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Monday, January 17, 2022

A Russian 'Drozd' amphibious tactical vehicle

Uncommon Amphibious The Russian Ministry of Defense plans to release its newest amphibious armored vehicle at the end of August, 2020. This Russian tactical amphibious vehicle is different from the usual amphibious armored tactical vehicle. Usually military amphibious tactical vehicles are in the form of battle tanks, but this time the Russian made a modern amphibian vehicle in the shape of a classic SUV-like.
A Russian 'Drozd' tactical amphibious vehicle. (Picture from: IndoMiliter)
Sergey Tereshenkov, the designer of this amphibious tactical vehicle whose also the Director of the Baltic Machine-Building Company, said that the amphibious tactical vehicle called the Drozd (means 'black bird') has exhibited at the Army-2020 forum in Kabinka, Russia at the end of the August of 2020.

According to Tereshenkov, the Drozd was the first "Russian all-wheel drive planing amphibian" capable of traveling fast enough on water powered by a hydroplane engine. Thus, the SUV is believed to have the ability to cross the water surface just like a fast boat.

"The Drozd is envisioned as a patrol and reconnaissance vehicle for the Russian Arm Forces," said Sergey Tereshenkov, as quoted of Sputnik, on Friday, August 21, 2020.
A Russian 'Drozd' tactical amphibious vehicle. (Picture from: IndoMiliter)
Tereshenkov further explained, the presence of Drozd is projected to fill the gap where the Russian armed forces lag behind other countries in amphibious production. Because previously, Russia had pioneered the amphibious car with the Triton designed by inventor Dmitry Kudryachkov in the 1980s, known as the GAZ-46 Amphibious.

Like the GAZ-46, the Triton seems to resemble a boat with wheels. But the Drozd looks more like a morphing SUV, with the wheels pulling in on the water to increase its seaworthiness, making it possible to tolerate waves as high as 1.25 meters.

"The transformation only takes 12 seconds, and the tires inflate automatically," he explained.
A Russian 'Drozd' tactical amphibious vehicle. (Picture from: IndoMiliter)
Remarkably, the Drozd tactical amphibious vehicle has a speed of 100 kilometers per hour on land and 70 kilometers per hour in water. This speed is possible because the hull is made using load-bearing carbon fiber composites.

The Drozd tactical amphibious vehicle weighs 2 tons, and is rumored to be capable of carrying another 1.5 tons of cargo. A tank full of gas can carry the Drozd 800 kilometers on land or 300 kilometers above water. In addition to tolerating the high seas, the Drozd tactical amphibious vehicle hull is also believed to provide protection from mines.
Tereshenkov explained, the vehicle is modular in design, so the Drodz allows it to be used in a variety of missions, including for the Navy tactical vehicles, the marine landing troops, coastal troops, reconnaissance operations, special operations forces, logistical support units, engineering troops (including for pontoon crossing guidance), medical services, and others.
“In addition, these vehicles will be used by the other Russian gov structures, rescue, fire services and law enforcement agencies. In addition, 'Drozd' can be used in areas with difficult road and climatic conditions and many water obstacles, including at the poles. The engine is prepared for operation at temperatures down to minus 50 degrees Celsius," Tereshenkov said. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | M-KASKUS | RUSSIAN BEYOND ]
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