthusiasm for the challenge, stating, "This is a legendary race and fits perfectly with the development of the Quarkus P3. We often talk about life-size tests; we couldn't have dreamed of anything better than Pikes Peak."
Romain Dumas, the Pikes Peak conqueror in 2018 with VW ID R, supports the development of Quarkus P3, anticipating its impact on the challenging Pikes Peak Hill Climb race this June. (Picture from: Carscoops)
CEO Damien Alfano acknowledges the audacity of the plan. He states, "To start the Pikes Peak challenge, while the first development prototype has just been presented, is clearly absurd. No 'startup' manufacturer has done this." Despite the seemingly ambitious nature of the project, Alfano emphasizes Quarkus's philosophy of believing in dreams without limits and sharing the adventure with customers and partners who share the same passion.
The Quarkus P3 has a lightweight contruction because its 100% carbon fiber body is built on a chassis made of carbon, Kevlar, a touch of titanium, which limits its weight to just 600 kg (1,323 lbs). (Picture from: Carscoops)
Romain Dumas, the seasoned racer who conquered Pikes Peak behind the wheel of the VW ID R back in 2018, lends his support to the Quarkus project. This backing raises hopes that Quarkus will indeed make a mark in the challenging Pikes Peak race come June. Let's wait and see.
In conclusion, Quarkus's journey to Pikes Peak exemplifies the spirit of daring to dream big and pushing boundaries. While skeptics may doubt the capabilities of a small startup, the passion and determination behind Quarkus may just defy expectations and establish them as a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports car innovation. As they navigate the twists and turns of Pikes Peak, Quarkus is not just chasing a victory; they are racing towards the realization of their automotive dreams. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | QUARKUS AUTOMOBILES | CARTHROTTLE | CARSCOOPS ]
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