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Saturday, February 5, 2022

Here's a fierce Chinese-made SUV that is the result of a cross between the Bronco and the Defender

Better Hurry As we all knew that the Chinese auto industry is moving along with the times that are happening in other parts of the world, including the transition from internal combustion cars to electric vehicles that come in all categories, including SUVs.
The Chery Jetour T-X Concept while on display in a brand-specific event that took place in Fuzhou, China. (Picture from: Chinapev)
And some time ago Chery Automobile, an Chinese automotive company managed to surprise the world's automotive public through the appearance of a radical SUV concept car called the Chery Jetour T-X Concept. Although it is still a concept stage, the mentioned car is considered to have great potential for success in the market.

As summarized by Chinapev, which states that the driving factors for manufacturers to introduce this concept car are the re-popularity of retro designs and the higher sales of new SUV-types in the mentioned country. For your information, Jetour is a sub-brand of the Chery Holding Group which was founded in 2018 and now sells more than 150,000 units of car per year.
The Chery Jetour T-X Concept's front fascia similar to the Ford Bronco, is featured with illuminated Jetour lettering on the grille and modern style LEDs headlights. (Picture from: Carscoops)
There is something interesting about this Chery-made concept car that we can see in its exterior appearance, in which the Chery Jetour TX Concept figure by design can be likened to a cross-breeding between the new Ford Bronco which is represented by its front fascia and the Land Rover Defender which is reflected in the design of the windows and the car's back.

As You can see, this car uses large dark colored glass pillars, with a floating roof design, in addition on the side there is also no visible handle on the door, making the car's side appearances look so minimalist.
The Chery Jetour T-X Concept's side looks minimalist with large dark colored glass pillars, a floating roof design and without visible handle on the door. (Picture from: Carscoops)
Besides that, on the front there is an illuminated Jetour lettering on the grille, coupled with another car's exterior characteristics such the use of LED headlights, boxy fenders, and four A/T big tires. Those are accompanied by yellow accents in some parts. Meanwhile, the roof has a roof rack which adds to the feel of adventure in this concept car.

As quoted of Carscoops, the car concept unit had presented and appeared at the auto exhibition in Fuzhou, China is still a static prototype, aka it does not have an engine neither the interior as it uses dark black glass.
The Chery Jetour T-X Concept's rear end seem like to the Land Rover Defender with integrated LEDs taillight enhance the concept’s adventurous style. (Picture from: Autofun.co.id)
Furthermore, this car is claimed to have efficient energy consumption, this can be seen after in an official release the manufacturer stated that the Chery Jetour T-X Concept built based of the Chery-developed new Kunlun architecture to be able paired with a 'Kunpeng' plug-in hybrid engine.

Unmitigated, in addition to having a fairly economical fuel consumption, which is around 100 km per liter, the electric power supplied from the batteries is able to move the Chery's concept car as far as 1,000 km. Other information mentioned, that the concept car is also equipped with adaptive suspension and an all-wheel drive system complete with differential lock.
Still qouted of Carscoops, the Jetour TX production version will be marketed starting in 2023, and is predicted to be sold with a price range from CHN ¥150,000 to ¥300,000 (approximately Rp. 338.2 million to Rp. 375.7 million). *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CHINAPEV | CARSCOOPS ]
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