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Sunday, January 16, 2022

Toyota prepares an electric pickup prototype said to be the Hilux EV

nEW rIVAL Lately, the development progressing of electric-powered vehicles seems very rapidly, lots of automotive manufacturers from around the world are competing to develop these kind of vehicles with many reasons. The main thing, aside from being a form of concern for environmental issues, is also as an effort to anticipate the depletion of conventional fuel availability.
Toyota’s electric pickup prototype said to be the Hilux EV which having many the Tacoma styling cues. (Picture from: Autofun)
As well as one of the Japanese automotive giants, Toyota Motor Company (TMC) don't want to miss in the development of electric-powered vehicles, this can be seen after some time ago the Japanese manufacturer launched an electric-powered production car model named Toyota bZ4X, which is said to be the first to be seriously produced and sold under the Toyota's marque.

And the latest news from the Japanese manufacturer states that the company are also getting ready to launch the upcoming Toyota Hilux model in an electric-powered vehicle (EV) version. However the Hilux EV mentioned above wouldn't be launched in the near future.
The all-electric pickup was revealed alongside another off-roader, the “Compact Cruiser” small SUV. (Picture from: Dispatchlive.co.za)
The leak of the birth of the Toyota Hilux EV as one of dozens of the cars that will become the future of Toyota's electric car up to 2030. As is known, Toyota recently announced its plans to market electric-powered vehicles, one of them were produced and sold electric pick-up models which could be the Toyota Hilux 2024.

According to Akio Toyoda, President of Toyota who chaired the virtual press conference in person revealed many prototypes of electric cars called the "Dream Product Group". Unmitigated the Japanese automaker is ready to sell up to 30 models in the next eight years with an investment budget of up to ¥8-trillion ($70bn)!
Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda previews some of the Toyota and Lexus EVs planned for the next decade. (Picture from: Dispatchlive.co.za)
Currently, the Toyota Hilux EV 2024 has been not revealed yet its true looks and identity. But in the list of Toyota's future electric concept cars, there is one prototype that has been introduced in the form of a modern and dashing electric-powered pick-up trucks.

Although it is still as the speculation, it is also possible that this car is the next generation of the current Toyota Hilux which will make the double cabin pick-up market hotter. Because in the almost same time in fact the new Tesla's controvertial Cybertruck has been introduced and has not been sold in general around the world.
Some of electric-powered concept cars included in the Toyota and Lexus EVs planned lineups for the next decade. (Picture from: Autocar.co.nz)
If you want a quirky weird looking electric pick-up like the Tesla Cybertruck, you might be dissapointed. Because the design of the Toyota Hilux EV 2024 concept version is quite 'normal'. There is no such a rigid angled form of the roof as it's present in the Tesla Cybertruck.

Instead, there is a frightening appearance that at a glance is similar to the Toyota Tacoma circulating in North America today. Due to the size of the Toyota Tacoma itself is larger than the Toyota Hilux. So that the pick-up model is not properly called the successor to the Toyota Tacoma.
Toyota’s electric pickup prototype said to be the Hilux EV which having many the Tacoma styling cues. (Picture from: Autofun)
Furthermore, as you can be seen from the shape of the main headlight which appeared in a sharp angle at the inner end and showcases the use of a contemporary DRL and LED projector. The frightening and dashing impression is seen while maintaining the identity adopted of the new Toyota Tundra design with black panels and horizontal fog lamps at the bottom of the bumper. So that the pick-up feels thick with an aura of typical American pick-up.
Toyota’s electric pickup prototype said to be the Hilux EV which having many the Tacoma styling cues. (Picture from: Autofun)
The strong impression typical of Toyota's double cabin pickup also survives as You can see in a whole of the car. As seen in the grille of the Toyota Hilux EV 2024 itself, it only provides two horizontal holes at the top and bottom. While the large air grille is now coated in a body-matching white color with subtle honeycomb accents.

Turning to the side, the emphasis on a firm impression appears in the combination of the squared C-pillar and the rounded muscles on the door. There is also a clear line in the black wheel housing that matches the roof panels.
In the presentation of the EV pick-up figure, Toyota not reveal the platform would be used. However, it is likely that the e-TNGA electric vehicle platform used. As a support for mobility in all fields, an all-wheel-drive system and a relatively large battery are also prepared, as it also used in its SUV model, the Toyota bZ4X and said has a power of 71.4 kWh. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | TOYOTA | STUFF.CO.NZ | AUTOFUN | AUTOCAR | EVCENTRAL | DISPATCHLIVE.CO.ZA ]
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