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Tuesday, December 27, 2022

The unique doorless Enzmann 506 Spyder

Rare ONES Maybe not many are familiar with this classic roadster of 1950s. In appearance, those classic car briefly reminds us of the Porsche 356 made by a German manufacturer from the same era. Did you know if that was the Enzmann 506 Spyder known as an eye-catching door-less 2-seater roadster was manufactured by a small Swiss automaker ranging from 1957 through the late of 1960s.
The Enzmann 506 Spyder was designed and built by Dr. Emil Enzmann based on the Volkswagen Beetle, with an attractive fiberglass bodywork at his father garage. (Picture from: Pinterest)
As quoted of ConceptCarz, this Swiss unique speedster originally designed and built by Dr. Emil Enzmann, due to really want to have a nice looking sports car, but can't afford a branded one at the time. For the reason, he purchased
Volkswagen Beetle, then unbolted the body shells from the floorpans, and re-fitted them with an attractive and lightweight fiberglass bodywork designed by himself, and then produced by a shipyard in Grandson on his order.
The Enzmann 506 Spyder's bodywork made of fiberglass done by known as a plastic boat builders named A.&O. Staempfli of Grandson, Switzerland. (Picture from: Porsche Galerie RS)
Well, in further developments then he founded company called the Enzmann Automobile of Schupfheim, Switzerland, with a goal to produce a more economical sports car, really easy handling and safer while running on high speed. Meanwhile for this unique speedster's bodywork then hand it over to a Grandson-based plastic boat builders named  A.&O. Staempfli.
The Enzmann 506 Spyder was produced in very limited series with the work done entirely by hand. (Picture from: Pinterest)
The Enzmann 506 Spyder was produced in very limited series with the work done entirely by hand. The fiberglass body was built inside a female model covered by a separation layer before it was saturated with a polyester resin. Once the resin hardened, the only thing left to do was sand, polish and paint the surface to manage a completely professional repair. 
The Enzmann 506 Spyder's cabin featured an integrated roll bar, safety pelvic strap and an ergonomically designed sports bucket seat. (Picture from: Porsche Galerie RS)
This unique doorless fiberglass bodied roadster debuted at the 1957 Frankfurt Auto Show, and Enzmann gave the 506 designation following his company name, it was coincidentally taken from the booth number where the automaker company exhibited the car at the auto expo.  
The doorless fiberglass bodied roadster called the Enzmann 506 Spyder debuted at the 1957 Frankfurt Auto Show. (Picture from: Pinterest)
The Enzmann 506 roadster body is extremely rigid and is entirely one piece with the exception of the gas tank and engine compartment opening, besides that it doesn't have any doors, and only indentations for the feet in the sides. Along with the full assembled vehicle, buyers could also purchase just the fiberglass bodies and do the assembly by themselves (such kind of a kit car).
Most of the Enzmann 506 Spyders powered by by the Okrasa 1,295 cc engines, while a few of them used the Porsche 356's engine. (Picture from: Porsche Galerie RS)
For its drivetrain, most of the vehicles were powered by the Okrasa 1,295 cc engines. Under the right circumstances coupled with such a light car (properly controlled suspension not withstanding) nimble handling, steering and braking, of the such engine capable made the car run up to 100 mph (160,93 kph). Later, due to the Porsche 356 engine was similar, a few Enzmann 506 Spyders changed its default engine to use this one. 
And reportedly the Swiss car company produced the unique roadster over 100 units during the production period which lasted from 1957 to 1970. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CONCEPTCARZ | PORSCHE GALERIE RS ]
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