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Sunday, October 15, 2023

Shape-Shifting Wonders: The Ex Machina Electric Concept

Unique ONES - Kunio Okawara, the renowned 67-year-old mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry, has made a significant departure from his four-decade-long career of designing mecha robots for the beloved science fiction media franchise, Gundam. This seasoned mechanical designer has embarked on a new and exciting venture.
Ex Machina, an electric concept car which can transform its shape. (Picture from: MyCoolBin)
Okawara has joined forces with EX Machina Corporation to bring forth a groundbreaking creation—a two-seat electric concept car christened Ex Machina. This innovative electric vehicle made its debut at the Ueno Royal Museum, coinciding with a retrospective exhibition honoring Kunio Okawara's remarkable 40-year career. The exhibition, running from August 8 to September 27, 2015, provided a fitting backdrop for this automotive revelation.
Kunio Okawara, 67 year old mechanical designer in the Japanese anime industry created the Ex Machina, an electric concept car which can transform its shape. (Picture from: MyCoolBin)
According to MyCoolBin, the Ex Machina concept car boasts the remarkable ability to transform its shape, allowing it to achieve feats beyond the reach of standard full-sized automobiles. This exceptional vehicle is often likened to a drivable smartphone or a portable information terminal, thanks to its integration of cutting-edge technology.

The project is being developed in collaboration with Tokyo's Four Link Systems and promises to include a mounted camera for panoramic views and seamless internet connectivity. Okawara himself has expressed his desire to adorn the transformer car with the iconic emblems of either the Federation or Zeon, adding a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to the design. The company behind Ex Machina holds high hopes for securing governmental approval and making this groundbreaking creation available for purchase within the next two years.
Ex Machina, an electric concept car which can transform its shape. (Picture from: MyCoolBin)
In a surprising move, Kunio Okawara has recently launched a crowdfunding campaign to bring his Ex Machina concept car to life in a short pilot film for an anime series. This creative endeavor aims to raise a total of 8 million yen (equivalent to US $64,329) through the Japanese crowdfunding platform Nextwaves. The campaign is set to run until September 30, offering anime enthusiasts and automotive aficionados a unique opportunity to support this ambitious project.

As Okawara and his team work diligently to bring Ex Machina to reality, the concept car represents a fusion of artistic vision and technological innovation. The Ex Machina car's transformative capabilities set it apart from conventional automobiles, offering a glimpse into the future of urban mobility. Its compact size and advanced features position it as a multifunctional solution, combining the convenience of a smartphone with the utility of a modern vehicle.
The Ex Machina project embodies a spirit of creativity and ingenuity, reflecting Kunio Okawara's passion for pushing the boundaries of design and technology. With the potential to revolutionize the automotive landscape, this concept car marks a bold step into uncharted territory. As it inches closer to the market, it has the potential to reshape our understanding of urban transportation.

In summary, Kunio Okawara, a legendary figure in the realm of mechanical design, has embarked on an exciting new chapter in his illustrious career. Collaborating with EX Machina Corporation, he has introduced the world to the Ex Machina concept car, a groundbreaking creation with the ability to shape-shift and merge the worlds of automobiles and technology.
Furthermore, the launch of a crowdfunding campaign for an anime pilot film based on Ex Machina demonstrates Okawara's commitment to pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation. With the promise of governmental approval on the horizon, Ex Machina could soon become a reality, redefining urban mobility for years to come... *** [EKA [25082015] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | MYCOOLBIN | NEKONOTOBLOG | AMIAMI | ANIMENEWSNETWORK ]
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