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Friday, February 4, 2022

One of the rare cars from Russia

Fancy Russian-made Car This car is rarely known by anyone, let alone rarely does anyone know that this car was made by a Russian company. The car mentioned was the Russo-Baltique Impression is a prime works from the Russian company, Russo-Baltique in over 80 years.
The Russo-Baltique Impression is is powered by a Maybach V12 engine, so the car has a lot of power. (Picture from: Avtopremial.ru)
For your info, Russo-Baltique history began in 1907 with 30-hp open two-seater, and by 1912, a special sport model won two first awards in the Monte-Carlo Rally. From there, they appealed to his royal highness Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, and produced some of the most well appointed cars before his forced abdication in 1917.
Left side view of Russo-Baltique Impression. (Picture from: Caradasiac)
The Russian original coupé prioritize high-quality materials which has a length of 5.2 m was designed using a combination of retro and modern style. Retro impression is displayed through the rear fender that covered almost the entire rear wheel. And while the modern nuances can be seen from its grill which has a shape similarity with the owned by Bugatti Veyron.
The Russo-Baltique Impression interior is trumped by an extensive use of Zebrano wood. (Picture from: Conceptcarz)
Inside, the interior is trumped by an extensive use of Zebrano wood which is hand crafted from a single Trunk of the African tree. And despite is tight proportions the Impression has space for four and the performance of to match almost any other supercar.
Rear side view of Russo-Baltique Impression. (Picture from: Avtopremial.ru)
The Impression is powered by a Mercedes-Benz V12 engine which offers 555 bhp of power. Its chassis is made from carbon fibre to ensure both ample weight and rigidity. The Impression first presented at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este 2006, but with its appearance in Geneva, it's a suggestion that Russo-Baltique (and its partner, Gerg GmbH, in Germany) is finally ready to start selling some of this car.
The Russo-Baltique Impression shows a unique design, with a lot of classic design elements and is built to celebrate the company's 100th annyversary. (Picture from: Madle.org)
So what is to be paid to feel the sensation of being behind the wheel of this luxury coupé? Simply by paying US. $1.8 million. Russo-Baltique deliberately set prices are quite expensive for one unit of the Russo-Baltique Impression. 
Because, in addition to guarantee the quality, the Russian manufacturer also just make as many as three units per year. Thus, buyers can be proud because driving the super exclusive and rare car. *** [EKA [31122014] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SUPERCARS.NET | CARADASIAC | CONCEPTCARZ ] 
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