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Saturday, April 30, 2022

Might be the truck in the future look like this

FUTURE Off-Roader Today it seems, the automotive world and automakers are in high spirits to build some of the most exciting vehicles in decades. And in the midst of the rapid development of electric powertrain and battery technology, more and more people are interested in taking part and entering the competitive field.
Meet the Thundertruck, an all-electric off-road concept that can be configured in a number of different ways - even with an extra component that adds a bigger battery and more wheels! (Picture from: Konfrontasi)
Not only car manufacturers, anyone who has an interest in the automotive world seems to want to be able to make electric cars. One example is what a creative advertising agency called Wolfgang LA did. Recently the firm reported to have launched an electric off-roader with a futuristic design called the Thundertruck, which is said also to be in mass production soon. 

As quoted of CarScoops, this Thundertruck is a side project of co-founders Wolfgang LA, namely Colin Jeffery and Mike Geiger and has been ongoing for the past two years with the assistance of many automotive experts as well as engineers, designers, and sculptors. 
There’s more than a few hints of Tesla’s Cybertruck in its design, but the Thundertruck packs more than a few of its own very clever touches. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
And this Wolfgang LA's unique electric-powered truck is said to focus on some kind of innovative creation and cutting-edge design, where through this new design they want to show a unique alternative view of today' rapidly evolving EV truck revolution with features never seen before attached on the such vehicles.
The Thundertruck says the beast has a theoretical range of 644 kilometres from its 180kWh battery pack, with a combined power and torque output from its dual electric motors of 590kW and 1085Nm. (Picture from: SlashGear)
Indeed, by providing unrestricted freedom to express ideas, allowing designers to let their minds run wild and think of interesting ideas that might be applied to the proposed vehicle. The first thing that catches the eye of the Thundertruck's design is its shape, this is interesting because it will make the Tesla Cybertruck looks ordinary and nothing.
There're the “Solar Awning” that fits into a pair of storage pods on the roof and folds out either side of the truck when it is stationary to not only provide shade, but also top up the Thundertruck’s batteries. (Picture from: OtoBandung)
How not, on this Thundertruck figure there are almost no front or rear overhangs and also no traditional hood with a windshield that extends right into the front of the truck. Elsewhere, the Thundertruck has been envisioned with LED headlights, coupled with the embedding of a set of wheels wrapped in off-road tread tires.
The ‘Solar Awning’ provides shade and a handy top-up charge for the batteries and additional tents. (Picture from: OtoBandung)
Other key design highlights of the vehicle are the unique positioning of the doors, the range extender in the form of additional set of wheels that directly connects to the back of the vehicle. The kind of a unique feature adds a range of 160 miles (257 km) for a total range of 560 miles (900 km) and also converts the Thundertruck into a 6x6 vehicle with better off-road capabilities.

Another unique features are the two large solar panel awnings that help to charge the Thundertruck during its long touring journey. Besides that, it can also function as additional tents so that it can make the camping atmosphere comfortable and easy with the additional shade of the tents. As quoted of STuff, the firm says their beast has a theoretical range of 644 kilometres from its 180kWh battery pack, with a combined power and torque output from its dual electric motors of 590kW and 1085Nm.
The Thundertruck’s smartest trick is the detachable range extender unit that not only adds more range and grunt, but also two more wheels. (Picture from: BlackXperience)
Furthermore by experimenting with new car features on this eye-catching design at least shows us what the future of trucks might look like. As You can be seen the Thundertruck takes the concept of an all-terrain EV truck to a new level with exciting concepts executed into a beautiful 3D-rendered image, making it as one-of-a-kind vehicle that's described of an off-roader in the future.

It could be said that the Thundertruck is not only a unique handy electric powered truck, also could be the perfect demonstration of how the future truck can give its users something more thanks to its increadible EV construction.
Wolfgang LA said that they have spoken to several technology companies, potential production partners and investors about the possibility to bring their Thundertruck project into a production version, which is estimated to cost around $70,000 each.👀

It will be interesting if the Thundertruck can be realized later, of course the Tesla Cybertruck not alone anymore under its uniqueness and oddity, soon it would be get a commensurate rival, so we'll just have to wait.🤗 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | WOLFGANG LA | THUNDERTRUCK | STUFF.CO.NZ | CARSCOOPS | ROBBREPORT | SLASHGEAR ]
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