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Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Aerwinds Xturismo hoverbike ready to fly in 2025

New HOVERBIKE - Various innovations in current technology have led to the development of several flying vehicles, including flying taxis, flying cars, and the latest addition, flying motorbikes. Just imagine, in the near future, looking up at the blue sky, you might witness the sight of hoverbikes gracefully gliding through the air. If you've ever dreamed of such a futuristic scene, your dream is about to become a reality.
The Xturismo hoverbike was created by Japanese startup Aerwins Technologies. (Picture from: TheDetroitNews)
Bringing us closer to this exciting prospect is the recent showcase of the Xturismo, the flagship hoverbike innovation, by Aerwins Technologies at the Detroit Auto Show in September 2022 then. Originating from Japan, Aerwins (under name of A.L.I. Technologies) had previously presented a prototype of the Xturismo back in 2021, positioning themselves as pioneers in the flying motorbike industry.
The Aerwins Xturismo hoverbike on action during the Detroit Auto Show in September 2022 then. (Picture from: VOI)
During its first flight demonstration in Japan, Xturismo was hailed as the vehicle of the future, as it promises to reduce road congestion significantly. The Xturismo weighs 660 pounds (approximately 330 kg) and can fly for an impressive 40 minutes, reaching speeds of up to 98.8 km per hour. 
The Aerwins Xturismo hoverbike on action during the Detroit Auto Show in September 2022 then. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
It can fly for 40 minutes, and reaches speeds of up to 62 miles per hour (100 kph). However, with such cutting-edge technology, the Xturismo hoverbike comes with a price tag equivalent to that of a sports car over $77,000.
Now, in 2023, the founder of Aerwins has set a new target: to make the Xturismo accessible as a mass-market vehicle. This involves finding ways to reduce production costs significantly, making it more affordable for the general public.
Aerwins aims to reach the commercial market by 2025, offering a lighter and more budget-friendly version of the Xturismo, priced at around $50,000.(approx Rp.745 million) This advancement will pave the way for a future where flying motorbikes become a practical and feasible mode of transportation for many. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AERWINS | THEDETROITNEWS ]
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