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Friday, December 31, 2021

Mysterious Ralliart Concept car will be revealed in January 2022

~Revealed Soon~ Currently Mitsubishi's seriousness in regenerating the Ralliart motorsport brand is increasingly visible. One proof is knowing the presence of a concept car that will be revealed next year.
The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV rally car which was modified under the Ralliart specifications. Thus, being an electric car does not mean that it cannot participate in motorsport events. (Picture from: Cinta Mobil)
It should be noted that Mitsubishi Motors Corporation is preparing to take part in the 2022 Tokyo Auto Salon event held from January 14-16, this exhibition will take place at Makuhari Messe, Chiba City.

In the company's press release, on Sunday, December 20, 2021, Mitsubishi Motors said it was preparing several concept cars to enliven the exhibition. This includes the Mitsubishi Ralliart concept car, which is said to have been born by combining Mitsubishi Motors' superior engineering skills and passion for challenges.
The rear bumper shape of the Mitsubishi Ralliart concept car with a sporty diffuser minus exhaust pipes and decorated with the Ralliart logo. (Picture from: Carmudi)
Unfortunately, the figure of the concept car is still a mystery. The curious public can only see a sliver of it through a photo that is thought to be visible on the back of the diffuser. The image shows the rear bumper of the car with a sporty diffuser emblazoned with the Ralliart logo. The diffuser is also equipped with fog lamps in the middle like a Formula 1 car. A thin red reflector is also visible, as well as a bumper with a fairly aggressive design. 

One thing that is odd is the absence of exhaust which makes us predict that this is a fully electric-powered car. Logically, if this car uses a conventional engine, Mitsubishi should have embedded an aggressive exhaust design that accentuates the sporty nature of this concept. A few months ago, rumors circulated that this car was based on the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV which was modified under the Ralliart specifications.
Previously Mitsubishi raised the Ralliart brand as its cosmetic package in Pajero Sport and Triton models released in Thailand. (Picture from: Cinta Mobil)
Mitsubishi Motors says this concept car will also deliver a strong premium-feel and sense of presence. It also expresses the company's vision for the new face of Ralliart. The news of the presence of Ralliart itself has been heard since early 2021. Even last November Mitsubishi Thailand had presented a special edition Ralliart model for the Pajero Sport and Triton. Both models appear sportier than the regular model thanks to the addition of a number of rally-inspired accessories.
Reportedly, Mitsubishi Motors will also present the Kei EV concept car at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022, and described it as the latest generation of fully electric kei car from the brand. (Picture from: Carmudi)
Besides, it is reported that at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022 exhibition, Mitsubishi Motors will also present the Kei EV concept car. The Japanese automaker company explained, this model is the latest generation of fully electric kei car from the brand.
Mitsubishi Motors said that this car was designed by adhering to the aspects of safety, security, comfort and environmental friendliness. In addition, the Kei Car EV will also combine practical handling and size. However, the engine is quite powerful for a small car. Active safety features such as an advanced driver assistance system and connectivity features are also embedded in it. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS ]
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