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Friday, May 17, 2024

Rare Gems: Discovering TVR Typhon, the Ultimate Supercharged Ride!

Rare BEAST - The TVR Typhon concept car stands as a testament to the rare and extraordinary in the world of supercharged street-legal sports cars. With its sleek carbon fiber body, this car represents a pinnacle of automotive engineering and design. Interestingly, only one road car prototype was ever built in 2001, a fact that adds to its allure. 
The three TVR Typhons together at a Goodwood event in 2012. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
Throughout its lifetime, only three of these remarkable machines were ever brought into existence, making it a true collector's item.
This car holds the distinction of being the fastest production car ever built by TVR, the renowned British automotive company. 
The first prototype, PN02, was initially badged as TuscanR, then T400R, and finally T440R, commonly known as the T400R or DeWalt car. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
Its production spanned from 2000 to 2006 at the company's factory in Blackpool. The genesis of the Typhon dates back to the late 1990s when Peter Wheeler, the founder of TVR, embarked on a project that aimed to see TVR cars dominating at Le Mans
The T400R Prototype, known as PN02 and painted in DeWalt colors, was utilized by TVR to promote the Le Mans series racing. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
To achieve this ambitious goal, a completely new car had to be conceived, one that utilized modern composite materials to be more rigid and capable than any previous TVR model. Initially, the TVR Typhon started its journey as a two-seat sports car named the TuscanR (TVR T400R), inspired by the Tuscan racers of the TVR Tuscan Challenge
The T440R prototype, like PN02, was spotted with both TuscanR and T400R badges in 2001. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
This composite-bodied racing and road car made its debut at the 2000 NEC Motor Show in Birmingham, marking the beginning of a legendary lineage. Designed to reach speeds of 200 mph (322 kph) on the challenging Mulsanne Straight, the Typhon was engineered for stability and, above all, victory. 
The T440R road car, commonly known as 'LNT1,' was originally owned by Lawrence Tomlinson. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
From its roots as the TuscanR (TVR T400R), it evolved into the Typhon, a car that not only surpassed 200 mph but also became the fastest and most expensive production car in TVR's storied history. In 2002, TVR offered two variants of the Typhon: a GT Championship-spec race car and a road car available in a 2+2 configuration
The original show car of TVR Typhon (No.2), known as the Reflex Charcoal car used in various motor shows, was initially owned by a post-Peter Wheeler era owner of TVR. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
These models boasted a 4.2-liter version of the TVR Speed Six engine, delivering an impressive 450 bhp. Coupled with a total weight of around 1,000 kg, this power-to-weight ratio far exceeded that of a Porsche 911 Turbo, showcasing the Typhon's remarkable performance capabilities.
TVR Typhon (No.3) stands as the only Typhon ever delivered directly to a private customer. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
The original TVR Typhon show car, known as No.2, made waves with its Reflex Charcoal appearance at various motor shows. Powered by either a 4000 cc or 4200 cc straight-six engine, the Typhon offered exhilarating performance matched with a five-speed manual gearbox (or an optional six-speed sequential gearbox), capable of propelling four adults to speeds exceeding 200 mph.
TVR Typhon No.1, originally equipped with a supercharged engine and a sequential gearbox, was retained by the factory until its closure and has been privately owned since 2010. (Picture from: Wikipedia)
Despite its £75,000 price tag, the initial batch of 50 Typhons sold out quickly, underscoring the car's desirability and prestige among enthusiasts. As development progressed, the model name transitioned to T400, reflecting the 400 bhp engine option paired with a Borg Warner T5 gearbox
Additionally, the T440R variant emerged for the Le Mans race cars, solidifying the Typhon's racing pedigree. While production records from the factory are scarce, it is widely believed that only one true Typhon exists, equipped with a Vortex supercharger and a six-speed sequential gearbox generating approximately 550 bhp. Former TVR employees hint at the possibility of four Typhons being constructed in total, adding an aura of mystery and exclusivity to these exceptional automobiles. *** [EKA [29122018] | FROM VAROUS SOURCES | TVR CLUB CAR | WIKIPEDIA | WIKIWAND | CLASSICANDSPORTSCAR ]
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