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Thursday, November 3, 2022

McLaren offered a windsheild to its newly version of Elva

NEW Speedster After officially launching and producing the McLaren Elva without a windshield back in 2019 under limited availability, now the British manufacturer is also producing another new version of McLaren Elva that uses a windshield. Then how about the car look like?
McLaren will happily build you an Elva with a windscreen, washer jets, sun visors and wipers. (Picture from: TopGear)
As we all know that the early edition of McLaren Elva without a windshield features with an advanced air barrier system called AAMS (Active Air Management System), thus allowing the car's driver and passengers to almost not feel the wind blow directly on their face although the car does not have any windshield.
The windscreen-equipped McLaren Elva still does without a roof or side windows. (Picture from: Autocar.co.uk)
Although slightly different in appearance, because this new version of the McLaren Elva is launched using a windshield, but still roofless. So before you drive this car, we suggest you (the car owner) see the weather forecast first and make sure that it will not rain while you drive the McLaren Elva
With the windshield attached on this car, the advanced features of AAMS which have been carefully developed by McLaren are not available in this new version of Elva. (Picture from: Autocar.co.uk)
And technically the roofless weighted 1,300 kg sportscar is identical to its initial version which means it's still powered by a twin-turbo 4.0 liter V8 engine that offers a burst of power of 815 hp with a maximum torque of 800 Nm.
Something McLaren has played on as the exterior panels cascade into the cabin so there's no clear border between cockpit and landscape. (Picture from: Autocar.co.uk)
With the windshield attached on this car, the advanced features of AAMS which have been carefully developed by McLaren are not available in this new version of Elva. Furthermore, the windshield frame is made of the same carbon fiber material as its lightweight body, which is then equipped with several other general features such as wipers, glass heaters, sun visors and water sprayers.
Performance details are yet to be confirmed, but can be expected to closely match those of the existing Elva. (Picture from: Autocar.co.uk)
This new version of McLaren's V8 two-seater got additional weight of 20 kg with new windscreen, which makes it compliant in some US states, it's seem like the British automaker is targetting the country's automarket through these new models.

Over the time, the number allocation of Elva units produced by the Woking, Surrey based automaker is also shrinking. From the company initial plan to produce 399 units, it was reduced to only 249 units. And now the manufacturer is again shrinking the number of Elva production to only 149 units.
Now for those of you who have the financial ability or classified to be a multi-millionare and are interested in owning the new version of the McLaren Elva. Reportedly, the British car manufacturer is pinning a price tag ranging from £1,425,000, (approx Rp.28.8 billion more). So, hurry up! Because the units are very limited.😃 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MCLAREN | AUTOCAR.CO.UK | TOPGEAR ]
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