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Friday, July 8, 2022

Fiero thought itself would be Enzo

Weird ONES Sometime ago we've found there's a Fiero thought itself would be Enzo, weird isn't? As we all know that the Ferrari Enzo is a very rare and expensive supercar that only real multimillionaires or billionaires can buy. However, for very different money, (if it sold), you can own the unique Pontiac Fiero, which disguised itself as the famous Italian supercar, and dubbed the Fierri or Fiero 'Enzo'.😀
This unique Fierri Enzo car creation built based on 1986 Pontiac Fiero and inspired by Ferrari Enzo. (Picture from: CarAkoom)
Might be for some it seems unique and pretty good in its new guise. Unfortunately, the same opinion cannot be said by others, especially for those true Ferrari loyalists. For them, it's terrible car looks, as in their opinion that's an ugly replica or copy of the Ferrari Enzo. Uniquely, with its somewhat strange appearance, in fact many parties are curious about it, then invites the car owner in various media, for example it has become a frequent guest on several YouTube channels.
The 1986 Pontiac Fiero was a donor car for a weird-ugliest replica of Ferrari Enzo dubbed as the Fierri. (Picture from: AutoEvolution)
The car received mixed reviews and notoriety by showing off at the exclusive Quail 2019 A Motorsports Gathering in Monterey, winning the Concours d'Lemons Worst in Show award, and was even featured in an episode of Jay Leno's Garage. So actually this car is made only for jokes as seen on the Car Bros's Youtube channel.
This unique Fierri Enzo car creation known to use a fiberglass body kit featured with some kind of a scissor-style doors. (Picture from: Cars&Bids)
As quoted of CarAkoom, it is not known when and who made the car, only mentioned was built a few years ago. Then the car that is known to use a fiberglass body kit plugs on the Fiero chassis, and powered by an 2.8-liter V6 engine of Fiero capable to burst power of 140 ponies and torque of 230 Nm coupled with 4-speed automatic transmission. So don't be fooled by the V12 sticker on the body and the engine cover mockup placed under the glass panel made what you see through the rear window as if a V12 engine.
As quoted of Cars & Bids, it has been owned by the seller since 2015 and has driven only 1,600 km in that time. However, there are many differences in the condition of Fierri when appearing in an episode of Jay Leno's Garage with its condition when offered to auction. Let's see the Jay Leno's Garage video below:
For example, this car failed an emissions test at its last service due to high NOx levels and cannot be registered on public roads in California. In addition, the car's direction indicators and high beams do not work, the rear lights do not turn on when the headlights are on, the trunk is not fixed, the body trim is poorly fitted, the front panel is sagging, and the body is scratched.
This unique Fierri Enzo car creation grown fame for its appearances on the CAR BROS YouTube channel and winning the Concours d'Lemons Worst in Show award. (Picture from: Cars&Bids)
But still, in recent years, some maintenance work on this unusual car has been carried out by the owner. So, for example, new gaskets and exhaust manifold studs were installed, oil and air filters, brake and coolant were replaced, and a catalytic converter was installed.
But one thing is clear that the one who bought this car will have to tinker with this “anti-show car” a lot before getting behind the wheel and, pressing the gas pedal, causing “laughter and tears” of onlookers on the streets of his hometown.
This unique Fierri Enzo car creation is powered by a fake V12 engine, which is an original 2.8-liter V6 engine of Fiero capable to burst power of 140 ponies and torque of 230 Nm. (Picture from: Cars&Bids)
Maybe one day there was a shift in the perception of the car which in the end considered it one of the most beautiful sports cars ever made. But when?😉 What is certain is that the weird Fiero 'Enzo' has now been sold by Cars & Bids back in the 2020 for $5,001. Hey here is another unique car based of Fiero called the Stalker. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CAR BROS | PATREON | CARAKOOM | CARTHROTTLE | AUTOEVOLUTION | CARS&BIDS ]
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