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Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Bandini Dora electric-powered modern barchetta concept

Dora on the Wheels Bandini's name is closely related to Bandini Automobili is an Italian auto workshop that was founded in 1946. Its founder is Ilario Bandini, a multi-talented man who in addition to designing cars, he also builds and drives his own cars while racing. Because of his expertise, Bandini is also known as a reliable sports car maker. In addition to winning the race in Italy, Bandini also made achievements in the United States racing arena.
The GFG Style Bandini Dora Concept posed along with one of Ilario Bandini's car named the Bandini Sports International 'Saponeta' of 1957. (Picture from: Flickr)
When Ilario Bandini passed away in 1992, his-Bandini Automobili also ceased its activities. In 2002, the city of Forli built a monument in the town square to make a tribute to his achievements in the Italian automotive world. Until now there are 46 cars that have been saved from the 75 units that Bandini had made, 10 of which are in the museum.
The GFG Style Bandini Dora Concept has a touch of exterior design inspired by the Bandini car creation as well as modern sports cars. (Picture from: Flickr)
As quoted of Autocar, under Ilario Bandini's family permition, GFG Style is launched a 2-door sports concept car without a roof, with the name of Bandini Dora in March 2020 to mark the return of the Bandini brand to the world's automotive. This electric car itself was inspired by previous Bandini car models from 1946-1992 and designed by the famous designer, namely Giorgetto Giugiaro with his son Fabrizio whose also known as the founder and owner of the GFG Style auto design firm.
The GFG Style Bandini Dora Concept is a fully electric car, and powered by 2 electric motors to drive its 4-wheels with a total of 400 Kw on its two axles. (Picture from: Flickr)
Previously, Giorgetto Giugiaro was very well known in the automotive design world who had a myriad of works such as the design of the BMW M1, 1972 Lotus Esprit, DMC DeLorean, Alfa Romeo Brera, and many more. And he has also ever been worked at Fiat, Bertone and Ghia, before founded his own design house under the name Italdesign Giugiaro in 1967. In 2010, a 90.1% stake was bought by Lamborghini, a subsidiary of Audi. In 2015, Giorgetto sold the remaining stake to Audi and together with his son Fabrizio left Italdesign. In the same year, they also founded GFG Style.
The GFG Style Bandini Dora Concept manages to envelop the concept of a classic Barchetta in a modern package that doesn’t compromise on safety. (Picture from: Flickr)
And for the Bandini Dora, GFG Style has a touch of exterior design inspired by the cars that Bandini has made as well as modern sports cars. This can be seen in the curved windshield that does not stick to the structure, like sports cars in the 50s. As for passenger safety, the GFG Style is inspired by the “Halo”, a driver protection device for formula cars. This “halo” extends from the front fender of the car, floating above the windshield, to the rear wing of the car. The structure serves as a protection for passengers while happened of an accident.
The GFG Style Bandini Dora Concept has two fully automated scissor doors provide access to the completely 'switchless' cockpit, which is defined by a structural bridge that divides the driver’s area from the passenger's. (Picture from: Flickr)
Like the first Bandini car made in 1946, the Dora also deliberately not having a roof, so that the driver can feel the sensation of driving a classic 50s sports car. But Dora has an unusual door, which is not just a scissor door, but also operates automatically.

In addition to style, the Bandini Dora has specifications that are quite capable as a sports car. Armed with 2 motors with a total power of 400 kW and 680 Nm of torque, this car is able to accelerate from 0-100 kph in 3.3 seconds. The maximum speed is limited at 250 kph. Both motors are placed on the front and rear axles, so the Dora has an All Wheel Drive (AWD) drive system. With a battery capacity of 90 kWh, the Dora can cover a distance of 450 km on a single charge. Unfortunately, there is no information for charging speed yet.
The interior of the Dora's driver's and passenger's sections, split by a structural crossbar that connects the front and rear of the car. Driving positions, such as the location of the steering wheel and pedals, can be adjusted via controls located under the bars of the structure. 

This car also has a touch screen on the steering wheel, which allows the driver to easily adjust the infotainment and navigation system. Through the screen, the driver can see the back and sides of the car through the rearview mirror replacement camera. Because the Bandini Dora is still in the concept stage, so there is no certainty about whether its production version will be made, as well as the price. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GFGSTYLE | WORLDLESSTECH | CARSCOOPS ]
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