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Sunday, March 14, 2021

Lotus E-R9, the future race car of 2030

Concept ONLY After some time ago we have submitted an article about Lotus Eleven, one of the 1950s famous racing cars from Lotus and also to replace the Lotus Nine, its legendary race car. So now we are trying to see the racing cars that will be used in the future, which seems to have been trying to predict by Lotus through an electric racing car design study for the 2030 season named Lotus E-R9.
Lotus E-R9 Concept inspired by the best level of aerodynamics of a fighter jet. (Picture from: KabarOto)
The car concept is inspired by an airplane that has the best level of aerodynamics. This was emphasized by Richard Hill, Chief Aerodynamicist of Lotus Engineering, that the car concept drives such a car in general but the curves like a fighter jet.

The canopy is seen in common fighter aircraft and the delta-wing shape at the top. Another innovation in the form of active aerodynamics with moving panels and vertically attached to control the car during fast cornering. Then its colors displayed are black and gold, which are the hallmarks of Lotus, which known has a legacy of being the 13-time the world's racing champion of Formula-1.
Lotus E-R9 Concept explained as an Endurance Racer as a tribute to the legendary race car of the Lotus Nine. (Picture from: KabarOto)
Lotus Engineering has big responsible in the E-R9 concept developing then to translate it as a showcase of technology or even philosophy, capabilities, and the spirit of more advanced development in terms of electrification and aerodynamics. They has indeed been recognized for its ability as a consultant for companies that want to build fast cars.

Furthermore, they're explained the meaning of the E-R is Endurance Racer, while the number 9 is the Lotus's sacred number in its heyday. It is the Lotus Mk-9, the race car designed by the Lotus's founder Colin Chapman, driven by selected racers and debuted at the 1955 24-Hours Le Mans.
Lotus E-R9 Concept plan to race later in 2030 and at the time would be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Lotus Nine since it first raced at the 1955 24-Hours Le Mans. (Picture from: KabarOto)
If in 1955, the Lotus Nine took part in the Le Mans racing event for the fisrt time, that's meaning if later in 2030, the Lotus E-R9 concept car going to race and at the time would be a celebration of the 75th anniversary of Lotus Mark IX.
As Louis Kerr, a Vehicle Architect of Group Lotus plc, said, "Battery energy density and power density are developing significantly year on year. Before 2030, we'll have mixed cell chemistry batteries that give the best of both worlds, as well as the ability to 'hot-swap' batteries during pitstops" That's mean the battery development is also being carried out so that when the car make a pit stop, it wouldn't need much time to replace the battery.

They're also mentioned, that the Lotus E-R9 will feature the most advanced electric drive that independently transmits power to each wheel, working in conjunction with torque-vectoring which known previously had applied on the Lotus Evija electric-powered hypercar. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MOTOR1 | AUTOBLOG ]
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