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Wednesday, January 11, 2023

This is the fastest EV in China named GAC Aion Hyper SSR

New BEAST GAC (Guangzhou Auto Corporation) Group is known as one of the major automotive manufacturers from China which has been noted that in recent years it has seen launching a lot of electric-powered concept cars, such as in 2018, the manufacturer launched the GAC ENO.146 (a six-seater EV concept) , then in 2019, this Chinese car brand launched the GAC Enverge (an electric-powered crossover concept).
The Aion Hyper SSR is an electric sports car to be produced by Chinese automobile manufacturer GAC Group and sold under the Aion premium EV brand beginning in 2023. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
In 2020, the Chinese manufacturer presented an electric-powered supercar concept, named the Aion Hyper SSR, which is said to be the fastest one in China. Now, the hypercar already entered into the development and assembly process, and will reach the customers soon in October 2023. The Chinese car manufacturer produced the hypercar in two variants; one is a Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant and the other is an Four-Wheel Drive (FWD). Unfortunately that the Chinese manufacturer didn't mention at all how many cars it would produce.
The Aion Hyper SSR is powered by a pair of electric motors that combine to pump out over 1,225 hp and 8,850 lb-ft (12,000 Nm) of torque. (Picture from: Carscoops)
Meanwhile, in terms of performance, it is said that the Aion standard version can accelerate from idle to 100 kph in just 1.9 seconds (0.1 second slower than the Rimac Nevera). This is possible, thanks to the Aion's internal electric motors capable of producing a maximum output of 1,225 hp. In this case the GuangZhou, China-based car manufacturer says that this figure is 1.5 times more than the average Formula 1 car, although that number seems excessive. 
Found at the front of the Aion Hyper SSR are a set of sleek headlights with LED daytime running lights. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
Then, its torque is recorded at 12,000 Nm, this is also a very astonishing number, so when You driving the Aion Hyper SSR with the full throttle, it will make your body immediately feel the sensation of 1.7G. Furthermore, to support those such big amount of powers, the GuangZhou, China-based car manufacturer makes its hypercar bodywork from carbon fiber and its derivatives, so it can reduce weight by 20%, and is also claimed 2.5 times stronger than steel as well.
GAC has also equipped the Aion Hyper SSR with frameless ‘Sky’ doors while also developing turbine-inspired wheels with carbon fiber inserts. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
As we can see, the Aion Hyper SSR is equipped with such a unique butterfly-styled door features, which makes it look sexier when both doors are opened up. Turning to the inside of the Hyper SSR we will be presented with the feel of a luxury supercar with bright blue accents throughout the cabin. Then the cabin contains two ergonomic racing bucket seats with a two-tone theme coupled with a square-shaped steering wheel.
The Aion Hyper SSR's interior is quite intriguing, and described as having “bi-level instrument panels” and exposed tubular structures throughout. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
Meanwhile, in matters of driver comfort, it presented by an infotainment system with 14.6-inch touch screen in the middle of the dashboard with several standard facilities such as a music player, radio and maps. Meanwhile, vehicle information and performance display will be presented on the 8.8-inch cluster meter screen. It is not yet known whether the Aion Hyper SSR is also equipped with the latest semi-autonomous features, but by looking at the concept offered, it seems more suitable for driving on circuits.
The Aion Hyper SSR's interior is also creating a unique exoskeleton that gives the interior a very unique feel. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
As we all know, China itself is a country that has the fastest growing electric vehicles in the world. There are many zero-emission vehicles born in those country, even Tesla chose China as a supplier of electric car batteries. Besides to the availability of basic materials for the manufacture of batteries, the country's ability to develop electric vehicle technology, so it made China has been taken into account by a number of major countries in the automotive industry. As the result, there're quite a number of electric vehicles made in China are marketed globally at relatively more affordable prices compared to the same products from other countries.
Visible at the rear of the Aion Hyper SSR are LED taillights and an active rear wing that increases downforce at high speeds. (Picture from: InsideEVs)
However, to get this GAC-made supercar is not cheap, you must be willing to spend a lot of money to get it. Although the price numbers are fantastic, but the GuangZhou, China-based car manufacturer claimed that its hypercar including a fast EV, can even be on par with the Rimac Nevera. So it totally worthied if the prospective customer wanna has one, should be spend a lot of money.
Reportedly, this supercar priced at exorbitant prices, in which the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant is priced at around CN ¥1.28 million or approx of Rp. 2 billion. While the second variant of the Four-Wheel Drive (FWD) priced at CN ¥1.84 million or approx of Rp. 3 billion. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | JALOPNIK | INSIDE EVS | CARSCOOPS ]
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