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Sunday, December 3, 2023

Beyond the 50s: Ford X-2000 Concept's Time-Defying Comeback

OLD But NEW - In the vibrant 1950s, American magazines brimmed with illustrations depicting futuristic cars and space vehicles envisioned for the late 20th century. During this era, automotive manufacturers engaged in a fierce competition to transform these visionary designs into tangible, awe-inspiring vehicles, showcasing them at prestigious car shows.
1958 Ford X-2000 concept car. (Picture from: OldCarConcepts)
Among these ambitious concepts was the Ford X-2000, a distinctive creation conceived by the minds of Bill Balla and Alex Tremulis in 1958. Notably, Tremulis had gained acclaim for his involvement in the iconic Tucker automobile style. Although the Ford X-2000 progressed from sketches to scale models, it never materialized into a production-ready vehicle.
Front three-quarter of the 1958 Ford X-2000 concept car. (Picture from: OldCarConcepts)
One of the most striking features of the Ford X-2000 was its unconventional front end, a departure from the norms of 1958 automotive design. The grille and hood drew inspiration from the 1957 Ford Edsel, a vehicle notorious for causing significant financial losses to its parent company due to escalating production costs.
Front view of the 1958 Ford X-2000 concept car. (Picture from: OldCarConcepts)
The exterior design of the X-2000 raised eyebrows, with the vertical oval motifs earning it nicknames like "egg on the horns," "horse collars," and even "collision rings." These monikers, often sarcastic and bordering on rudeness, reflected the public's mixed reception to the avant-garde design.
Interior view of the 1958 Ford X-2000 concept car. (Picture from: OtoBlitz)
Despite the controversy surrounding its appearance, the interior of the concept car resembled the futuristic vehicles featured in sci-fi series like The Jetsons. The rear, in particular, sported the iconic 'yank tank' characteristic of 1950s cars, complemented by Rocket-style taillights.
Left side view of the 1958 Ford X-2000 concept car. (Picture from: OldCarConcepts)
Initially confined to the realm of scale models, the Ford X-2000 found renewed interest in 1994 when British automotive enthusiast Andy Saunders discovered it in the book "Dream Cars" (JR Picard, 1981). Undeterred by the challenges, Saunders embarked on the seemingly impossible mission to bring this dream car to life, basing his creation on the 1962 Mercury. Recalling his expertise in resurrecting distinct automobiles, including the 1957 Aurora Safety Car, 1984 Citroën Indecision 2, and numerous others.
The outcome was nothing short of extraordinary, capturing the attention of classic car enthusiasts and the automotive media alike. The Ford X-2000 Concept, crafted by Andy Saunders, became a star attraction at numerous automotive exhibitions, captivating audiences with its blend of retro-futuristic design and meticulous craftsmanship. *** [EKA [25112019] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | ANDI SAUNDERS | OLDCARCONCEPTS]
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