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Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What a strange fusion of 2 American muscle cars

Sometimes in creating the car design, the designer also combines existing two or several designs into a design is considered new. This is often done by individual car designers who want to realize a dream car that has a certain design that is considered unique by merging the several famous car designs into one. Usually, it is intended to be the only one car and appeared in different with other ones.
1977 Cooper Markette with a combination appearance of the Corvette and Lincoln Continental Mark V is now owned by Randy Hammitt in a good condition as its heyday. (Picture from: Facebook)
Such as the following four-wheeled motorized vehicle that is touted as the unique motorized mutation that appeared on the
Hemmings sites some time ago when we were surfing in cyberspace. How's its looks? The car has a unique appearance that is half Corvette and half Continental Mark V, named the Cooper Markette is built in 1977 and commissioned by John Hurley Chevrolet, a famous Chevy dealer in the United States, and when it was completed then displayed it in their showroom.
1977 Cooper Markette is built from a complete Corvette, including its 350-cu.in four-barrel V8 engine, and combined with the complete Lincoln's distinctive shapes. (Picture from: Hemmings)
As quoted from the Hemmings, there is not much information regarding the unique custom car, but it seems to be a one-of-a-kind or almost-one-of-a-kind custom.
It is also known that in the 1970s there was another unique car that appeared in almost the same theme as the Dunham Corvorado and had starred in a James Bond's sequel movie entitled "Live And Let Die," but the Hemmings said that the Cooper Markette was the best.

Well, the uniquely shaped car mentioned above was created by the Byron Cooper's workshop in Knoxville, Tennessee, and has the combination appearance in between the Corvette and the Continental Mark V. Indeed the custom car is built from a complete Corvette, including its 350-cu.in four-barrel V8 engine, and also is equipped with a typical Vette's outrageous fender blades combined with the complete Lincoln's distinctive shapes including a waterfall grille, stand-up hood ornament and Continental-style spare tire hump on the rear deck.
The rear of the Cooper Markette hearkens to more of a Lincoln Continental than Corvette and uses separate panes of glass for its rear window. (Picture from: Hemmings)
Then, the next interesting items are the headlights mounted under the bumper line, which most likely goes against regulations and roadability, a vinyl Landau top with split rear-window and coach lamps as well as rear lights and rear bumper arrangement that harken back to the 1976 Mark IV.

Unfortunately there are no pictures that describe the interior details, and only mention that the car had a dove grey exterior with red trim and got all-Vette's interior which is equipped with tilt-telescopic leather-wrapped sport steering wheel, Gymkhana suspension, automatic transmission, air conditioning, leather interior, wire wheels, vinyl top and the all-important stereo tape system with AM/FM radio.
The poor condition of the Cooper Markette in the 2017 before its fully restoration done. (Picture from: Corvette Forum)
Back in the December 1977 edition of Hemmings Motor News, this unique car was priced at $ 19,800. Furthermore according to the Hemmings sites, for those of you wondering how much it will cost now, it is estimated that it is worth over $ 77,000 today.

While in the 2017, the unique car is seen in poor condition that requires fully restoration, this can be seen on several Markette photos uploaded by Darling, a member of the Corvette Forum, which was seen in the 2017's conversations at the forum.
The interior view of the Cooper Markette in the 2017 before its fully restoration done. (Picture from: Corvette Forum)
And the latest news as we've found in the LSX Magazine sites, the Cooper Markette is currently in prime condition after a fully restoration done and became one of the cars collections of Randy Hammitt since 2018. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HEMMINGS | CORVETTE FORUM | THE MARK OF LINCOLN | LSX MAGAZINE ]
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