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Saturday, January 20, 2024

Renault's Reinastella: A Flying Saucer Tale from 2328

Futuristic RIDES - In the realm of extraterrestrial fascination, flying saucers often spark thoughts of encounters with aliens and UFO mysteries. However, not all saucers are bound for outer space; some find their origins right here on Earth, crafted by human ingenuity. This unlikely association between terrestrial design and celestial speculation is evident in various automotive creations, challenging the conventional narrative of unidentified flying objects.
The Renault Reinastella flying saucer concept, a result of the French automaker's partnership with Euro Disney in 1992, emerged as a distinctive creation. (Picture from: lAutomobileAncienne)
In the automotive world, renowned designers like Alex Tremulis ventured into uncharted territory, conceptualizing flying saucer designs. This trend extended beyond the drafting board, with manufacturers materializing these imaginative ideas into real, tangible forms. Examples include the 1953 Alfa Romeo 1900 C52 Disco Volante, the futuristic 1958 Ford X-2000, the gyroscopic wonder of 1967 Gyro-X, and the contemporary 2016 Alfa Romeo Disco Volante Spyder, each defying expectations.
The Reinastella name of 1992 Renault's flying saucer originated to the classic luxury car model, Renault Reinastella, dating back to early of 1930s. (Picture from: Secret-Classic)
Yet, amidst these earthly endeavors, there exists an intriguing anomaly—a flying saucer not confined on wheels. Renault, the famed French automotive manufacturer, ventured into uncharted skies in the early 1990s. Known for its conceptual prowess, Renault's partnership with Euro Disney in 1992 led to the creation of a flying saucer projecting into the distant future, the Renault Reinastella, named after a luxurious Renault classic model from early of the 1930s.
The Renault Reinastella, enveloped in innovative dermotylene and infused with avant-garde biomechanics, surpassed the notion of a mere vehicle. (Picture from: Proektor)
Crafted with avant-garde biomechanics and coated in the innovative synthetic material dermotylene, the Reinastella was envisioned as more than a mere vehicle. Propelled by a bio-organic engine fueled by 'plasmelf' fluid, it transcended conventional transportation, almost resembling a living organism. Operating 15 cm above the ground at 50 kph or soaring at 150 m and 300 kph, the Reinastella adapted its architecture for optimal aerodynamics during flight.
The Renault Reinastella, an airborne marvel, epitomized futuristic luxury travel for five passengers controlled by voice commands.. (Picture from: Auto-Moto)
Silently transporting five passengers through voice commands, this airborne marvel represented the epitome of luxury in futuristic travel. Access to its passenger compartment is from below through an open hatch, not from above, as the bubble remains closed.
Access to the Reinastella's passenger compartment is from below through an open hatch, not from above, as the bubble remains closed. (Picture from: Auto-Moto)
Two examples were constructed and showcased on telescopic masts during Renault's partnership with Disneyland Paris. After the event, these futuristic saucers joined the Renault Classic Collection, destined to await their sale - scheduled a whopping 305 years into the future.😮
While the Renault Reinastella may not soar through the skies, it invites us to envision a future where innovation defies the limits of logic and propels us into uncharted realms. (Picture from: Auto-Moto)
Today, the Reinastella may be considered an 'Identified Flying Object' or IFO, as it remains grounded. Despite its earthly tethering, it serves as a captivating decorative testament to Renault's imaginative prowess. A glimpse into a future more than a century away, this 'IFO' prompts us to keep dreaming, pushing boundaries, and contemplating the unimaginable.
And it's had been proven by the automaker nearly three decades later, in 2022, it collaborates with TheArsenale had succeded to fly the Air4 prototype, in celebrating the 60th anniversary of its legendary Renault 4L model.😄 *** [EKA | FROM VARIOUS SOURCES | LAUTOMOBILEANCIENNE | AUTO-MOTO | CLASSICDRIVER | CONCEPTCARZ | THRILLIST | SECRET-CLASSIC | PROEKTOR ]
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