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Monday, October 30, 2023

Mazda's Iconic SP: A Stylish Tribute to the RX-7 Legacy

Rotary EV - Fresh from the 2023 Japan Mobility Show, it's Mazda's turn to unveil its latest concept car, the Mazda Iconic SP, now in an elegant coupe form. Following last week's tantalizing teaser, this model is set to be the heir to the MX-5 throne, but with an electrifying twist. Upon closer inspection, you'll notice that it incorporates numerous design elements reminiscent of the beloved RX-7.
Mazda has given a radical vision of the future for the venerable MX-5 by wowing the 2023 Japan Mobility Show with a sleek, rotary-electric sports car concept called the Iconic SP. (Picture from: GridOto)
rationale behind the development of the Iconic SP is to cater to the emotional connection that car enthusiasts have with their vehicles. They aim to provide a driving experience that embodies pure pleasure, even in the realm of electric cars. Mazda is reassuring potential drivers that range anxiety and charging infrastructure won't be an issue, thanks to the Iconic SP's innovative approach. This model features an electric motor that drives the wheels, complemented by a rotary engine unit, which Mazda dubs the Rotary EV System.
Mazda's Iconic SP is larger than MX-5 but adheres to the same driver-focused principles. (Picture from: Autocar)
Masahiro Moro, Representative Director, President, and CEO of Mazda Motor Corporation (MMC), emphasizes Mazda's commitment to creating vehicles that evoke the joy of driving, reaffirming the integral role cars play in people's lives. Mazda envisions a future where individuals can proudly declare their love for cars, and they're determined to enrich the lives of their customers.
Mazda's Iconic SP is a striking new EV sports car brings 370bhp and a rotary range-extender that can run on hydrogen. (Picture from: Mazda)
The sleek exterior design, combined with the rotary EV technology, isn't entirely novel for Mazda. The MX-30 previously employed this technology, while the rotary engine itself has a storied history, popularized by models like the RX-3, RX-7, and the RX-Vision concept.
Mazda's Iconic SP extends the legacy of rotary engine sports cars, following the RX-Vision. (Picture from: Autocar)
The electrification system's compact design allows it to fit seamlessly within the Iconic SP's chassis, similar in size to the MX-5. This keeps the center of gravity low, ensuring optimal handling. A two-rotor rotary engine serves as a generator, supplying electricity to the battery. Notably, the rotary engine uses an environmentally friendly and recyclable carbon-neutral fuel source.
Mazda Iconic SP adorned with minimalist interior, and is clearly inspired by the MX-5. (Picture from: Autocar)
The Iconic SP boasts the signature Kodo design language, featuring gracefully curved bodylines that adorn every corner. The wide, octagonal grille takes center stage, with bold accents that give it a three-dimensional depth, reminiscent of the latest Mazda models. Despite its dimensions resembling the MX-5, the silhouette channels the spirit of the RX-7
Mazda Iconic SP holds shift paddles for brake regen plus g-meter and lap timer hint at dynamic focus. (Picture from: Autocar)
This, coupled with the sleek design, results in a vehicle that's not a roadster or convertible. The headlamps incorporate pop-up accents with adjustable 'eyebrows' when the main lights are engaged. Adding to the dramatic flair, the Iconic SP showcases butterfly-style doors, reminiscent of an Aston Martin sports car. The RX-7's influence extends to the double round rear lights and a clean, unembellished lower bumper.
Mazda Iconic SP two-seater concept measures 4180 mm long, 1850 mm wide and 1150 mm tall, with a wheelbase of 2590 mm. (Picture from: Oto)
Introducing a new color to the lineup, Mazda presents Viola Red as an option. While Soul Red has long been the brand's flagship color, Viola Red is a testament to Mazda's respect for the color red and is designed to accentuate the car's graceful curves.
The Iconic SP makes it clear that Mazda intends the MX-5 to live on in its future electrified line-up. (Picture from: Oto)
Details about the interior remain scarce, but the overall ambiance is anticipated to be minimalist and refined. Suede or Alcantara layers envelop the dashboard, doors, and center console, accented with stylish red stitching. The slim steering wheel is equipped with paddle shifters and features the word "MAZDA" at the center instead of the conventional logo. Two digital screens serve as the meter cluster and infotainment center, while the center console hosts several buttons and levers extending toward the armrest.
While production dates for the Iconic SP are yet to be confirmed, Mazda's message is clear: they aim to provide consumers with a delightful driving experience. The Rotary EV system promises to make the transition to electric powertrains a seamless and enjoyable daily experience. Mazda is forging ahead with its commitment to innovation and a future where driving remains a source of pure pleasure. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MAZDA | CARSCOOPS | AUTOCAR ]
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