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Friday, February 26, 2021

It's modern style reinterpretation as the tribute to the 1970 Alpha Romeo Montreal legendary model

Unique ONES A car designing that reflects the accolades of its predecessors and makes it look modern is no easy feat, but Luca Serafini has done it good through his latest creation called the Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT.
2020 Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT concept designed by Luca Serafini. (Picture from: Motor1.com)
He stated, that is intentionally created as a tribute to the Italian manufacturer's history, as well as gave a modern looks to a classic model such the Montreal that is considered one of those Italian brand the best achievement milestones in the 1970s era.
1970 Alfa Romeo Montreal uses as the inspiration sources of the Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT Concept. (Picture from: Piston.my)
Through a radical concept design display, the modern figure of the Montreal Vision GT cannot be underestimated. This can be seen in the design of the front which features a series of chrome accents on the headlamps, to give the futuristic vehicle an aggressive face. Then the traditional Alfa Romeo triangular grille resembles the large NACA duct on the hood, instantly reminiscent of the original Montreal of the 1970s.
2020 Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT concept designed by Luca Serafini. (Picture from: Motor1.com)
Visually, the front fascia has an attractive design, and the concept design is much more classic and efficient than the original. From the side you can see the selection of large diameter rims and tires with an intricate chrome design, as well as four small horizontal vents just behind the door, in tribute to the six vents used by the original Montreal, and positioned in the same area.
2020 Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT concept designed by Luca Serafini. (Picture from: Motor1.com)
Submiting his work on Behance, Serafini reveals that his father once owned Montreal. “Back in 1986 my father bought a shiny orange Alfa Romeo Montreal. All originals except exhaust system, come from Ansa Marmitte. I remember the night he came home with an irregular V8. He parked at the back in the garage. The smoke was rising and the first thing I saw was the red taillights and chrome exhaust, "he was quoted as saying by Carscoops.
Luca Serafini said that his work reminded him of how he felt when he saw his father's car for the first time. "I stare at her. Muscular dynamic and aggressive. Looking at her now I can't feel the same way when I was a kid. So it's been almost 10 years I wanted to give a quick look into the future and feel again about those moments. And finally this is the Vision dress. GT. It's not about stylistic choices or functional engineering. I'm trying to create something that can subjectively bring me back as a kid. Something on four wheels that makes you say, WOW!" *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | CARSCOOPS | MOTOR1 | BEHANCE ]
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