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Friday, July 30, 2021

The legendary Ferrari 250 GT ready to be reincarnated into the Squalo

Modern LOOKS For those of you who are fans of classic sports cars and are of course familiar with the Ferrari 250 GTO known as the legendary prancing horse logoed sports car made in limited number only 39 units ranging of 1962 to 1964 and now of course has fantastic price.
The Squallo sports coupe by GTO Engineering is a modern reincarnation of the legendary Ferrari Ferrari 250 GTO. (Picture from: GTO Engineering)
Although the limited units and the high price offered, but the charisma of the Ferrari 250 GTO is still able to pump high the interest of the world's automotive enthusiasts to have one. Opportunities like this then invite several automakers to try to reincarnate this legendary car figure under touch of contemporary design.
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO ​​specifically for the legendary British racer Sir Stirling Moss is one of the most expensive classic cars in the world and recently, this kind of car especially the 250 GT series taken as the inspiration for the making of the Squallo by GTO Engineering. (Picture from: Autoblog)
One of them is as done by Ares Design, an Italian automotive coachbuilder company had been tried to make a modern interpretation of this legendary classic car
. And recently, there's a British automaker names GTO Engineering tried to do the same. The company based in Twyford, England is known as a specialist workshop for Ferrari cars that usually does service, restoration, and others.
1962 Ferrari 250 GT SWB Berlinetta is one of the 250 GT series taken as the inspiration for the making of the Squallo by GTO Engineering. (Picture from: UltimateCarPage)
As qouted of Motor1, the British supercar manufacturer has recently confirmed that although their Ferrari 250 GT reincarnation project previously under codename the 'Moderna' being in development since the end of 2020.
The Squallo sports coupe by GTO Engineering is built by using a tubular chassis combined with a high-strength lightweight aluminum sub-frame. (Picture from: GTO Engineering)
The British company has three simple criteria to present the Ferrari 250 GTO reincarnated sports car, but it requires the involvement of a mature and reliable team to understand in the fast and fast sports car designing. The first is by applying a non-turbo V12 engine that has fierce power of the grand tourer in the racing track. Second, making the mentioned car as light as possible by using the best selected materials. Third, using modern manufacturing processes and materials so that the V12 engined sports car is perfectly matched.

The GTO Engineering Managing Director and Founder, Mark Lyon said, after getting the overwhelming response, they will make it happen and document the production process openly. “For us, the engine and aesthetics are the two most important parts of any car. For that, we will start immediately,“ said Mark Lyon.
The Squallo sports coupe by GTO Engineering is provided enough space in the cabin and luggage for the driver and passengers. (Picture from: GTO Engineering)
The Brit company further said that their 250 GTO reincarnated sports car later called Squallo (an Italian for 'Shark') will be built by using a tubular chassis combined with a high-strength lightweight aluminum sub-frame, and then powered by a V12 Quad-Cam naturally aspirated engine mated to a manual transmission system.

Unlike the GTO Engineering's previous resto-mod Ferrari 250 SWB, the Squalo is not built based of any Ferrari existed cars, the company doesn't want anyone to refer its Squalo as a Ferrari due to it's an all-new car built from scratch and only taken the Ferrari 250 GTO as its design inspiration sources. Even shown off under the updated appearance, the neo-classical nuance still seems to dominate on the car.
The Squallo sports coupe by GTO Engineering is powered by a V12 Quad-Cam naturally aspirated engine mated to a manual transmission system. (Picture from: GTO Engineering)
"Many have asked the similarities between the Squalo and other 250-series cars, and the answer is very easy; there are no similarities. There are no similar components used in both of them (Squalo and 250-series), one of the main keys is the engine," said Mark Lyon.

Mark Lyon added that the company is sticking to the original goal, by working on a custom 'muletto' chassis in the GTO Engineering workshop. "We need to keep the design proportions rightly, as well as the weight distribution and ergonomics. People today have become taller since the 1960s. For that, we want to make sure that the driver and passengers have enough space in the cabin and luggage," he said further.
The Squallo sports coupe by GTO Engineering will be manufactured at the company's production facility in Twyford, England and the first shipment is scheduled in 2023. (Picture from: GTO Engineering)
Beside that the company also targets the Squallo's weight should be under 1,000 kg (2,200 lbs) thanks to the use of lightweight materials. And the GTO Engineering team is now focusing on working on the outside, and finishing the body before moving on to the next stages, as qouted of the Autoblog.

Regarding to the drivetrain that will be embedded in the Squallo, besides mentioning their 'hand-build' V12 engine capable to scream up to 10,000 rpm, the GTO Engineering also claims that's the best concoction of this decade. Because the weight of the car is not up to 1,000 kg, so the V12 engine power burst can be optimized, especially for those who like to explore by driving  the car with a manual transmission.
It is confirmed that the GTO Engineering makes their V12 engine lighter than any modern engines, with the power is claimed to reach up to 460 hp, in which every part of the V12 quad-cam is very carefully designed so that the Squalo's engine to be the best ever made. 

The GTO Engineering will be manufactured the Squalo at its production facility in Twyford, England. Although the price of the Squalo has not been released yet, the car already can be ordered. And scheduled, the car will arrive in the hands of its respectively owner in 2023. We'll just waiting for it.. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | GTO ENGINEERING | MOTOR1 | AUTOBLOG ]
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