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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

The 1990s monstrous powered supercar You've never know before

Extreme ONES As many automotive enthusiasts said that the 1990s were a time when many capable concept cars emerged, which were later transformed into actual car figures in the real world. We also talked a lot about the cars that came from the 1990s.
The Lotec C1000 was launched in 1995. (Picture from: Supercars)
And one of them that we will discuss this time, ie the Lotec C1000. This supercar was launched in 1995, and initially owned by an UAE millionaire. And the mentioned above car story began; when there's a wealthy businessman from UAE who want to have the world's fastest road-legal car in 1990 contacted Lotec GmbH, a Germany company known for its Group 6 and Group C race cars to build those kind of car.
Front view of Lotec C1000. (Picture from: Supercars)
So for the C1000 project, he agreed to pay over US. $1 million for design and engineering, while for the constuction it costs over $1.2 million (total production cost was over $2.2 million). In short, this '90s unique monstrous powered car was worked on by the German auto company for almost 4 years ranging from 1991 to 1995. Then related to the name, where the letter of C stands for Carbon fiber, which is used for the supercar's body, so make its weighs only 1,080 kg and the number of 1000 stands for 1000 horsepower.
Right side view of Lotec C1000. (Picture from: TopCarRating)
Furthermore when the car doors opened, its interior furnished with red bright leather shades, complete with three-points seatbelt attached each on two adjustable bucket seats. Then there's a black Alcantara-racing steering wheel while on the dashboard installed few instrument panels, gauges, switches, buttons and a compact-size LCD screen.
The interior is pretty basic, with the LCD screen displaying most of the stats. (Picture from: TopCarRating)
The only one supercar in the world is powered by a 5.6-liter V8 Mercedes-Benz engine coupled with the Garrett twin turbo chargers, so it can give off power to 1,000 hp. Then the monstrous engine power was sent to the rear wheels through a Hewland 6-speed transmission system and and 4 ram AP IMSA racing brakes.
The Lotec C1000 has very impressive performance figures, such as it can be accelerate from 0 to 100 kph (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds and reach a top speed of up to 431 kph (268 mph).
Rear left side view of Lotec C1000. (Picture from: TopCarRating)
According to HotCars, the Lotus C1000’s design was simply wild for its era. It featured an exterior style that was greatly influenced by the science of aeronautics, with a handful of components adopted from sporting race cars. The C1000 is heavily raked, with a relatively low height and an unusual headlamp layout.
As quoted of Motor1, the fascinating two-door coupe was up for grabs in the United States for a cool $650,000. However, that was roughly seven years ago, back when the odometer was showing merely 1,600 miles (2,576 kilometers) on the clock. Does anyone here knows the car's price numbers today? Feel free to share with us through the article's comment below.👌 *** [EKA [26012014] | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LOTEC | SUPERCARS.NET | TOPCARRATING | MOTOR1 | HOTCARS ]
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