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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

One of the unique retro concepts made by Pininfarina

Elegant ONES One of the most interesting concept cars ever made by the famous Italian automotive design house, Pininfarina, is the one they built in early 1956, named Nash Rambler Palm Beach. It has a striking appearance, the Palm Beach is a new sports car concept and is a perfect replacement for the Nash-Healey model. And the Nash Rambler Palm Beach was introduced in early 1957, but unfortunately, it was never mass-produced.
1956 Nash Rambler Palm Beach by Pininfarina. (Picture from: OldCarConcept)
Uniquely, instead of being a mere "show car", Palm Beach turned out to be a prototype that made as a fully functional vehicle and can be driven normally, where's the car should be made its production version shortly after the car introduced to the market.

The Nash Rambler Palm Beach is built on a wheelbase of 101.5 inches, with a height of only 49.7 inches, a width of almost 68 inches and an overall length of 176 inches. The exterior of Palm Beach features a round central air intake surrounded by two unique oval-shaped air holes.
Left side view of the 1956 Nash Rambler Palm Beach by Pininfarina. (Picture from: OldCarConcept)
Its front looks were so elegant and combined with stylish plastic headlights. These lines are meticulously carved and don't use a lot of chrome, which when compared with other cars of the era, makes Palm Beach look so unique and futuristic.
Interior view of the 1956 Nash Rambler Palm Beach by Pininfarina. (Picture from: OldCarConcept)
Despite being a sports car, Palm Beach has plenty of room for two passengers and plenty of room for luggage. All major mechanical components, including the start system with the popular clutch pedal, come from Rambler with a wheelbase of 100 inches. This clutch pedal system replaces the starter button below the clutch pedal.
Engine view of the 1956 Nash Rambler Palm Beach by Pininfarina. (Picture from: OldCarConcept)
And its engine, Nash Rambler Palm Beach relies on a six-cylinder flathead engine capable of producing power of 82 hp at 3,800 rpm, with 138-ft.lbs of torque at 1,600 rpm. Because the low hood does not allow enough space to accommodate the manufacturer's size carburetor, and Weber's carburetor is used instead.

The Palm Beach's interior is laid out nicely, featuring individually adjustable bucket seats, covered with cowhide with large cushions placed between them. Large map bags are placed at each door, while a long, thin gearshift lever is mounted on the floor, operating a three-speed manual transmission.
The Nash Rambler Palm Beach is actually a very interesting luxury sports car concept, unfortunately, when the car finishes its debut, the American Motors Company (AMC) which has acquired Rambler is no longer interested in showing sports cars in their vehicle lineup. Palm Beach eventually became a show car that AMC brought to various auto shows as an additional attraction, but it never put it into the production line. *** [EKA[26112021] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | OLDCONCEPTCARS]
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