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Saturday, October 21, 2023

Batman's Iconic Batcycle Through the Ages (Part-2)

Batcave Treasure - Continuing the previous section in talking about the Batcycle used by Batman and his compadres to patrol the streets of Gotham City, tirelessly pursuing and defeating criminals.
The most recent appearance of the Batcycle ridden by Batman (played by Ben Affleck) was featured in the film 'The Flash' (2023). (Picture from: CBR)
Sometimes, it got another names as the Batblade, Redbird, or Batpod when used by Batman and his compadres. Let's delve into the various iterations of the Batcycle and similar vehicles used by Batman and his allies in their tireless mission to rid Gotham City of crime:

1. Batcycle in "Batman TV Series" (1966):
The first Batcycle to appear on screen was in the 1966 Batman TV series. This version was a 1965 Harley Davidson Electra-Glide with an attached sidecar, used in the first season episode "Not Yet, He Ain't." 
The second Batcycle version continued to be featured throughout the "Batman" TV series. (Picture from: Kincir)
Later in the series, a new Batcycle with a detachable self-propelled side car, designed by Tom Daniel and built by Dan Dempski and Richard 'Korky' Korkes using a Yamaha Catalina 250, was introduced. This updated Batcycle continued to be featured throughout the TV series.

2. Batblade in "Batman & Robin" (1997):
In Joel Schumacher's 1997 film "Batman & Robin," Batgirl had the opportunity to ride the Batcycle, which was dubbed the Batblade
The Batblade, featuring rear tires modified with car tires, was capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and was ridden by Batgirl. (Picture from: IMCDB)
This version of the Batcycle was capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and its rear tires were modified using car tires.

3. Redbird in "Batman & Robin" (1997):
In the same film, "Batman & Robin," a unique motorbike called the Redbird was featured, ridden by Robin in a chase scene involving Mr. Freeze and his henchmen
The sleek Redbird concealed a powerful motorcycle beneath its exterior, featuring an eye-catching black and red paint job, ready to be ridden by Robin. (Picture from: IMCDB)
This sleek vehicle concealed a powerful motorcycle underneath its exterior, with an eye-catching black and red paint job.

4. Batpod in "The Dark Knight" (2008) and "The Dark Knight Rises" (2012):
Director Christopher Nolan reintroduced the Batcycle in "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises," where it was referred to as the Batpod. This version featured large front and rear tires and is widely considered one of the fiercest and most impressive Batcycles in the Batman film franchise.
The Batpod, equipped with large front and rear tires, is widely regarded as one of the most formidable and impressive Batcycles in the Batman film franchise. (Picture from: Kincir)
Notably, Batman could detach the Batpod from the front of the Tumbler, transforming the Tumbler's front wheels into the Batpod's front and rear wheels as you can see on the video below. 
Apart from Batman, apparently Catwoman aka Selina Kyle was also seen utilizing the Batpod during the final battle against Bane.  
Catwoman aka Selina Kyle was also seen utilizing the Batpod during the final battle against Bane. (Picture from: Kincir)
She used the Batpod to open a tunnel for Gotham's citizens to escape, engage Bane, and destroy two of Bane's Tumblers.

5. Batcycle in "The Batman" (2022):
The next version of the Batcycle appeared in the film of 'The Batman' directed by Matt Reeves, which featured the figure of a black burly motorbike being ridden by Batman (played by Robert Pattison), which was reportedly designed by Ash Thorp by combining Ducati DNA and Hayabusha performance. 
Here's a custom Batcycle dominated by black, sporting a large round headlight at the front of its retro slap-on fairing, fat tires, an extended wheelbase, seemingly powered by a four-cylinder engine, and an abundance of additional weight, which we presume might conceal weaponry. (Picture from: GreenScene)
As you can see, it is a black dominated custom motorcycle featuring a large round headlight in the front of the retro slap-on fairing, fat tyres, long wheelbase, seems powered by a four-cylinder engine, and heaps of extra weight which we imagine are supposed to be weapons.

6. Batcycle in "The Flash" (2023):
In the film "The Flash," directed by Andy Muschietti and featuring Ben Affleck as Batman, a heavily armed Batcycle with two closely spaced front tires will make its appearance. This Batcycle differs significantly from Christopher Nolan's Batpod boasts a bulkier design, and looks similar to the V10 Viper-powered Dodge Tomahawk concept.
The latest Batcycle is heavily armed, featuring two closely spaced front tires, and it differs significantly in appearance from Christopher Nolan's Batpod, boasting a bulkier design. (Picture from: GreenScene)
As Batman has been a staple of popular culture for over 80 years, and his iconic Batcycle has evolved alongside him, becoming a symbol of justice, speed, and unwavering dedication to the protection of Gotham City. As Batman continues to inspire and awe audiences, his Batcycle remains an integral part of his legend, a testament to the enduring appeal of the Dark Knight and his commitment to keeping the streets safe.
These are the various iterations of the Batcycle that have graced our screens and pages over the years. If We missed any, please feel free to let us know in the comments column below. After learning about these incredible rides, which Batcycle do you consider the coolest ones? (Back to part-1)

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