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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Cobra 427 under the Ghia's Supersonic suit

Unique ONES After many car models were made in Ghia's Supersonic bodywork, on this occasion we will discuss one car model ever built wearing those bodyworks, namely the Shelby Cobra 427. This car made by this American manufacturer had outstanding performance and was very popular in the world's racing circuits of the 1960s.
This is the 1965 Cobra 427 under the Ghia's Supersonic bodywork made by John Willment. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2L02hN1)
If you hear Cobra fans talking about the Cobra coupe and they mostly mean the Cobra Daytona coupe (CSX9000) designed by Pete Brock. The car was first bodied in the US by California Metal Shaping and the remaining five in Italy.

These cars are known to have played a key role in Shelby American's quest to win the world's manufacturing championship in 1965. But this is not about the Cobra Daytona coupe mentioned above.
This is one of the six of the famous 1965 Shelby Brock Cobra Daytona coupe. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2L02hN1)
It turns out that there is another Cobra coupe bodied in Italy prowling the earth and has a much scarier engine than the Daytona Shelby coupe, the FE 427-inch series. Yes, this model is wearing a big block engine! How did it come about?

The way the car came about was very unique, it happened when a British Ford dealer and racing team sponsor John Willment found something extraordinary in the junkyard, namely an aluminum bodywork of the Ghia Supersonic designed by Giovanni Savonuzzi. As we all know,  it was originally mounted on the Fiat 8V chassis. At the same time they also had some of the Cobra 427's chassis from earlier racing efforts.
This gorgeous creation built of the Ghia's Supersonic aluminum bodywork put on the top of 1965 Cobra 427 chassis by John Willment. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3mXcnvk)
Maybe at that time John Willment imagined how beautiful the Cobra 427 would appear in Ghia's Supersonic bodywork. Then he's decided to marry the rest of the Ghia Supersonic aluminum bodywork with the Cobra 427 chassis. 

The hodgepodge car was powered by an engine (not the original 427 engine) but was suitable for that which was prepared by Holman Moody, then combined with twin four barrel carbs and depending on compression and tune conditions capable of producing up to 485 hp.
One of the most recent appearances of 1965 John Willment Cobra 427 under the Ghia's Supersonic suit, according to Classic and Sports Car magazine was at a British concours in 2014. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2L02hN1)
Some theorize that the 427's chassis tube was extended 5" at the front. And the Supersonic body had to be modified to fit the new chassis. It's rumoured that John Willment lost interest in the project before it was fully completed, but based on the modern looking photos, the car was recently finished.
1965 John Willment Cobra 427 under the Ghia's Supersonic suit uses an engine (not the original 427 engine) but was suitable for that which was prepared by Holman Moody, then coupled with twin four barrel carbs capable of producing up to 485 hp. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/2L02hN1)
This car has been around for about five decades. At one point, it belonged to a London policeman who's bought it when the price was still under $10,000. Maybe now it has an exorbitant price (estimated could be reach 6-7 digits) if it sold through one of the world's famous auction houses.

We're sorry if the following video contains about the Fiat Supersonic 8V not the Cobra 427.
It would be nice to have one of the beautiful Ghia Supersonic-bodied cars. As we all know, they also build it with Fiat, Jaguar, Aston Martin, and De Soto (Chrysler) mechanics, but this one based on the Cobra 427 has got to be the best-performing version of all. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GTPLANET FORUM | MYCARREQUEST | DELESSENCEDANSMESVEINES ]
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