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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Seeing one of Pininfarina's car creations called Citroën Osée Concept

Unique ONES - It will never end if we talk about the unique four-wheeled vehicles that have been made to this day and one of them is the Citroën and Pininfarina collaboration result concept car. As quoted from AllCarIndex, this concept car named Citroën Osée Concept, and known to be the first car result built of collaboration of Citroën and Pininfarina.
The Citroën Osée Concept by Pininfarina was known as the first car collaboration result from both companies. (Picture from: AutoIntell)
Sometimes it is enjoyable to do something unexpected or in other words was dare, hence the choice of the name Osée for the new Pininfarina research prototype, the first to be conceived based on Citroën mechanicals. 
Access to the Citroën Osée by Pininfarina was through an aircraft-like forward-hinged canopy which took the place of conventional doors. (Picture from: AutoIntell)
As the result, it is a styling study that develops the theme of the pure mid-engined sports car, a new layout and concept for the French Company but realised with full respect for Citroën's philosophy and image. This Pininfarina-built concept car for Citroën having a unique architecture powered by a mid-mounted longitudinally 3,000 cc V6 longitudinally engine of 194 horsepower, coupled with a 5-speed semi-automatic transmission system.
The side of the Citroën Osée Concept is deliberately smooth, with no additional movements or sculpted elements that would spoil or interrupt it. (Picture from: Citroenet)
It was chosen to underscore the total separation with the platforms and car types that make up the Citroën today, leaving more room for extreme volumetric research. Meanwhile to emphasize the goal of exploiting space, wide in this case, the interior was designed to be three-seater, with the driver in the center front and passengers on either side, further back.
The Citroën Osée Concept's interior was designed to seat three, with the driver at centre front and the passengers at either side, further back. (Picture from: Citroenet)
The inverted "L" recalls the chevron of the Citroën logo, a coincidence that allows the passengers to be seated out of line, recovering lateral space, while the driver is not hindered, as he usually is, by the wheelarch. Finally to simplify access to the central seat, the entire upper part of the passenger compartment can be removed.
Due to the location of the Citroën Osée's engine had poor rear visibility, so the solution was to use a rear facing video camera and dash mounted tv screen. (Picture from: AutoIntell)
Access to the Citroën Osée was through an aircraft-like forward-hinged canopy which took the place of conventional doors. Due to the location of the engine the Osée had poor rear visibility. The solution was to use a rear facing video camera and dash mounted tv screen. Besides that the Citroën Osée also featured Hydroactive suspension which allowed the ride height to be adjusted while in motion.
This Citroën Osée Concept has never been attempted in mass production, only paying homage to the many prototypes that introduced it in the 1960s, and used as a show car to increase the visual impact to brand. It was first launched at the 2001 Geneva Motor Show, due to has an attractive design, so this concept was later crowned "Best in Show" at the exhibition. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CITROENET | SUPERCAR.NET | ALLCARINDEX | CLASSICANDRECREATIONSPORTSCARS | DISENO-ART | ULTIMATECARPAGE | AUTOINTELL | WIKIPEDIA ]
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