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Tuesday, September 29, 2020

The flying supercar is blasting up into the sky like a Jet and speeding like a Lambo while on the streets

The human being's desire to fly has been an obsession since a long time ago, and with more development of technology todays, it's possible to us be built the flying means are getting closer to the original dream, namely 'to fly like a bird.' Then what about the development of flying car technology? It seems that nowadays the development of flying cars is also possible, so it is not surprising that many companies have designed and developed flying car models.
The Firenze Lanciare, a flying car concept designed by a Californian designer named Greg Brown who is claimed to be able to run fast on land like a Lamborghini and fly at 500 mph in the air like a Jet plane. (Picture from: RobbReport)
Here is the Firenze Lanciare, a flying car concept designed by a Californian designer named Greg Brown who is claimed to be able to run fast on land like a Lamborghini and fly at 500 mph in the air like a Jet plane. The flying car mentioned above carries 'hybrid' styles which is able to make it a jet when in the air and a supercar like a Lamborghini when used on the highway. In either mode, the Californian designer claims his Firenze Lanciare will outperform any of the other flying-car designs under development.

While flying in the air, it uses the retractable wings extended, coupled with the the 2,000 lbs harnessing thrust derived from the two Williams FJ-33 jet engines, the Firenze Lanciare looks like a sci-fi aircraft. And said to be had an air cruising speed of 520 mph and a range of about 850 miles, thanks to a 300 gallon fuel tank. While on the road, Firenze Lanciare will uses two Tesla's electric motors with totaling 1,000 hp, so it can be accelerated from 0 to 60 mph such as the Lambo's acceleration, ie in less than four seconds.
With its retractable wings, the Firenze Lanciare able to turn into a jet with a cruise speed of 520 mph. (Picture from: RobbReport)
As a former jet pilot, Brown showed that most of the systems and design elements used in the concept are already present in the aircraft todays. These elements include a blend of high-tech materials to provide strength while keeping weight down, including its foam-core body wrapped in carbon fiber, a chromoly frame and aluminum chassis.

Furthermore, the retractable tires produced by several automotive manufacturers already meet its proposed engineering specs. Then they combine with the off-road truck suspensions to allow rough-strip landings, while the jet thrust and carbon-fiber brakes mean the Firenze would only need 2,500 feet of runway. 

While the cockpit is not like the most aircrafts have, its interior is a pure supercar. Inside, the avionics includes a head-up display and fully redundant mechanical controls backed up by electrically actuated flaps and stabilizers. The leather seats for four occupants are coupled with sound-insulating foam, while laminated polycarbonate windows combine strength and sound dampening.
The U.S. design team incorporated many components of existing cars/trucks and airplanes into the Firenze Lanciare. (Picture from: RobbReport)
So far, the flying car true uses remains an unanswered question and potentially invites endless debate. Not to mention that you still need to take off and land at the airport under current laws and keep appointments for private airstrips. Is it much easier to drive to the airport, switch to flight mode, go through the initial check and take off than just to drive, park and transfer to a plane? Do the flying cars still sound more fun?

Still, in every commuter's minds could generally be described as follow, they driving a supercar down the highway and suddenly blasting up into the sky to get out of a traffic jam, or backing out of the driveway, firing up the jets and using the street as a runway. The fantasy such as the Jetson are universal, and soon to be realized into real.
It indicated and can be seen on the PAL-V which has received its road certification in Europe and is expected to receive approval from aviation authorities next year, so that its production phase will begin in 2022. So it could be said the other flying car concepts will be increasingly possible to immediately realized. *** [EKA (15042021) | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ROBBREPORT ]
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