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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mystery of the rocks shifted in Mars

Mystery of the rocks shifted not only found in Racetrack Playa, Death Valley National Park-California, United States. Apparently similar phenomenon is found on Mars. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) photographed the rocks shifted path sightings in Nili Fossae (a region on Mars). To date the agency has not been able to ascertain who or what shift or move the rocks.

Artist concept of NASA's Mars 
Reconnaissance Orbiter above 
the Red Planet. (Picture from:  
NASA upload image of the rocks shifted path through the blog site: www.beautifulmars.tumblr.com on June 7, 2013. The high-resolution images obtained from the HiRISE camera that mounted on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft.

The image shows an elongated dark path, and sometimes slightly curved, on the surface of the Martian soil. Path a few meters wide it looked down the slope. There is a stone at the end of the engraved dotted lines. To the right of the path, there are several smaller lines. It also looks small dotted path and at the end there is a smaller stone.

The rocks shifted without apparent cause is actually not the main target of NASA research on Mars. The appearance of the rocks shifted paths that caught by chance when HiRISE team collected data on Nili Fossae, which is a group of trench around the giant trough on Mars
The surface of Mars. (Picture from: http://www.nationalgeographic.com/)
From analysis of the images is showed that the Nili Fossae rich clay minerals, it is hinted that there is abundant water in the past. Nili Fossae has also been identified as a center of methane abundance on Mars.
The rocks shifted path in the Nili Fossae region on Mars. (Picture from: http://beautifulmars.tumblr.com/)
Not clear whether the rocks at this location rolled under due to local vibration or not. Marsquake (designation for the Martian earthquake) is the impact of the erosion that occurred in the area around the rocks are. "Marsquake was underlies all the possibilities," says Phil Plait, a scientist on the HiRISE team on his blog, Bad Astronomy as quoted by Newscientist, on Wednesday, June 12, 2013. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | NEWSCIENTIST | MAHARDtKA SATRIA HADI | KORAN TEMPO 4257]
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