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Saturday, March 23, 2024

Fioravanti Sensiva: A 90s Marvel Reshaping the Landscape of Hybrid Sports Cars

90s Pioneering EV - In the realm of Italian automotive design, a plethora of models have emerged over the years, some gaining legendary status while others succumb to the relentless march of time, fading into obscurity. Among these, Fioravanti Sensiva Concept stands out—a visionary creation from the early 1990s by Fioravanti, the Turin-based coachbuilder founded by the illustrious Italian car designer Leonardo Fioravanti in 1987.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept showcased groundbreaking innovations of hybrid sports cars, and unveiled at the 1994 Turin Motor Show. (Picture from: Story-Cars)
Unveiled at the 1994 Turin Motor Show, this hybrid sports car showcased groundbreaking innovations. It wasn't confined to the exhibition halls; the car received an invitation to the EVS 12 symposium on electric vehicles in Los Angeles in the same year, and was featured in the 1995 "Torino Design" touring exhibition.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept's unique tire system, with four groups equipped with toroidally-shaped elastomer sensors, displayed exceptional sensitivity to varying tread shapes and stresses. (Picture from: Story-Cars)
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept featured a unique tire system. Four tire groups, each equipped with toroidally-shaped bands of piezo-resistive elastomer sensors, exhibited an extraordinary sensitivity to changing tread shapes under varying stresses. These signals were seamlessly transmitted to the onboard computer, paving the way for a harmonious fusion of technology and performance.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept provided the four-wheel steering, aided by electric power, provided a dynamic and responsive driving experience. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
This cutting-edge elements encompassed newly-designed large-diameter self-ventilating disc wheels, active suspensions with camber recovery, and a virtual ground center. The four-wheel steering, aided by electric power, provided a dynamic and responsive driving experience. The low-sited permanent magneto, asynchronous 8-pole electric motors, in tandem with stainless steel disc brakes, further elevated the performance standards.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept featured two rear-section fins that automatically adjusted, enhancing vehicle stability and showcasing adaptability to diverse driving conditions. (Picture from: Carrozzieri-Italiani)
Not just a marvel under the hood, the Fioravanti Sensiva Concept flaunted an avant-garde carbon-fiber composite body. The design philosophy aimed at creating a car that balanced comfort, aerodynamics, and original aesthetics without relying on overtly aggressive technical appendices.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept boasted a cutting-edge carbon-fiber composite body, emphasizing a design ethos that harmonized comfort, aerodynamics, and original aesthetics without aggressive technical additions. (Picture from: Supercars.net)
The practicality of the design was evident in the removable front bumper, facilitating access to the central backbone housing batteries. Its automatic doors, operated by a magnetic card, added a touch of futuristic convenience, opening individually based on the card's depth of insertion.
The Fioravanti Sensiva Concept is equipped with 4 small electric motors of 40 kW on each wheel, also featured with a nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) battery pack provides a gas turbine air cooled able deliver 230 hp and work with different types of fuels with schemes rotations up to 100,000 rpm. (Picture from: Story-Cars)
Even the exhaust system demonstrated innovation. Turbine exhaust gases were strategically expelled through fins, enhancing slipstream formation at high speeds or redirecting towards the lower-rear end in urban environments. Two fins in the same area automatically adjusted to stabilize the vehicle, emphasizing the car's adaptability to varying driving conditions. While watching the video below, you can catch a glimpse of the Sensiva at 2:53, showcasing the concept far ahead of its time..
In conclusion, the Fioravanti Sensiva Concept remains a testament to the visionary approach of Italian automotive design. Its fusion of cutting-edge technology, innovative design, and practical features exemplify the pursuit of excellence that defines the industry. As we marvel at the achievements of the past, we eagerly anticipate the future innovations that will shape the landscape of the automotive world. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FIORAVANTI.IT | STORY-CARS | SUPERCARS.NET | CONCEPTCARZ | CARROZZIERI-ITALIANI | CONCEPTCARDESIGN ]
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