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Saturday, October 14, 2023

A Unique Gem: The One-off Porsche Straßenversion for Mansour Ojjeh

ONE-OFF - In 1983, Porsche unveiled a remarkable and exclusive creation - a one-off, road-legal masterpiece crafted exclusively for TAG owner, Mansour Ojjeh. This exceptional vehicle, built on the foundation of a Porsche 934 chassis, was ingeniously designed to pay homage to the mighty Porsche 935 racecars, and in doing so, it became one of the pioneering examples of the iconic 'slantnose' Porsches.
1983 Porsche 935 Straßenversion. (Picture from: Supercar.net)
Drawing inspiration from the dominant Porsche 935 race cars that had reigned supreme in the Group 5 Sports Car Championship, this unique Porsche bore the unmistakable signature of racing excellence. The silhouette series allowed for radical modifications, which, in turn, gave birth to a repositioned nose, ultra-wide flares, and an extended rear bodywork - all of which were faithfully transferred to Mansour Ojjeh's extraordinary vehicle.

A substantial part of this transformation was orchestrated by Porsche's innovative 'Sonderwunsch' department, a team responsible for conceiving the slantnose design and introducing other competition-centric features to handpicked 911 Turbos. In 1982, the single-turbo Group B 911 Turbo was readily available. However, for this special project, the 3.3-liter engine underwent a substantial upgrade, now boasting an impressive 400 bhp, with the inclusion of an oil cooler ingeniously fitted in the car's front end. At one point, the car even journeyed to Werk 1, where it was modified alongside Porsche's own fleet of factory race cars.
Rear side view of 1983 Porsche 935 Straßenversion. (Picture from: Supercar.net)
This exceptional Porsche also boasted a range of distinctive features. It rode on BBS center-locking wheels, exhibited an enhanced suspension system, and offered a premium interior. Inside the cabin, you'd find a newly-installed roll cage, Recaro seats, deleted rear seats replaced with storage boxes, and even a sophisticated stereo system. The suspension, too, was upgraded with competition-grade shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, and a lowered overall ride height for enhanced performance.

Upon its completion, this remarkable vehicle could achieve a top speed of 186.30 mph and sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 5.0 seconds. Subsequently, it found its way into the ownership of John Mecom and spent a significant portion of its life in the Lone Star State of Texas. Remarkably, with a mere 12,000 miles on its odometer, the vehicle was offered for sale by John Starkey in 2004, carrying a price tag of US $125,000.
This extraordinary Porsche creation, born out of a desire to blend the best of racing technology with street-legal functionality, remains a true testament to Porsche's unrelenting pursuit of automotive excellence. Its unique combination of iconic design and high-performance engineering has solidified its place as an automotive gem, treasured by enthusiasts and collectors alike. *** [EKA [25062015] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | SUPERCAR.NET]
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