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Friday, May 26, 2023

Factory Five provided a kind of affordable Do-It-Yourself supercar

Do It Yourself As today we're living in sophisticated era, it seems that almost nothing is impossible for us to do. This also applies for those of you automotive enthusiasts who harbor a desire to own a dream supercar. 
Rendering image of the Factory Five Racing F9R (track-only version) featured with a track-only nose in front as well a large rear wing. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
If in the past we had to prepare hundreds of thousands of dollars to be able to own a supercar, and now we're already possible to assembly a supercar by ourselves in our own garage at a much more affordable cost. Just take a look at the car picture above, that is not a Ferrari supercar, nor a Lamborghini, or even premium ones made by another well-known brands. 
Rendering image of Factory Five Racing F9 (street-legal version) with a large rear wing by Factory Five Racing. (Picture from: JournalClassicCars)
This is the Factory Five F9R with a large rear wing available in a complete kit car package for you, thus allowing you to assemble it by yourself. So why spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a new supercar when you can build one yourself for a fraction of the cost?
The Factory Five F9 chassis with a V12 engine at the 2019 SEMA Show in November. (Picture from: JournalClassicCars)
Its maker is a Massachusetts-based automotive company named Factory Five Racing, that has previously been known for its AC Cobra and its DIY hot rod-style kits. Why called it F9R (R for Racing) because the supercar model featured with a track-only nose in front, not only that then the F9 its street legal version would be revealed soon, but apart from that what do you think of the look? Very wild right?
The Factory Five F9 prototype built by an American custom builder named Erik Treves at his workshop in Alabama. (Picture from: FactoryFive)
The bodywork is said to be designed by Phil Frank, who was previously known as the designer of the Saleen S7, and will apparently only be made of carbon fiber. While the chassis will be able to carry a scary 9.5 liter V12 engine, and is claimed to be capable of producing around 750 bhp of power and 950 Nm of torque.
The Factory Five F9 prototype is powered by a 9.5L LS engine in a V12 configuration and has body is 100% carbon fiber over Factory Five’s trademark tube steel space-frame. (Picture from: FactoryFive)
The result is the fastest supercar ever made from private garage with weighs under 1,100 kg. If you're feeling apprehensive and fearful about those engine performance numbers, don't worry Factory Five also said that they will be provided the smaller block of V8 engines of Ford and General Motors that could be mounted there immediately.
At the time (in 2019) production was expected to start late 2020 or even early 2021, but Factory Five says it hopes to produce a ready prototype by spring or summer 2022. That's all we know so far, and for the price, it is not revealed yet. If you consider yourself to be a good mechanic, this could be a good bargain for you.😎 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | FACTORY FIVE | JOURNAL.CLASSICCARS ]
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