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Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Our 6000th Posts: The British hydrogen-powered hypercar

Before starting, the team of writers would like to inform you, the Trussty's loyal readers, that we had published about the 6,000th articles online since we've been here for the first time almost decade ago. By this momment, we look forward could be continued filling these virtual spaces with useful information for all of us and we hope also you can be supported us continously. A great pleasure to be with you along the way and Thank You.

Congrats..! The presence of electric-powered vehicles gives its own color to the automotive world. In the UK for example, in the next 2023 it is estimated that there will be a new production of hydrogen-powered hypercars. Due to recently, a British technology start-up named Viritech is presented a hydrogen-powered hypercar is mentioned to be carrying the latest technology.
Here's a hydrogen-powered super car that has a maximum power of 1,000 horsepower named the Viritech Apricale. (Picture from: TopGear)
As reported by Carbuzz, Viritech is preparing a hydrogen-powered super car that has a maximum power of 1,000 horsepower called the Viritech Apricale. According to the automaker, the name originating from the Latin word 'Apricus,' meaning touched by the sun (consisting of hydrogen).
The Viritech Apricale will serve as a show car to demonstrate the performance and superiority of the hydrogen technology developed by Viritech. (Picture from: Viritech)
Although, the Viritech didn't announcing detailed specifications yet, however the company claimed the super hydrogen car will be able to reach speeds of more than 321 kilometers per hour. Furthermore, the company said that the Apricale hypercar will also offer exclusivity to its owner, due to the Viritech will only produce 25 units for the global market. So, it could be said, we would be saw less the Viritech Apricale on the street in the future.
The Viritech Apricale will carry a hydrogen tank made of the reinforced graphene material, and become an integral part of the chassis structure. (Picture from: Hotcars)
In making the Apricale super hydrogen car, Viritech is collaborated with Horiba Mira, the center for the development of the automotive industry in the UK. Thanks to this collaboration, Viritech can freely utilize all existing facilities at the Horiba Mira research and production facility, Technology Park Nuneaton, England.

"Collaborating with Horiba Mira is a big step for Viritech. This collaboration has been able to elevate us to a major automotive player in the production facilities perspective. This means we will be able to do anything for the automotive industry," said Timothy Lyons, CEO and Founder of Viritech.
The Viritech Apricale will set to become the world's first hydrogen production hypercar. (Picture from: Motor1)
Besides wanting to prove the superiority of hydrogen technology, Viritech turned out to have a special mission in making the Viritech Apricale. Viritech uses Apricale to prove their ability as the world's leading company in hydrogen engineering and powetrain systems solutions.
The Viritech Apricale will launched in 2022 and built in limited number only 25 units worldwide. (Picture from: Viritech)
They hope that the storage tank and powertrain control unit of the Viritech Apricale able to attract the attention of other industry players who are focused on developing hydrogen technology. It is known that the Viritech super hydrogen cars is indeed special. For example, the car tank is made from Graphene which is very light and able to optimize the performance of hydrogen as the car' fuels.
"We are delighted to support the transformation of the automotive industry across all challenges of electrification, connectivity & autonomy and alternative fuels and nothing more epitomizes industry ambition than Apricale Viritech," said Jack Bartlett, Head of Commercials & Partnerships at MIRA Technology Park.*** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | VIRITECH | CARBUZZ | TOPGEAR | HOTCARS ]
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