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Thursday, April 9, 2020

A classic three-wheeled Rocket from Brno

If all this time we know about the revival of the car industry in the blue continent-Europe of post-war, it just been seeing in western Europe. But in reality, it is not like that, it turns out that in the eastern part of the continent also visible stretching even though the intensity is might be nothing compared to the western side.
1957 Raketa Netik 600 on display at the Oldtimer Festival vehicle exhibition in Slavkov back in 2005. (Picture from: https://bit.ly/3dGz4Am)
This time we are still discussing unique cars, but now it is also intended to show a slight of the car industry stretching in eastern Europe shortly after the 2nd World War was over. Well, the unique vehicle figure that will be discussed this time is a three-wheeled vehicle made by an engineer from Brno (a city located in the south of the Czech Republic) named František Netík in 1957.
Front view of 1957 Raketa Netik 600 three-wheeled vehicle(Picture from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
At that time he worked as a technician at the Brno Královopolská Engineering Works. And most of the three-wheeled vehicle construction work project is done in his private garage. So it is not surprising that the process takes almost four years.
Left side view of 1957 Raketa Netik 600 three-wheeled vehicle(Picture from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
As quoted from cck-brno.com, this unique three-wheeled vehicle was given the name Raketa (means 'Rocket' in English) by its maker. Perhaps, it was inspired by the spacecraft that was becoming a trend and booming in the 50s-era. Although now there are those who called it Netik 600, given the name after its maker.
The steering wheel of 1957 Raketa Netik 600 three-wheeled vehicle positioned in the center(Picture from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
The physical appearance of the three-wheeled vehicle which is estimated to weigh around 800 kg, looks very unique and strange for us today. Yes, with a body length of approximately 4.5 meters, the vehicle's front section looks quite wide but then more narrowed at the rear.
Rear view of 1957 Raketa Netik 600 three-wheeled vehicle resembles a weird bathtub(Picture from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
Well, even though this is a three-wheeled vehicle, uniquely the vehicle is able to accommodate 5 people in its cabin (with a configuration of 3 people in the front - the driver in the middle then 2 more in the back seat). Then the cabin is decorated with green-bottle colored velvet.

1957 Raketa Netik 600 while 
driven by Frantiišek Netík on
 the Brno city streets. (Picture 
from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
Still quoted from the same source, also mentioned the body and chassis of this three-wheeled vehicle made entirely of metal with stainless steel trim on several parts of its body. Initially, this vehicle was painted in green and white by the maker. But over time, then changed to red and white, which reminds us of the colors of the Brno tram.

Then in order to be able to run like as motorized vehicle in general, then under the hood embedded a 619cc Java Minor II 3-stroke 20-hp engine which is said to be able to carry it to run to a top speed of 90kph with the rear-wheel steering system.

Then the transmission system consists of 4 forward and 1 reverse gear with a strange and large bakelite ball at the end of the lever. At the time, many thought and said that the car would be facing a serious stability problem if driven at high speed. Did you too?

Shortly after the car was completely finished to build, Raketa was seen being used by Netik to explore the Brno city streets as well as use it as his daily vehicles. So it wasn't surprised if the car's odometer had been noted several hundred thousand kilometers.
1957 Raketa Netik 600 three-wheeled vehicle used a 619cc Java Minor II 3-stroke 20-hp engine(Picture from: https://bit.ly/2ypHIDb)
But unfortunately, after the carmaker passed away in 1974, Raketa also disappeared and was destined to face cruel destruction, even began to be dismantled.

Fortunately, it was rediscovered some years ago and after several times changed the owners, Raketa finally reappeared to the public at the Oldtimer Festival vehicle exhibition in Slavkov in the form of as it is (the barn-find conditions).

Now, this three-wheeled vehicle is no longer known to exist. Hopefully, this unique vehicle is in good hands who understands the meaning of a vehicle which has an important milestone in the effort to design pioneering vehicles by the ordinary guys. *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MRSCHARROOCCK-BRNO.COM]
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