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Saturday, July 1, 2023

The Thrill of the Streets and Tracks: Exploring Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and XX Spider

Hybrid BEASTS - It seems like yesterday when it was in late 2022, Ferrari was caught on camera testing their latest high-performance racing car, the Ferrari SF90, in Maranello, Italy. The Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the first hybrid-engined supercar adorned with the iconic prancing horse logo, was launched in 2019.
The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale can be taken to the road, but there is no doubt about its performance on the circuit. (Picture from: GoOto)
Building upon the success of the Ferrari SF90 Stradale, the experts at Maranello presented limited editions of the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale (799 units) and Ferrari SF90 XX Spider (599 units). Furthermore, the Maranello automaker claims that the SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider are special versions designed to prioritize performance and driving pleasure, taking Ferrari cars to unparalleled levels.
The Ferrari SF90 XX Spider has a front wheel track of 1,683 mm, and dry weight reaches 1,660 kg. (Picture from: GoOto)
Over the past 20 years, many Ferrari models, such as the Ferrari 488 Pista and 812 Competizione, have become highly coveted by collectors. To tempt true Ferrari fans, the Prancing Horse auto breder developed the XX Program. Excitingly, the SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider have been prepared to legally race on the highway, unlike the usual XX Program limited to circuits.
Acceleration from 0-100 kph only takes 2.3 seconds, while 0-200 kph takes 6.5 seconds. (Picture from: GoOto)
With astonishing power of up to 1,030 hp, 30 hp more than the SF90 Stradale, the SF90 XX models feature specific software logics and radical aerodynamic solutions, including a redesigned rear spoiler. Reminiscent of the Ferrari F50, these cars exert a force of 530 kg when driving at 250 kph.
Both the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale and Spider bring a blend of sportiness and luxury to the cabin. (Picture from: GoOto)
The V8 engine in the SF90 XX Spider delivers an iconic sound akin to being on a circuit, especially with the roof open. The aerodynamics are specially designed to ensure airflow in the cockpit, providing comfort even with the roof open. The Retractable Hard Top (RHT) system allows for a 14-second roof operation at speeds of up to 45 kph.
The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale is the first among Ferrari models to use the advanced Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (2.0) feature. (Picture from: GoOto)
Positioned in the middle, the twin-turbo V8 engine boasts a capacity of 3,990 cc, delivering an impressive 797 hp at 7,900 rpm and 804 Nm of torque at 6,250 rpm. The electric motor provides an additional 171 kW of power (233 hp) with a capacity of 7.9 kWh. In eDrive electric mode, the car can cover a distance of 25 km at a maximum speed of 135 kph.

The seamless transition from electric to hybrid models is ensured by the silent coordination between the front drive motor, 8-speed DCT transmission, and the electric motor and rear-placed V8 engine, providing uninterrupted acceleration and a continuous power source.
The Ferrari SF90 XX Spider is indeed engineered so that the airflow in the cabin can still provide comfort. (Picture from: GoOto)
Debuting on the SF90 XX models, the Ferrari Dynamic Enhancer (2.0) features Torque Vectoring and Energy Recovery, while the ABS EVO braking system promises effective braking in dry conditions, incorporating a 6W-CDS sensor as seen in the Ferrari 296 GTB.

Ferrari focused on reducing vehicle weight to maintain luxury and comfort on the road. Lightweight carbon fiber materials were used for the seats, reducing weight by 1.3 kg compared to the SF90 Stradale. The dashboard features Alcantara material, while the lower part utilizes fabric.
The Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale uses hybrid performance, so it can offer a total power of up to 1,030 hp. (Picture from: GoOto)
In terms of dimensions, the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale measures 4,850 mm in length, 2,014 mm in width, and 1,225 mm in height, with a wheelbase of 2,650 mm. The front and rear wheels are spaced 1,680 mm and 1,674 mm apart, respectively.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 68 liters, and the SF90 XX Stradale's dry weight is about 1,560 kg. The Ferrari SF90 XX Spider has a front wheel track of 1,683 mm, and its dry weight reaches 1,660 kg. Both supercars feature 20-inch rims with tire profiles of 255/35 ZR F20 on the front and 315/30 ZR F20 on the rear.
Performance-wise, both cars can reach a top speed of 320 kph on the freeway, with 0 to 100 kph acceleration in just 2.3 seconds. The SF90 XX Stradale achieves 0 to 200 kph acceleration in 6.5 seconds, while the SF90 XX Spider does it in 6.7 seconds.

The price for the Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale is $842,000, approximately equivalent to Rp. 12.6 billion, while the Ferrari SF90 XX Spider costs $929,000, approximately Rp. 14 billion. Interested buyers are advised to act quickly due to the limited number of cars available. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FERRARI | ID.MOTOR1 | ROADANDTRACK ]
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