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Sunday, May 26, 2024

A gorgeous retro concept of Lincoln Indianapolis

ONE-OFF - Taking control of the Ford Motor Company in 1945, Henry Ford II embarked on a mission to modernize the company. He understood the importance of innovation and aimed to introduce groundbreaking designs that would set Ford apart. The Lincoln-Zephyr and Cosmopolitan were steps in this direction, but Ford had an even more radical vision for a new car to debut at the 1955 Turin Motor Show.
1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano retro concept is displayed for the first time at the 1955 Turin Motor Show. (Picture from: OtoBlitz)
During the mid-20th century, collaborations between American car manufacturers and Italian design houses were common. These partnerships allowed for the blending of American engineering with Italian flair. Chrysler teamed up with Ghia, Packard with Bertone, and Hudson with Carrozzeria Touring. Ford, looking for a unique and striking design, approached Felice Mario Boano to create a revolutionary concept car.
Right side view of 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano retro concept. (Picture from: Hagerty)
Felice Mario Boano and his son, Gianpaolo Boano, were tasked with designing this new vehicle. The result was the Lincoln Indianapolis, an elegant and bold concept car that captured the essence of Ford's innovative spirit. Henry Ford II was impressed by the design and immediately approved its presentation at the Turin Motor Show.
The steering wheel and dashboard view of 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano retro concept. (Picture from: Hagerty)
In 2002, the Lincoln Indianapolis underwent a complete restoration. The restoration team meticulously followed Boano's original design, ensuring that the car's integrity and aesthetic were preserved. The exterior was painted a vibrant orange, while the interior was upholstered in black-and-white genuine leather, replicating the original look.
1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano retro concept is equipped with a V8 engine capable of producing more than 200 horsepower. (Picture from: Hagerty)
The car's historical and artistic value was recognized in 2006 when it was sold at Gooding & Company’s auction in Pebble Beach, California, for $1,375,000. This significant sale highlighted the car's importance in automotive history. Five years later, the Lincoln Indianapolis was sold again at RM’s Andrews Collection sale in Fort Worth for $1.21 million, further cementing its status as a valuable collector's item.
Rear three quarter of 1955 Lincoln Indianapolis Boano retro concept. (Picture from: OtoBlitz)
The story of the Lincoln Indianapolis is a testament to the visionary leadership of Henry Ford II and the creative genius of Felice Mario Boano. Their collaboration resulted in a car that not only showcased cutting-edge design and engineering but also captured the imagination of car enthusiasts around the world. The Lincoln Indianapolis remains a symbol of innovation and a celebrated piece of automotive history.
In reflecting on the journey of the Lincoln Indianapolis, we see a blend of ambition, creativity, and collaboration. These elements came together to produce a car that was not only ahead of its time but also remains iconic to this day. This story serves as a reminder of what can be achieved when visionaries push the boundaries of what is possible, leaving a lasting legacy in the world of automotive design. *** [EKA [13042020] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | HAGERTY ]
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