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Thursday, December 16, 2021

Wow, Lexus has a fancy hydrogen-fueled ATV

Fancy ATV Lexus, which has been known to this day as one of the world-class car brands, whose production line is usually filled with fancy SUV and sedan models. And now the brand seems to want to give a surprise by introducing a hydrogen-powered ATV concept that's a completely different car came out of Lexus as usual.
Of all the concepts we expected from Lexus, this Lexus ROV Concept was definitely not one of them. (Picture from: KabarOto)
As quoted of the Lexus official website, the company-made ATV was introduced in concept form and called the Lexus ROV (Recreational Off-highway Vehicle). This is the result of the design of Lexus Europe. According to the automaker, this is a unique concept car, emission-free, and will be fun to use maneuvering in off-road terrain.

In terms of design, this car uses a body wrapped in bronze color, as well as Lexus characteristic LED lights with sharp curves for both the front and rear lights, plus an LED bar at the top to help the lighting system while run in dark condition.
The Lexus ROV concept seeks to bring Lexus' build quality and engineering to the utility task vehicle market. (Picture from: KabarOto)
The Lexus ROV is indeed designed for off-road purpose and built on a tubular chassis, for that the suspension was created much stronger, along with special off-road tires, and has a cage that can protect the passengers inside.
The Lexus ROV's cabin is quite luxurious, starting from the leather-wrapped bucket seats and four-point seat belts. (Picture from: KabarOto)
While on its cabin,  although it is not as luxurious as a Lexus' sedan or SUV models as usual. But for a buggy-kind of car, the Lexus ROV's cabin is quite luxurious, starting from the leather-wrapped bucket seats and four-point seat belts. Then there are several carbon panels on the dashboard, the steering wheel also has a paddle shift setting, the speedometer still uses analog and a small MID screen next to it. While in the middle panel is the place for regulating lights, transmission levers, drive settings, and handbrake levers.

And for the drivetrain, the automaker provides the best innovations that are unique and environmentally friendly for it. The Lexus ROV is carrying a 1.0-liter hydrogen-powered engine that works like a gasoline engine. But what makes the difference is a high pressure tank for compressed hydrogen which is delivered precisely by a direct hydrogen injector. How the engine works almost the same as the Toyota GR Yaris hydrogen, and the ROV emits almost no emissions at all.
The typical performance UTV stuff is present on the Lexus ROV Concept, like long-travel suspension. (Picture from: KabarOto)
"The Lexus ROV is our passion to thrive in the wild and meet the needs of consumers who are thirsty for adventure. As a concept car, the Lexus ROV also continues to prioritize lifestyle with continuous research in new technologies," said Head of Lexus Europe, Spiros Fotinos.
Indeed, so far Lexus has not explained when this cutie ATV will actually be realized or enter the production line. However, this ATV concept is considered to bring somekind of refreshment to the Lexus brand, because it's different from the concept car that has been shown before. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LEXUS | CNET ]
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