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Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Future Eco-friendly Supercar

Designed to embody the best in American performance engineering and respect the planet we call home, the Scorpion supercar blends the world of exotic performance cars with eco-friendly fuel solutions that is touted to break the 200-mph speed barrier. The Scorpion is a mid-engine, hydrogen fuel injected hybrid, which will features the latest in engine technology from Acura, utilizing the new aluminum and magnesium V-Tech, Type S V-6 motor.
Front view of Scorpion HX. (Picture from: http://www.rapidcars.com/)
The car that was originally developed by an American automotive company, Ronn Motor Company, and has launched a prototypes in 2008. On 2 April 2012 the company changed its name to VydroTech Inc. The company offers the Scorpion with a 450 horsepower Acura engine (standard model, $150,000) and 600 horsepower engine (Scorpion HX model, $200,000). Both are expected to post 0-62 mph times between 3.5 and 4.5 seconds, and both will be capable of returning an impressive 40 mpg.

The strength of Acura’s world class V-6 engine design is well known throughout the racing world and has earned its reputation on the street and track. Equipped with twin turbochargers and proprietary intercoolers, high horsepower and torque is a foregone conclusion. Everything in the vehicle screams true performance; its race engineered chrome-moly chassis; four wheel independent suspension; double adjustable coil over shocks; competition brake system; and a six-speed close ratio manual transmission.
Rear view of Scorpion HX. (Picture from: http://www.rapidcars.com/)
The biggest appeal of the eco-friendly supercar is the innovative engineering it utilizes to reduce CO2 emissions and improve gas mileage. All this is made possible by its exclusive Hydrogen Fuel Injection (HFI) system, which directly injects hydrogen gas into the motor. Fuel mileage is boosted 20-40% with nearly no CO2 emissions. The technology of the Scorpion’s HFI system is this: hydrogen is produced from the Scorpion during normal operation through electrolysis of water, using the power generated from the vehicle’s electrical system. A small amount of this hydrogen gas is then added to the vehicle’s intake air/fuel mixture, which allows the engine to operate with less fossil fuel.
The Scorpion encompasses the vision of Ronn Maxwell, and his love for the automotive form. His styling cues are a combination of European exotics and American muscle. The carbon fiber body of the Scorpion is as functional as it is beautiful with its curvy and muscular elements that give it an aggressive stance. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HOUSTON BUSINESS JOURNAL | AUTOBLOG GREEN | VYDRO TECH]
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