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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What a strange fusion of 2 American muscle cars

ONE-OFF - In the realm of car design, creativity knows no bounds. Sometimes, designers take inspiration from existing models and fuse them together to create something entirely new and unique. This practice is often undertaken by individual designers who aspire to bring their dream cars to life, combining elements from various renowned designs to craft a vehicle that stands out in its own right.
1977 Cooper Markette with a combination appearance of the Corvette and Lincoln Continental Mark V is now owned by Randy Hammitt in a good condition as its heyday. (Picture from: Facebook)
One striking example of this innovative approach to car design emerged on the 
Hemmings some time ago. The vehicle, named the Cooper Markette, is a four-wheeled motorized marvel that boasts a distinctive fusion of a Corvette and a Continental Mark V. Constructed in 1977, this exceptional creation was commissioned by John Hurley, a prominent Chevy dealer in the United States, who proudly displayed it in his showroom upon completion.
1977 Cooper Markette is built from a complete Corvette, including its 350-cu.in four-barrel V8 engine, and combined with the complete Lincoln's distinctive shapes. (Picture from: Hemmings)
While details about this custom car are somewhat scarce, it is believed to be a one-of-a-kind or nearly one-of-a-kind creation. In the 1970s, a similar theme was explored in the 
Dunham Corvorado, which even made an appearance in a James Bond sequel titled "Live And Let Die." However, according to Hemmings, the Cooper Markette outshone its counterparts, earning the title of the best in its class.
The rear of the Cooper Markette hearkens to more of a Lincoln Continental than Corvette and uses separate panes of glass for its rear window. (Picture from: Hemmings)
Crafted by the skilled hands of Byron Cooper's workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee, this unique vehicle seamlessly blends the sleek aesthetics of the Corvette with the classic charm of the Continental Mark V. The foundation of the Cooper Markette is a complete Corvette, featuring a robust 350-cu.in four-barrel V8 engine. The extravagant fender blades reminiscent of a Vette are harmoniously combined with the distinctive shapes borrowed from the Lincoln, including a waterfall grille, stand-up hood ornament, and a Continental-style spare tire hump on the rear deck.
The Cooper Markette was connected to a petite coffin-shaped trailer when it participated in the 2021 Corvette show in Carlisle. (Picture from: CorvetteBlogger)
One notable design quirk that defies traditional regulations is the placement of the headlights below the bumper line, adding a touch of rebellion to the overall appearance. The exterior is further adorned with a vinyl Landau top, a split rear window, coach lamps, and rear lights reminiscent of the 1976 Mark IV.
The poor condition of the Cooper Markette in the 2017 before its fully restoration done. (Picture from: Corvette Forum)
While details about the interior are somewhat elusive, reports suggest a dove grey exterior with red trim, complemented by an all-Vette interior. The interior features a tilt-telescopic leather-wrapped sport steering wheel, Gymkhana suspension, automatic transmission, air conditioning, leather upholstery, wire wheels, a vinyl top, and a crucial stereo tape system with AM/FM radio.
The interior view of the Cooper Markette in the 2017 before its fully restoration done. (Picture from: Corvette Forum)
Back in December 1977, the Cooper Markette was listed in Hemmings Motor News with a price tag of $19,800. Fast forward to today, and it's estimated to be valued at over $77,000. However, in 2017, the unique vehicle was spotted in a state of disrepair, requiring a full restoration. Pictures uploaded by Darling, a member of the Corvette Forum, showcased the Markette's condition during a forum conversation in 2017.
Now, in the latest update from LSX Magazine, the Cooper Markette has undergone a meticulous restoration process and is currently in prime condition. Since 2018, it proudly stands among the impressive car collection of Randy Hammitt. The story of the Cooper Markette serves as a testament to the enduring appeal of unique automotive creations, bridging the past with the present in a captivating journey of restoration and preservation. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HEMMINGS | CORVETTE FORUM | THE MARK OF LINCOLN | LSX MAGAZINE | CORVETTEBLOGGER ]
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