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Thursday, January 25, 2024

The Beast Unleashed: John Dodd's Legendary Shooting Brake Marvel

Unique ONES - The automotive realm, as we've often reiterated, is a domain without boundaries. Despite stringent regulations, cars that shatter acceleration records or boast exorbitant prices continue to emerge. Amidst this fascinating landscape, one vehicle stands out—the legendary four wheeled beast powered by an airplane engine that not only defied speed records but also found its place in the hearts of automotive enthusiasts worldwide. Let's delve into the captivating tale of The Beast, a one-of-a-kind creation of the visionary John Dodd, auctioned successfully in the first quarter of 2023.
A final glimpse of The Beast, a groundbreaking creation by visionary John Dodd, just before the auction. (Picture from: Autoblog)
The inception of this extraordinary vehicle traces back to 1966, when Paul Jameson crafted a custom chassis. Originally powered by a Meteor engine sourced from a tank, the project took an unexpected turn when John Dodd entered the scene. Initially collaborating as a transmission provider, Dodd eventually acquired the chassis, steering the project into uncharted territories. Seeking the expertise of Fiber Glass Repairs, a custom body reminiscent of the Ford Capri but with exaggerated proportions took shape.
The Beast's debut featuring the RR grill complete with the Spirit of Ecstasy, later sparked the onset of a legal dispute against John Dodd. (Picture from: Autoblog)
Beneath the elongated nose, an imposing 27-liter Meteor engine initially resided. However, fate had other plans, as a fire wreaked havoc on the vehicle, prompting Dodd to embark on an upgrade journey. The 27-liter Roll-Royce Merlin V12 engine of Supermarine Spitfire plane replaced its predecessor, accompanied by a meticulously installed Roll-Royce grille
The exaggerated proportions of The Beast's body, crafted by Fiber Glass Repairs, are mounted on a box chassis originally created by Paul Jameson in 1966. (Picture from: TopGear)
Legal troubles unfolded as Rolls-Royce, displeased with the unconventional grille use, filed a lawsuit against Dodd. The trial resulted in Dodd's loss, requiring compensation and RR grille removal. Surprisingly, The Beast retained its Rolls-Royce registration, adorned with a JD emblem as a tribute to its creator.
The Beast interior features a pair of Lotus Elan seats; with leather-covered bucket-style front seats, it exudes a sense of handcrafted luxury. (Picture from: TopGear)
Despite a legal setback, the fiberglass body remains remarkably intact today. The two-seat interior, boasting leather-covered bucket-style front seats, exudes a sense of handcrafted luxury. Analog controls and buttons dot the interior, creating an authentic driving experience. The peculiar saga of legal battles and design intricacies only adds to the allure of The Beast.
The 27-liter Merlin V12 engine from a Supermarine Spitfire plane resides beneath The Beast's 19-foot-long hood. (Picture from: TopGear)
The Beast earned its place in the Guinness Book of Records in 1977 for its formidable strength. The 27-liter Merlin V12 engine, initially boasting 750 hp, evolved over time to a claimed 1,000 hp, verified during tests with a top speed of 294.5 km/hour. The GM Turbo 400 automatic transmission, specially modified, played a pivotal role in this remarkable achievement.
The Beast incorporates components such as a front headlight from a Jensen FF, backlighting from a Reliant Scimitar, and all front and rear lights from two Ford Capris. (Picture from: Car&Classic)
John Dodd, the visionary behind this automotive marvel, extensively drove The Beast until his passing in 2022. Frequently seen in England and Spain—his residence for several years—the car became a familiar sight, adorned with a RACE sticker on the rear window. The extraordinary journey of The Beast culminated in the Car & Classic auction on March 9, 2023, with an odometer reading of 17,196 kilometers. Reportedly, the closing bid reached approximately £72,500 on March 17, officially marking the transfer of this legendary automotive masterpiece to its new, unnamed owner.
In the annals of automotive history, The Beast remains a testament to ingenuity, resilience, and the unbridled passion that propels enthusiasts to push the boundaries of what's possible on four wheels. As the echoes of its roaring engine fade into the past, the legacy of The Beast endures, leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving tapestry of automotive innovation. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARANDCLASSIC | NOTICIAS.COCHES | TOPGEAR | AUTOBLOG ]
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