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Thursday, July 28, 2022

This sports coupe concept tried to revive the Czechs auto giant

Trying to Revive As what we've seen todays, that Tatra is a Czech' manufacturer of military-purposed vehicles or heavy trucks, though in the history of Koprivnice-based automaker also had ever been produced a number of sporty vehicles several decades ago. By seeing those facts, so it is not surprising then many Czech people wanted to see the manufacturer make exotic and sports cars again.
The Tatra AML Lanta is designed by AML of Milan Láník, and based on the Tatra 700 was known as the last passanger car made by Czech's automaker Tatra in 1996. (Picture from: Garáž.cz)
Apart from the Tatra Ecora Sport V8, which was designed by the Czech manufacturer in the 1990s, there are often several car designs bearing the Koprivnice-based automaker name that come from independent projects. Some of them had been discussed before here such as the Tatra JK 2500 Coupe of Július Kubinský back in the 1950s, then the Tatra MTX V8 designed by Václav Král in the 1990s. 
The Tatra AML Lanta has a a curb weight of 1,400 kg and said under such appearance refers to the original Tatra's aerodynamic shapes. (Picture from: Garáž.cz)
Not only that, it turn out the Czech people's efforts to revive the Tatra brand including another unique sports car design called the Tatra AML Lanta is made in the same way as mentioned models and debuted to public in the early 2000s. The car design was made by Milan Láník of Luka nad Jihlvou independently without any real support from the Koprivnice-based automaker. 
The Tatra AML Lanta's interior wrapped in red and white leather coupled with walnut accents, retro shapes steering wheel. (Picture from: Garáž.cz)
It is known that he was a well-trained mechanic and has been designing cars since his young-ages so it is easy to understand why then he would be developed this AML Lanta since 1998. Related to the car name, AML is derived of Auto Moto Láník, his workshop names, while Lanta is an abbreviation of his family names and those famous Czech manufacturer.
The Tatra AML Lanta has simple dashboard arrangement with all instrument panel displays dropped in the center. (Picture from: CS CAR project)
This AML Lanta car has a fiberglass bodywork with rounded lines streched down to the stern, and is built on a tubular chassis. According to the automaker, the such appearance refers to the original Tatra's aerodynamic shapes with a curb weight of 1,400 kg. Then he decided to use the air-cooled 3.5-liter V8 engine taken from the Tatra T700 as its drivetrain. 
The Tatra T700 was known as the last fancy sedan models made by Tatra in 1996, and one of them used as base of the Tatra AML Lanta by Milan Láník. (Picture from: CEAutoClassic.eu)
Those engine has been upgraded so that the power increased up to 220 hp with a torque of 300 Nm. Other parts also come from Tatra's last fancy sedan model, for example, the front axle although had to be extensively modified due to the low front height, then the rear axle also taken from the Tatra T700, while all wheels applied an independent suspension system.
The Tatra AML Lanta is claimed able to run up to 250 kph . (Picture from: Garáž.cz)
Furthermore, Milan Láník also pays special attention to the car's interior, where the dashboard with all instrument panel displays dropped in the center, and is made in harmony with walnut accents retro shapes steering wheel (reminiscent of the BMW Z8). Furthermore, the seats and all other interior compounds near by are wrapped in red and white leather. The such interior arrangement looks simple, unlike the exterior which looks glamour like an exotic car in general.
The Tatra AML Lanta is powered by an upgraded air-cooled 3.5-liter V8 rear-mounted engine with power of 220 hp and torque of 300 Nm. (Picture from: CS CAR project)
The developing process of this car model took approximately five years. Although the finished car model had caught Tatra's attention in 2003, it did not continue by signing an agreement to produce it, because the Czech's brand had not produced such passenger cars for a long time.
The Tatra AML Lanta has a fiberglass bodywork with rounded lines streched down to the stern, and is built on a tubular chassis. (Picture from: CS CAR project)
As quoted of Garáž.cz, which mentions that there are other possibilities because Milan Láník likes the car models, so never considered the fully used of the one-off car model he made. Therefore the Lanta was not really usable as building a fully functional worthied prototype would be too complicated for him if should be done without any supporting sponsors. Well, there're number of complex requirements should be met for the final homologation and possible modifications so the car could be registered for legally used on the Czech Rep's highways.
At the rear, the Tatra AML Lanta has flowing fins and a distinctive rear window shape reminiscent of the legendary 1940s Tatra models. (Picture from: CS CAR project)
Unlike other full-scaled car models that are likely to be scrapped after the completion of their duties. Currently, the Tatra AML Lanta model was in good condition, and known also still under the possession of Milan Láník as recently shown on his Instagram page. To this day, the Tatra AML Lanta unfinished prototype still existed and parked neatly in his family garage to mark all the success and great achievements of the Czech's auto designer. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | AML.DESIGN | SOVIETAUTO.FR | CARSTHATNEVERMADEITETC | GARÁŽ.CZ | CEAUTOCLASSIC.EU | CS CAR PROJECT ]
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