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Monday, January 11, 2021

Bizzare Jet-engined VW Beetle

What the hell is this? The modification results of a Volkswagen 'New' Beetle below are guaranteed to have never seen before by You. Just imagine, there is a cutie Beetle, suddenly a jet engine pops out of its tail. Then who made the insane crazy vehicle like this?
A Bizzare jet-engined Volkswagen Beetle made by Ron Patrick. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3nYil02)
As quoted from RobbReport, He is Ron Patrick, A Californian engineer who has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Stanford. What is the purpose of making this unique vehicle? Ron Patrick said that the car making was a manifestation of his desire to make the wildest vehicle that was feasible and legally used on the highway.

As for what inspired him to make it, it was a combination of sheer desire and ability. "It just seemed like an obvious thing to do at the time," he told Robb Report. "Who wouldn't want a jet-powered VW?  Hell, life’s short, if you have the time, skill, and money to do something—do it!"😮

In the process, Ron retained the original VW Beetle as it was. The modified VW Beetle uses 2 (two) engine units, where the VW's original engine unit is stored at the front to drive the front wheels and the other unit is a General Electric T58 8F jet engine mounted on the rear to drive the rear wheels. Now, the cutie VW Beetle transformed into an all-wheel drive (AWD) jet-engined VW Beetle!
A close-up of the General Electric T58-8F engine used by Volkswagen Beetle. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3nYil02)
The jet engine provides an additional 1.350 horsepower (plus the burst of dramatic effect of flame) which can be directly activated through special control in the form of a throttle lever located next to the transmission lever.

The jet engine, which was originally used as a helicopter turboshaft motor. It can spin up to 26,000 rpm and idle at 13,000 rpm. So will the jet engine not destroy the body of the VW Beetle? The jet engine is positioned by means of sandwich plates bolted to contoured aluminum billets which are fed into the frame rails.
The Ron Patrick's 'Jet Beetle' in action with the flame-throwing out of its General Electric T58-8F engine of its tail. (Picture from: http://bit.ly/3nYil02)
The machine has a solid stand with sliding rubber bushings at the front and rear. While in hot conditions, this engine stand will adjust itself to expand. There's a heat blanket should also be added to the front bumper so that it doesn't melt when the jet engine is started.

Of course this jet engine is very wasteful of fuel which is certainly not use ordinary fuel too. It needs attention before starting the jet engine, first make sure the safe distance in around the car, especially the rear.😊
The Ron Patrick's 'flamethrower' VW Beetle nicknamed 'Jet Beetle' apparently has been registered able to use legally on the streets. And reportedly the car is offered to those of you who are interested in owning it with a price tag of around the US. $500,000 (approx Rp. 700 millions).

Wow, it turns out to put a flamethrower on the tail of a car is expensive too! What if You're owned this VW, where will You go with the Jet Beetle? If We owned it, We will go to camping ground and makes some campfire to warm the atmosphere.😉 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ROBB REPORT ]
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