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Sunday, June 2, 2024

Build Your Dream Car: The Story of the Cimbria SS

Luxury on Budget - Ever dreamed of owning a car that looks like a million bucks but costs less than your average used car? Imagine cruising in a vehicle that turns heads and leaves even the most knowledgeable car enthusiasts guessing. Such is the allure of the Cimbria SS by Amore, a car with a fascinating history and a design that stands the test of time.
The Cimbria SS in its early '80s form, showcasing its signature gullwing doors. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
The story of the Cimbria SS began in 1978 when Joe Palumbo founded the Amore Car Company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Palumbo's passion for unique automotive design led to the creation of the Cimbria, a kit car with a distinctive style. The Cimbria drew inspiration from Richard Oakes' Nova, also known as the Sterling, and featured striking gullwing doors. This design, combined with its versatility, allowed the Cimbria to enjoy nearly a decade of success.
An early example of the classic Amore Cimbria SS. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
Initially, the Cimbria was designed to fit onto a full-length VW Beetle floorpan, making it accessible for many car enthusiasts. As the model evolved, a custom chassis was developed to accommodate a range of donors, from the Corvair and Pinto to the Porsche. The only modification needed for the VW donor pan was the lowering of the steering box, simplifying the build process for hobbyists.
An early Cimbria SS, notable for its lack of extra vents in the nose and rocker panels. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
Amore claimed that the car could be built in 120 hours, offering two different kits to suit varying levels of expertise and commitment. The basic package included parts for use with VW components, while the deluxe kit came pre-assembled, requiring the owner only to mount the drivetrain on the custom chassis. This flexibility made the Cimbria an appealing project for a wide range of car enthusiasts.
Another early example of Cimbria SS, showing its Mangusta like rear hatch. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
As the years passed, the Cimbria's original design evolved, incorporating various gills and intakes that enhanced its aesthetic appeal. The initial Mangusta-style rear hatch was replaced by a Corvette-inspired buttressed look with a flat decklid, providing easier access to the engine. These design changes kept the Cimbria fresh and exciting for new generations of car builders and collectors.
An 80's model Cimbria SS showing its interior and gull-wing doors. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
Despite its initial success, the Amore Car Company folded in the mid-1980s. However, Joe Palumbo's influence in the kit car world did not end there. He continued his work with a replica of the Koenig BB512, known as the Aldino K/O. Meanwhile, the legacy of the Cimbria lived on through various incarnations. A manufacturer of yachts took over production and rebranded it as the Nereia. Additionally, a version of the Cimbria was sold in the UK as the Eagle SS, which remains in production to this day.
Another early example of Cimbria SS, showing its Mangusta like rear hatch and signature gull-wing doors. (Picture from: RareComponentCars)
The enduring appeal of the Cimbria SS lies in its unique blend of style, performance, and the satisfaction of building something extraordinary with your own hands. It's a testament to Joe Palumbo's vision and the innovative spirit of the late 20th century kit car industry. Whether you're a seasoned car enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of custom builds, the Cimbria offers a journey into automotive history and a chance to own a piece of that legacy. | 7zfIgMajSb4 |
Imagine driving a car that captures the imagination of everyone who sees it, a car that embodies the creativity and passion of its maker. The Cimbria SS is more than just a vehicle; it's a symbol of ingenuity and the timeless allure of custom automotive design.
So, next time you see a car that looks like a million bucks, remember the Cimbria SS and the remarkable story behind its creation. It's a reminder that sometimes, the most extraordinary things come from the simplest beginnings. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | RARECOMPONENTCARS | DAILYTURISMO ]
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