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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Here comes the Revuelto V12 Hybrid with over 1,000 hp

New BEAST As previously stated by Automobili-Lamborghini S.p.A. some time ago, that the Italian premium automaker company will launch a new car that it calls the Aventador' successor on March 29, 2023. And sure enough on that date the Italian company launched the Lamborghini LB744 Revuelto that's referred to be a High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV) capable of generating power up to 1,001 hp!
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto known to be the Aventador' successor has the exterior design heavily inspired by many futuristic elements, up to fighter jets, aerospace, etc. (Picture from: Carwowuk)
This newest Lamborghini' hybrid supercar is built on a monocoque chassis that is updated by adding more carbons. The automaker claimed, that's 10% lighter and stiffer than the Aventador so that the car can be more stable even though carries a new engine and battery. Therefore, no wonder if the total weight of the Revuelto is still around 222 kg heavier than its predecessor.
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto has DRL LED matrix lights resembled horizontal Y letter which can glow up to 400 meters. (Picture from: GoOto)
Furthermore, the Revuelto' exterior design is heavily inspired by many futuristic elements, up to fighter jets, aerospace, etc. So while you look at the exterior silhouette, it glanced reminds us of the Lamborghini Siàn FKP 37, where we can see clearly its unique LED DRLs resembled horizontal Y letter under the hexagonal projector headlights. Besides that there're the Lamborghini' typical aggressive body style were enhanced the Revuelto' hallmark sharp curves.
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto is packed with dimensions of 4,947 mm in length, 2,033 mm in width and 1,160 mm in height with a wheelbase of around 2,779 mm. (Picture from: KabarOto)
From the side there is also a new design, the front fender has ventilation to reduce wind resistance, and the rear fender has ventilation directly to the engine room. Then there are also additional carbon side skirts with winglet details at the ends. While at the back is no less interesting, because Lamborghini added a kind of high mount stop lights at the top of the rear window. Uniquely, the stop lights also has resembled to a horizontal Y such as its front section with a dual hexagonal exhaust output flanked in the middle.
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto retains the low-slung silhouette and 'wedge' shape of the Aventador and, just like every V12 Lambo since the Countach, it has vertically-opening scissor doors. (Picture from: Carwowuk)
As quoted from Carscoops, the name Revuelto derived from a Spanish fighting bull, though it also means 'scrambled eggs' in the same language, which is not lost on Lamborghini as it launches its first-ever full production vehicle that mixes dual power sources, which consists of an expansion core of the new naturally-aspirated 6.5 liter V12 engine (813 hp @ 9,250 rpm, 725 Nm) coupled to three electric motors, and a new eight-speed dual clutch transmission system to drive its all-wheels.

Thus the power generated by Revuelto is greater than Ultimae which is only 780 hp. Well, with such bursts of engine power, the Revuelto is able to accelerate from rest to a speed of 100 kph in just 2.5 seconds, while 0-200 kph takes less than seven seconds before reaching a top speed of 350 kph. 
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto looks beautiful and elegant in premium genuine leather, combined with a special material called Corsa-Tex covered all parts, from the dashboard, seats, to the steering wheel. (Picture from: KabarOto)
Meanwhile, if this supercar is driven using only two electric motors located on the front axle (e-axle) with a power of 180 hp, the Revuelto can cover a distance of nearly 10 km in quiet mode. Then where is the location of the third electric motor? Lamborghini explains that the third unit is tucked into the aforementioned gearbox, where the entire gearbox has been enshrined behind the engine to make room for the battery pack mounted in the 'transmission' tunnel.
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto presents three separate screens on the dashboard. (Picture from: GoOto)
To support the pace of running, the Lamborghini Revuelto is equipped with Bridgestone Potenza Sport is the mainstay tire (256/35 ZRF20 at the front and 345/30 ZRF21 at the rear). There is also a choice of 265/30 ZRF21 for the front and 355/25 ZRF22 for the rear tires. For those who want to drive it specifically on snows, there is a choice of Bridgestone Blizzak LM005 tires.
The Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto referred to be a High Performance Electrified Vehicle (HPEV) capable of generating power up to 1,001 hp, that consisted of the new naturally-aspirated 6.5 liter V12 engine coupled to three electric motors. (Picture from: KabarOto)
While to tame its fierce power, the automaker given the ultimate brake system to the Revuelto which is consisted the large discs CCB Plus (Carbon Ceramic Brakes Plus) coupled with ten-piston embedded front calipers by using 410 x 38 mm wide brake discs. While the rear disc measuring 390 x 32 mm is escorted by four-piston calipers.
The Y-shaped rear lights of Lamborghini LB 744 Revuelto are similar to the ones found on the Centenario limited edition, and the shape of the roof is inspired by that car as well. (Picture from: KabarOto)
As mentioned above, the Revuelto is a plug-in hybrid supercar, so this supercar is also able to offer emission-free driving, thanks to a very small lithium-ion battery pack (3.8 kWh capacity). Furthermore, the Sant'Agata Bolognese, Italy based premium automaker said that this supercar is equipped with a battery pack that can be charged for 30 minutes using 7 kW of electricity, or in six minutes using V12 pulses as an electric pen.

The interior of the Revuelto looks beautiful and elegant in premium genuine leather, combined with a special material called Corsa-Tex which is made from recycled polyester, which is available in 70 color options. These premium materials cover all parts, from the dashboard, seats, to the steering wheel. There is also an 8.4-inch vertical touch screen media. As well as a 12.3-inch digital speedometer panel in front of the driver, and a 9.1-inch passenger side screen.
In order to present a more sensation in driving, Lamborghini gives more driving modes to the Revuelto, namely Recharge, Hybrid, Performance, Citta (city), Strada, Sport and Corsa. For example, in Recharge mode it can recharge the battery while driving for only six minutes. While Citta allows the car to move in electric mode only. Meanwhile, Performance brings out all the power potential of the car, while providing a more agile transmission response. 
As quoted from Carwowuk, this newest raging bull supercar is reportedly has a price tag starting at £ 450,000. Thus the price imply that Lamborghini's newest hybrid supercar is worth £70,000 more than a Ferrari SF90. Wow! Keep in mind, so far the Italian premium automaker not mentioned yet about the prices and how many this Revuelto would be made. Thus, prepare everything needed, especially funds, and not to forget also seek info about unit availability, if you want to be one of Revuelto owners. Happy Hunting....😎 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LAMBORGHINI | CARSCOOPS | CARWOW.UK ]
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