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Monday, January 31, 2022

Yamaha officially launches an aggressive-faced futuristic electric scooter

Exciting,Radical&Superior Glad to be able to share an article about scooters again. This time what we would be discussed is an electric-powered scooter made by the well-known Japanese manufacturer Yamaha which was recently released in Taiwan. It seems that the beginning of 2022 is the right moment for the Japanese manufacturer with the tuning fork logo in collaboration with Gogoro, a Taiwanese electric motorcycle maker to present its coolest products to the world.
Recently Yamaha Motor in collaboration with a Taiwanese electric motorcycle maker Gogoro had launched an agresive look electric scooter named Yamaha EMF. (Picture from: 24htech.asia)
And recently, they had launched a unique futuristic-themed small motorcycle or scooter called Yamaha EMF. In appearence, this Yamaha unique two-wheeled vehicle has tends to be slighty boxy-shape design, but eye-catching. How could be? After we look further, it turns out that the unique scooter released in Taiwan is not an ordinary one.
Yamaha EMF has minimalist turn lights which is installed in a horizontal position and integrated with the body. (Picture from: Tmcblog)
As the name implies, EMF which means Electro Motive Fighter is the latest electric scooter made by Yamaha that carries an exciting, radical and superior concept. Exciting which means fun to ride on the streets, then Radical means daring to innovate and lastly Superior means above the average of other electric scooters.
Yamaha EMF has a unique headlights with a modern square-shaped casing and are equipped with 2 projector lamps stacked vertically. (Picture from: Tmcblog)
The design was proven to be extreme and bold. If you seen at first glance, its front section looks similar to the Yamaha Q-Bix. The difference is that the EMF has many indentations and pulls that give a fully sporty impression. Each the exterior part had a pile up layer impressions so that it gives a macho and futuristic shapes overall. Moreover, the turn lights are also minimalist which is installed in a horizontal position and integrated with the body.
Yamaha EMF also featured with a fully digital speedometer and NFC activation card. (Picture from: Tmcblog)
Not only that, the headlights also look unique with a modern square-shaped casing and are equipped with 2 projector lamps stacked vertically. In addition every line stroke of designs produces a fierce impression for the size of an electric-driven scooter. Furthermore, the Yamaha EMF has a quite light weight of only 95 kg and is powered by an electric motor capable of producing power up to 10.3 PS @ 3,000 rpm with a torque of about 26 Nm @ 2,500 rpm. As a result, Yamaha EMF is able to go from zero to 50 km per hour in just 3.5 seconds.
Yamaha EMF has large enough luggage and also could be carried two Gogoro swappable batteries. (Picture from: Tmcblog)
Interestingly, due to  the new Yamaha electric scooter used a Gogoro swappable battery, in addition to be able charge directly by connecting to a regular home power source, so it can also be done by swapping its empty batteries at the Gogoro's battery swapping facilities. Understandably, such facilities of Gogoro have been installed throughout of Taipei. So you don't have to worry about running out of battery power when riding with the Yamaha EMF around the city in Taiwan nor should be waiting in a long time only for charging the battery.
Similar to its front, the Yamaha EMF has a unique taillights with a modern square-shaped casing and are equipped with 2  lamps stacked vertically. (Picture from: Rushlane)
There's another good news, the Yamaha EMF can store two batteries, it's just the scooter weight increases if carries two batteries at once. From the previous one battery only 95 kg with the addition of one more battery then the weight becomes 114 kg (still fairly light). Uniquely, due to it has flexibility regarding battery storage capacity, there's additional benefit if you only carrying one battery, the empty battery slot can be converted into an extra luggage. It's unknown how much it could be loaded but it's okay if it's just for storing small goods.
Yamaha EMF relies on an electric motor that produces 7.6 kW and 26 Nm of torque. (Picture from: Rushlane)
Yamaha EMF is equipped with a pair of quite small tires with 10-inch rims which are then wrapped by fat tire profiles at the front 100/90 and rear 130/90. Another features embeds on this new Yamaha electric scooter is the use of aluminum swing arm coupled with four piston hydraulic disc brakes with a Combined Braking System (CBS) in front and rear, dual rear shocks, Y-connect, NFC activation card and a full digital speedometer.
Unfortunately for the size of an electric scooter, the Yamaha EMF includes has a quite high tag, in which Yamaha Motor Taiwan offers the scooter at NT$102,800 or equivalent to Rp. 53 million with 3 color choices, namely black, blue and army green.😎

Kept spur your adrenaline on the power of the two-wheeled monster and stay alive with true safety riding. May God will forgive Your sins and so does the cops...... *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | YAMAHA MOTOR | ELECTREK.CO | RUSHLANE | 24HTECH.ASIA | GREATBIKER ]
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